[3.2] NecroChamp Question: Getting the first hit

So the question is: how can a scion with a two-handed sword (or no weapon at all) best ensure she gets the first hit against a boss when she has a lot of dominated monsters/animated weapons/dancing dervishes? Ball Lightning that doubles as a curse-dispersal system seems promising, but I'm worried it's too slow. Spectral Throw works if I don't have Manifest Dancing Dervish active (and maybe that's good enough). Otherwise, what... just the fastest cast-speed projectile spell I can get?

I'm leveling a scion that's a whole series of bad ideas all in one: Scourge-less hybrid minions+self-attack, SSF aura focus (they're the only things that apply equally to me and the minions), and to top it all off my minion skill of choice is Dominating Blow and I'm actually trying to level with it despite the fact that several zones and bosses hard-block dominated minions from coming and hard-block dominating any of their adds (if they even have any).

(Seriously, was it necessary to make so many boss adds immune to dominate? Tsaogoth had dominatable adds and that was still a challenging—but not awful or infuriating—fight; more bosses should be like that.)

When it works (read: when there isn't a boss, or the boss at least doesn't have a separate room), it works fairly well but not amazingly well. When it doesn't work (read: run out of minions, possibly because of zone change, with a boss still to go), it's absolute garbage. Sometimes the animated weapons are good enough; other times, I just beat myself endlessly against the boss and accept that I'm going to have to start over collecting XP for my next level.

I do have The Dancing Dervish, though, and that's a ton of fun. Again, ya know, when it works. Bosses still brutal.

Anyway, I plan on going with Necromancer and Champion as my two hybrid ascendancies. Champion has the interesting "Your Hits permanently Intimidate Enemies that are on Full Life" mod, which I hope (along with "Enemies you Taunt take 10% increased Damage") will help with the boss problem some.

This trick is, I have to make sure that I hit the boss before any of my minions do. Getting in ahead of The Dancing Dervish may well be impossible (it's so zippy!), but frankly if I get to fight the boss with Manifest Dancing Dervish still active, I'll call myself ahead of the game.
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Not possible.

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