[3.2] Flaming Poet - Dual Poet's Pen, AoF, RF, Chieftain (All Content) - budget friendly

Hey everyone!

Wanted to share my Bestiary build with you all. It is a full fire conversion spell chieftan. The build is extremely fun to play and leveling is a breeze.


+ Very Tanky
+ Runs Righteous Fire
+ Crazy DMG
+ Fast Clear Speed
+ Can do labs, atziri, maps with ease
+ Cheap to start
+ All map mods except ele reflect

- Freeze immunity relies on flasks
- Can't Run Ele Re-flect
- No instant leech

Path of Building pastebin - https://pastebin.com/5JkK6ZnZ

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh1qhlN4ExA&feature=youtu.be

Follow my progress to uber elder
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this is interesting, how would you build it around kaom's heart?

can you also add more about when you start to use RF a little about lvling? and what order you took the ascendancy nodes in?

did you take the EK jewel?
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Did u Kill Uber Atziri?
After reaching lvl 87 with this build i feel like the RF feels really pointless, everything is dead before even getting close enough for it to be usefull, its really hard to substain regen for it and the only time i die, is from the degen getting to intense between packs, and i have alot more invested then the PoB, i will be making a new char with influence from this char with more focus on clear speed and dmg on EK and BF, the lvling was the smoothest i've done so far. And i really liked the phys conversion to fire.

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