[3.2] Oro's Wild Strike Champion/Chieftain. Clears super fast and can do most content.


This is a build using the Oro's Sacrifice sword with the Wild Strike skill. With Ancestral Call and the helm enchant I think this is a severely underrated skill.

I kinda ripped off the formatting from this thread, so thanks to that guy :)

Character Profile

Build Concept
Wild Strike is a skill often left in the dark when compared to other melee skills like Blade Flurry, Reave, Molten Strike, Frost Blades and even Cleave. The fact that it does damage in all three elements is usually a downside, since it's a lot easier to focus scaling one type of elemental damage than all of them, and if you want penetration you need to use Shroud of the Lightless.

This is why I use Oro's Sacrifice, which is pure elemental, so all three attacks will do fire damage. Couple this with the Fireborn jewel in the duelist area, and clusters like Arsonist and Lava Lash, you get a lot of damage there too. You could obviously do this build with any weapon, physical or elemental, you just have to make sure you're scaling the correct damage types and using Shroud of the Lightless if you do multiple elemental damage types.

So now that you're scaling the damage properly, just looking at the gem itself you'll see it does a ton of base damage, 175%. This is a lot higher than most melee skills capable clearing fast, even better than Cleave.

The final thing that makes it amazing is the head enchant that gives you +6 chain on your arc. That is insane! It already chains 7 times, which is the same as regular Arc. Increase that to 13, and add Ancestral Call which adds two more beams, and you got basically 39 chains. This means that 1/3 hits you do will basically clear the entire screen. You can see this in action in the demo videos. Unless this build becomes meta, that enchant is really cheap as well. I bought my Devoto's with it for 20c.

For me this has been the most fun build I've done, maybe ever. It's pretty cheap to get going well enough to map, and has so much potential to improve gear to get to pretty crazy levels, and although I haven't done all the content myself (I just don't play that much), I can't see why it wouldn't be able to do it all as long as you're prepared.

I went Ascendant because you're able to get so much damage while also getting so many extra skill points.

Champion: Permanent Fortify, 20% more damage (taunt+intimidate), movement speed.
Chieftain: Life regen, life, leech, 20% more damage (covered in ash).

I felt these two ascendancies had a really good combination of survivability and damage, so that's what I went for. You obviously need to choose something other than Chieftain if you're not doing Oro's.

Pros and Cons
+Clears super fast
+Relatively cheap to get started
+The arcs are super satisfying
+Can do most content
+Probably HC viable if you play smart (I have 6.4k life and 90% phys mitigation with charges and flasks up)

-Best in Slot items are very expensive (most builds are though)
-Not enough leech to face-tank, you need to actually dodge things :)
-Can't do elemental reflect maps (you could technically with the totem, would take forever though)
-Atziri can be annoying since you have to only use totem in split phase

Leveling should be pretty fine. Just level as you would any melee build. Get a Tabula, level with Sunder or something, use Shiversting, Geofri's Baptism, Rigwald's Charge, The Cauterizer, anything you can get your hands on. Build starts at lvl 67 when you can use the Oro's (and devoto's).

The more difficult part about leveling is the skill tree, since you start as scion, and you want to use Path of the Duelist. What I did is I went down through the resistance and out of Sentinel, then I just went to the Scion life wheel and rushed to Resolute Technique, where I then rushed down to the duelist area to the leech and Iron Reflexes.


The main weapon. Not too expensive unless you want a top roll one. You don't really need it linked either, it's just supplementary single target damage with the Ancestral Warchief totem.

Devoto's is probably the best helm you can get, with movement speed and attack speed it adds a lot of smoothness. The physical damage penalty doesn't matter if you're not scaling phys obviously. The real big thing is the enchant though, that one is pretty mandatory if you want to get the insane clear speed.

This chest is not mandatory by any means. It would be mandatory if you were scaling phys or using some ele weapon that does multiple ele damages. Wild Strike can use any melee weapon so going 1h phys + stat stick doesn't work anyways, so Oro's or Hyaon's is probably the best choice. If you're on a budget you can use any chest you want, although I do recommend using this chest as it's probably the best 6L you can buy for the price. Watch out for the int requirement though. Tabula works fine too.

These rings are just super endgame damage rings. 80% increased damage per ring (plus another 40% if you can freeze and shock) is kinda nuts, plus the insane amount of all-res makes it really easy to gear the other pieces. Insane Opal Rings would probably be better as it would allow you to use Elemental Focus and get more life. If you are not using these, use Elemental Focus instead of Chance to Ignite.

Pretty standard rares. Flat elemental damage isn't that insane since you get so much from the oro's, so go for +% instead if you can, and attack speed. I'm using that amulet to help me with int, as that's a big struggle with this build. I also haven't grinded out a good boot enchant yet. If you can get your int elsewhere, a nice option is this:

Pretty standard flasks. I don't feel a quicksilver is necessary since you move so fast with leap slam with all your attack speed.

I don't know how to link equipped jewels to the forum, but the only mandatory jewel you should be using is Fireborn. This is in the jewel socket under Duelist, as it will turn the Wrecking Ball and Destroyer cluster to fire damage for two-handed melee weapons.

For other jewels, obviously go all out on abyss jewels if you're using Shroud of the Lightless. Things to look for are Life, Attack Speed, Fire Damage to (Sword) attacks and increased damage if you've killed recently. Get onslaught on kill on some of them. Optional things could be phasing, intelligence or flat damage of other ele types to try to proc shock or freeze with The Taming. If you can use regular jewels, look for the same things.

Gem Links

Wild Strike 6 Link
Wild Strike - Ancestral Call/Ruthless - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Fire Penetration (Elemental Penetration from Shroud if you're using that) - Chance to Ignite/Elemental Focus

Swap in Ruthless for bosses. Use Elemental Focus if you don't have The Taming. Use the appropriate penetration gem for the damage you're dealing.

Ancestral Warchief 6 Link
Ancestral Warchief - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Concentrated Effect - Fire Penetration - Elemental Focus - Ruthless

This is just supplementary damage for single target. It's fine with just a 4L. You're igniting enough with Wild Strike so you don't need it on this one. Just use ele focus.

3+1 Link
Cast when Damage Taken(lvl 14) - Immortal Call(lvl 16) - Summon Lightning Golem(lvl 16) + Anger
I choose this level of CWDT because we would like the endurance charges to actually be beneficial, so the immortal call will only proc in dangerous situations and will stay up. The reason I chose lvl 14 is because this is the lowest level you can have while having the maximum amount of attack speed on your lightning golem. From 16-20, the golem only gains life, size and mana cost. Unless you get a lvl 21 golem, I'd stay with this.

3+1 Link
Blood Rage - Vaal Haste - Increased Duration + Enduring Cry
Pretty straight-forward. If you're not really using enduring cry you can ditch it for a portal or something and not take the charges in the tree.

2+2 Link
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks + Blasphemy - Flammability
Since you're using two-handed weapons, there's not really any other choice for movement skill. Leap slam still feels nice as long as you have good attack speed, and you can scale walls! There's not really any other aura to use. You could use haste and get some mana reservation reduction somewhere, that might be good. But other than that, blasphemy flammability is easy and strong.

Skill Tree & Path of Building
Skill Tree:
36 Points - take more life if you need.
59 Points - fill out templar
74 Points - filling out more life
100 Points - Low level maps, have gotten uber lab.
My current tree - Level 91

Path of Building:
This is an import of my character.


•Normal Lab: Move into Duelist section
•Cruel Lab: Champion + move into marauder section
•Merc Lab: Chieftain
•Eternal Lab: Path of the Duelist

Bandits & Pantheon
Kill them all for 2 passive points.

Major God: Soul of the Brine King is pretty nice, to avoid stunlocks. You have a lot of life so it's not incredibly important, but the pantheon system is pretty weak in general so it's not like it's stiff competition.

Minor God: doesn't really matter, I use the upgraded Shakari one in order to mitigate chaos damage a little more. Ryslatha is also nice.

T13 Infested Valley clear
T11 Enslaver
T10 Elder

I don't have a lot of videos and I don't really do that much endgame content but I'm confident it can be done. In the elder video I screwed up a lot lol, I started tanking the tentacle shit and forgot to swap in my single target gem.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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This looks really fun! I'll give this a try next league unless they nerf one of its key components - not likely.
Hey bro, leveling whit WS or standart Sunder?

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