[3.2] Stone Cold Steve Austin - The Cold Resist Stone Golem Champion Tank Summoner


I'm a minion enthusiast and I love to create unique and viable builds around them.
This league I tried to make one for the Champion.
To make this work out we need to taunt everything, so we have to get pretty tanky.
Turning most of the damage we take into cold damage while getting up to 90% cold resistance.

T11 Underground Sea

Defensive Stats:

With flasks up:

Without flasks:

'Damage taken as' Explanation:

We turn a lot of the damage we take from hits into another damage type, mostly into cold damage

The damage taken of normal builds:

The damage taken of this build:


This turns fire and phys damage into cold damage:

This turns fire damage into cold damage and raises our maximum cold resistance:

This turns phys damage into fire damage:

This turns lightning damage into cold damage:

This gives us one extra stone golem:

These give us rampage for map clear:


Our damage source:
Stone Golem
Melee Splash
Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance
Minion Damage
Melee Physical Damage

The auras we need:
Enlighten Level 3

Purity of Ice
Purity of Fire
Enlighten Level 3

Movement skill, taunt and Endurance Charge generation:
Shield Charge
Faster Attacks
Enduring Cry

Increases golem damage and helps us to taunt and to apply Elemental Equilibrium:
Flesh Offering Level 8
Blade Vortex Level 8
Increased Duration
CWDT Level 1

Convocation Level 1
Desecrate Level 1
Enfeeble Level 5
CWDT Level 1

Passive Tree:

Can be found here:Level 90

This tree gives 195% Life, 8 jewel sockets and all minion damage nodes.
Avatar of Fire and Elemental Equilibrium to increase the Stone Golem damage.


One of these to get an extra Golem:

One or two of these to increase their survivability:

Five or six of these to get an extra Golem and to increase their damage:


The most important one, getting us to 90% cold resistance:

Going fast, buffing armour and increasing uptime of the Sapphire flask:


Feel free to give feedback!

And make sure to check out my other build guides:
Zombiemancer - High Survivability - End Game Viable
Low Budget - Animate Weapon Bowmancer

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I'll be making a similar build with zombies as I honestly find the necromancer bonuses lackluster for them. I'll be going bloodlust/brutality with a tora bow/rearguard instead of the cold res scaling. I could go for spectral throw on a one hander that has bleeding hit, which seems like a solid option as well. I'll have to think about it some more.

E: I think I'll end up using bloodplay for it's high bleed chance/attack speed and bonus dex. After that I just need to decide on what skill. Getting fortify from my attack would feel really good, but so would perma-fortify and just using spectral throw. Inspirational is hard to give up.
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Why do you think the zombie bonuses are lackluster? It's basically the best part of one free Violent Dead jewel, extra zombies and increased AoE. But the best change wasnt even the Ascendancy, it was making their slam unable to dodge.
This was supposed to be a Zombie build, but they got the bonus of Worthy Foe for free, so it wasnt worth it to go champ for zombies.
If you dont use Montregul's, you probably run into some problems with their survivability though, that's why i have to use a resist support in this build.

To make enemies bleed, you might want to try out Knitted Horrors, they are pretty tanky and can probably survive without all the necromancer bonuses. I just think they are bugged cant be added to the Desecrate pool, i wasnt able to get a corpse of them yet.
The problem with zombies is that they are shit outside of their slam. They still need "hits can't be evaded" to do good overall dps. CDR has extreme diminishing returns so stacking 2 violent dead jewels with the ascension isn't very effective. It goes from a 5 second cd (baseline cooldown) to a 2.5 second cd (one jewel) to a 1.67 second cd (2 jewels) to a 1.25 second cd (2 jewels + necro ascension).

You can moderately alleviate the fact that their regular attacks are awful by using a multistrike support (this gives them 3 slams in a row). Overall I just don't like the fact that they miss most of their attacks against higher level targets if they aren't slamming. Mon'tregul's is pretty much required unless you have incredible +level gear for the zombies.

I do believe champion is really strong for all attack minions where you don't want to use lycosidae + NA (other than skeletons... Necro's skele bonuses are beyond overpowered). Also since champ only requires hits to taunt you could even make a dancing duo summoner champion that uses bladefall or some similar spell to taunt mobs.
Heya. I love your builds, they are very creative!

I've been playing around with the duelist tauntiness for a while, but never found anything that synergised as well as this. I also wanted to include zombies, so I've amended your ideas here and wanted to share it: https://pastebin.com/eYcyCnNw

Might be a while before I can afford a 6 link chest though....

Thanks Clooney!
grimlock9999 wrote:
Heya. I love your builds, they are very creative!

I've been playing around with the duelist tauntiness for a while, but never found anything that synergised as well as this. I also wanted to include zombies, so I've amended your ideas here and wanted to share it: https://pastebin.com/eYcyCnNw

Might be a while before I can afford a 6 link chest though....

Thanks Clooney!

Thanks man, im having a lot of fun theorycrafting this stuff.
Currently turing this build into a Elementalist Fire Golem version, but stuggling to make it uber elder viable.

Your version looks solid from what i can see, just two things:
1. The blind/taunt jewel wont really work with that low attack speed and amount of your minions. Using another primordial jewel instead to get another golem seems like the way to go.

2. The minion survivability needs a boost from what i can see. You probably need the leech and the regen node and Empower for the Zombies.
You're right of course. I'm used to playing skellies where those things are not issues. And I've never actually used a golem build before - I never feel like I'd be able to afford it.

i'm having a lot of fun theorycrafting this stuff

I've happily lost entire days to Path of Building lately :)

Hi Clooney, me again!

I was playing around with an srs + cwdt flame dash build (it's super fun), and somehow ended up with this champion ice golem build: https://pastebin.com/8158Z54x

It made me think of your version here, and I came and checked and found they are reasonably similar. Was wondering how you went with the stone golem version, and if this might be end game viable. (assuming you can get a kickass helmet)
Problem for endgame could be their survivability, Ice Golems dont have as much life as Stone Golems and the purity aura is not enough to cap their resistances.

I played this
Elementalist Fire Golem build https://pastebin.com/bhxzT0EM
in Bestiary where the golems have way more life and life regen and the ele golems are even ele immune and they still died every now and then.

You can fix their resistances with some jewel rolls, but the low life regen against phys damage might be a problem.

You would also need to use a Melee Splash for map clear, their cyclone attack is not enough, but that would still be 100k damage per golem on their basic attacks. That's as much as the stone golems of this build do.
Thanks. Disappointing that cyclone can't clear without splash.

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