[3.2] Necromancer Saqawal's/Avian Zombies

Going to make this guide short and sweet - just wanted to post the build and a few videos. I had a bit of fun playing this as my final build this league. I don't normally play summoners as I find them slow, but with enough movement speed for the zombies, the build felt pretty good. Will be using this to finish up my league challenges.

Before I begin I'd like to make something clear; I just wanted to try to make a zombie build. I am confident that spectres is probably better for boss killing, and potentially for clear speed as well. That being said, the videos below show the build can be legit. All videos were done at level 89, it would really only get easier from there (you just take more scion life wheel)

Lets dig in;


+ Build can clear all content (as of this post I've done deathless Red Elder, all guardians, and shaper. Uber elder video and clear pending.
+ It is surprisingly fast, for a summoner build
+ HC viable (thought it requires the full investment and pieces before you transition into zombies)

- This is not a league starter; the build is expensive and doesn't necessarily work without the key pieces (meaning it'll clear yellow maps no problem with a few items but without the right uniques and jewels it isn't killing guardians


I'm going to showcase the main unique pieces you want below.

The Baron....Required. Should be cheap now but you need one.

Saqawal's Nest - try to get 70+ all attributes. 5L will probably be enough for everything but guardians, but 6L is major damage improvement with multistrike

Alberon's. More Strength - pretty cheap, should be np to get.

Astramentis....pretty well a requirement. Lots of Stats.

Shaper's gloves. Don't need the corrupted vulnerability, that's just a nice bonus. Should be pretty cheap for regular ones. Why is this required? With the 1200 strength we have these give an enormous amount of ES. Getting the flat ES becomes the challenge as we see later.

Zombie stuffs....nuff said.

Build starts to get very expensive here. With all the uniques, you need resistances.

First required unique;

Aspect of the Avian Ring. You want Life, Strength at a minimum. Added bonues for unset for stone golem and +2. Extra bonus for high Resistance/flat ES.

Shield is a bit pricey. You want high flat ES so shaper's strength works for hybrid. You also want life, strength, and it HAS to be shaped (10% or 15% doesn't matter) to reduce mana of socketed gems. You are going to end up with enough mana to cast desecrate+spirit offering, or shield charge for movement. Thats it. I crafted this one using a service for the multi-mod; Rolled flat ES+reduced mana res with alts. Regal'd a random shitty mod. Annul'd that off (1/3 chance). Meta craft multimod and Master-crafted from there.

Other ring; You want lots of resistances. 50+ strength, and it should have flat lightning dmg on it for EE for hatred on zombies with shield charge.

80+ strength. Resistances. Life is bonus here, so is flat ES.


You'll need these Jewels; the rares can be variable but generally you want 3 of Life/ES/Minion regen/Minion movespeed.



6L Zombies; Gems are in order of priority if you don't have a 6L

Guardians/Shaper/End-game bosses;
Raise Zombie - Melee Physical - Minion Damage - Empower(lvl3 or 4) - Minion Life - Multistrike

Clearing Maps (including mobs in T16s);
Raise Zombie - Melee Physical - Minion Damage - Empower(lvl3 or 4) - Minion Speed - Multistrike

Other Links;
Hatred - Generosity in shield
Purity of Elements in shield

Desecrate - Spell Cascade - Convocation

Summon Stone Golem (in ring or with the Descrate setup, I like to us portal gem in desecrate 4L)

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Vaal Haste - Spirit Offering - Inc. Duration - Reduced Mana

This is your bread and butter. With Desecrate spell cascade, you'll get full bonus ES from Spirit Offering, and your zombies get a nice shield..that you can spam refresh. This combined with the regen makes them totally unkillable. Don't neglect spamming spirit offering...it is awesome.

Animate Guardian - Raise Spectre - Minion Life - Blood Magic

Animate Guardian

Use the following uniques for the guardian;
Ambu's Charge
Meginord's Vise
Victario's Flight
Leer Cast
Dying Breath


You need 1 bro to give your zombies frenzy charges.

They are called Carnage Chieftain's, you can find them in The Old Fields in Act 2.

Standard procedure for spectres. Get one from the old fields, go into high level area, start lvl 20 desecrating until Carnage Chieftain corpse shows, spectre it.

Spectre and Animate guardian should really never die. Mine have not died since I made the spectre in a shaper portal.


POB pastebin here:


You need all the jewel sockets first really to get enough strength. The final 2 jewel sockets for Minion regen just help with tanking super crazy Minotaur/Phoenix map rolls (multiple extra dmg, crit, monster dmg/attackspeed)

For bandits you kill all.


SRS in 3/4L or Tabula till 26 then just use The baron, go 4L SRS in the Baron (if you are twinked out completely go 20% quality for the SRS gem. It helps. 4L is SRS-Minion Dmg-MeleeSplash(swap multistrike for bosses if you have to/want to)-Melee Phys.

You won't really need anything else. Get movespeed boots till you can where Alberon's

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Cool build, I love everything Zombie. I've been working on 6-linking a bird armour (read: unsuccessfully) to play around with, I figure it's pretty good for the hardhitters. Nice shaper as well
allana wrote:
Cool build, I love everything Zombie. I've been working on 6-linking a bird armour (read: unsuccessfully) to play around with, I figure it's pretty good for the hardhitters. Nice shaper as well

Thanks, yeah you can really see the 20% chance to double damage. It really is only a 20% more damage buff but it's nice to see those huge spikes anyways.
Hey bro, look at this. My zombie dont die on Shapper or other shit(Only ref), think about build.
Else you rebuild this build on my pls say thx on post. And look on damage ^_^
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2 Violent Dead is not enough 40 int in radius.
p/s: im wrong. nice build, gng to try this
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seriusblack wrote:
2 Violent Dead is not enough 40 int in radius.
p/s: im wrong. nice build, gng to try this

Yeah its enough. Don't know what guy above is talking about, my zombies don't die either they tank shaper beam on the ES from spirit offering alone.

Build is fun, pretty decent map clear too though I think overall spectres are probably better and definitely better if you have no currency for all the random stuff you need to make zombies work well.
Nvm, found it :P
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Having a blast playing this build so far! Started levelling with zombies in a tabula at around 50-55 ish and its been super smooth since. I even carried a 4 person group through a tul breach at level 70!
Lots of improvements to make but I cannot see myself disliking this build any time soon <3 Thanks for the guide!

Here's the gear I'm using so far:

Edit: figured since its the end of the race anyway I'd vaal my amulet and chest. Happy that they didn't brick because they are pretty nicely rolled :P

Another edit: Excluding the gems, divines and chest armour I payed about 4ex for all my gear.
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