[3.2] She Writes in Ice [HC/SC][All Map Mods] Elementalist Goddess

Note that I am writing this on my wife's account because her gear and profile is here. This should aid in understanding the build.

This build is for anyone who likes a tanky build with decent clear and solid single target. It also boasts great crowd control through chill and blind as well as great life/mana regen with MoM and even some solid leech. You can play this build with one hand effectively.

Why I made the build and what it is about
My wife likes playing Path of Exile with me. She prefers ranged bow characters and just enjoys the mapping at the end of the game. My goal here was to make a ranged type character that could be put together on a small to medium budget (currency dumping can make the DPS here insane). I also needed this character to be able to level in a similar way that it plays endgame to avoid the irritation and/or cost of a skill transition mid to late game.

This build utilizes
to be able to dominate the atlas.

Frostbolt and Vortex have such a great synergy together that they can do both clear and single target effectively.


The gear overall can be purchased for 1 ex on the low end, 3-4 ex for some great clearing end game setup, and an infinite amount can be pushed into jewels and minor min/maxing. Because of this, this build is great for starting a league at any point through.

General Idea and Template for Building

The goal overall is to spam hard hitting cold spells while locking down the target. This is a template and most of the pieces can be changed and fine tuned. I like builds that can facetank a lot of things and this one can do it. No, it cannot FACETANK guardians for the most part until you pour some currency in. But it CAN beat them.

There are a few important things to know:

Your attack speed is like playing a game of The Price is Right. You want it to be as close to 3.99 attacks per second as you can without going over. I usually shoot for 3.8-3.9 to be safe. This can be changed if you use a shaper belt with increased cooldown recovery. You want this to be as close to 20% as you can, and adjust your attack speed accordingly. If this math is too hard for you, you probably went to school in the USA.

Going MoM early helps leveling. Be sure to keep your Mana to a little above 1/3 of your Health for maximum value. If you choose to use the Cloak of Defiance for HC, do the math.

Life Regen will not be helpful until you get higher level, so do not prioritize it until later.

I stress again that this is a template. This will get you through the game in a comfortable fashion.

Mandatory Uniques

These are the only mandatory uniques for the build, as amulet gives insane DPS and Defenses and the Poet's Pens make the build work

Optional Uniques
To be honest, there are a lot of uniques that can fit in this slot. Personally, I loved the abyss uniques and I plan to transition to a headhunter for the belt later on.

+1 Frenzy Kaom Roots, Almost any other chest (including rare), and many other options fit here

Current Gear:


Use Herald of Ice as the Aura of course!

My wife doesnt really use potions, so these are not optimized at all. I suggest a hybrid bleed flask, ruby, topaz, sapphire flasks and an Atziri flask. A solid Wise Oak could do well here if your cold res is highest.

Jewels are literally just whatever you need to fill out res, life and mana. Make sure you stack as much life as you can!



PoB Pastebin

Tree at lvl 75

Map Mods
This build can any map mod with the exception of running a no regen AND no leech together.
Either map mod is a little bit tough, but together they cannot be run well.

Skill Links

The skills can be changes around a bit. I like to have the golem for accuracy and some chance to proc ele overload. The armor link can drop Life Gain on Hit easily (although may struggle on no leech or no regen mods)

T15 Boss

Speed Run t14

Start making some cash and farm hard!

Feel free to message AvanFields from the immediate reply, as he is the one writing this build guide. Also feel free to post here with any questions or concerns. If you see an obvious way to make a big difference, feel free to point it out. If you have a tweak or a different take. Enjoy.
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What bandits?
Alira for resists and mana

or kill 3 if you dont need it
Kind of reminds me of the old Cospri Freezerator - will you provide a video? I'm not convinced but I always wanted to play a "cast on cold spell" thingy.
What's the end game viability of the build? Doesn't feel tanky from what I see. Also can you upload some video for me to get a fell? Want to try out a poet's pen build but don't know which one yet.
LGOH/MoM/regen/leech and general defense of the elementalist make this one tanky girl.
might take me a day or two but ill try and post a somewhat related video based off how close i can get lol

Hit me up on steam if you want but I'm done with PoE pretty much
How does this hold up on end game (i.e. Guardians / Shaper)

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