[3.2] Budgeting Critical Volatile Dead Poet's Pen Elementlist

Hey there!
I am try to introduce a common build for all of you - Volatile Dead Poet's Pen
Although this is common, i try to use other stuff to make it better!
Now let me introduce all of you
A critical based Poet's Pen Volatile Dead

New Idea
Actually I have another character in this league, EK Inquisitor.
I regret some skill points to make same skill tree as my elementlist.
All gear and gem and linkage are same
Here is some adventages
1. Better damage towards bosses (ignore resist)
2. A little bit more life
3. Less likely to die cause I can have consecrated ground when facetanking
3. More defense, as I can change Wise Oak to Magic Granite Flask
4. More critical strike multiplier (+75%)

1. Cannot play elemental reflected map
2. Less usable mana
3. Less AOE

Righteous Providence -> Inevitable Judgement -> Augury of Penitence -> Sanctify

*Fast leveling (someone leveling to 70 in 3.5 hr!)
*Fast map cleaning
*Suitable for boss fight
*Hugh DPS (1.3mil up)
*Good leech, up to 3-5%
*Elemental reflect immune
*Physical reflect immune
*Effective Critical chance 80% up
*5L is enough for this build
*Low cost strong build - ~2ex (Pen x2 20-30c; amulet 2-20c; gloves 1-20c; 5L Chest 45c; other stuff 1-5c/item)

*Hard to acquire at very start of the league (I mean first two to three day)
*Hard to build up critical strike multiple (Now 355%)
*Only around 5.5k hp (or you can simple use Koam's Heart)
*Will dizziness after playing
*Hard to adapt another build if you play this build for a long time

Build Explain
For Fire Damage:
As elementalist's ascendency 'Paragon of Calamity' grants 'For each Element you've been hit by Damage of Recently, 40% increased Damage of that Element'
Which can increase our build damage.
So, i decided to use Eye of Innocent and Mokou's Embrace to maximize the damage when 'when ignited and hit'
In total, we can get
40% from passive
70% from amulet (as we always ignite and ignited)

25% from the ring (if you count that)

totally we can get 135% increased fire damage
As the amulet make us take 100 fire damage when we ignite an enemy
It will also trigger Warlord's Mark which link with Cast When Damage Taken
So, I can get three types of charges to have physical reduction, faster attack speed and increased critical strike chance

For Leeching
We got
0.5% from ascendancy
0.4-0.6% from lab
2% from amulet cause we are always ignited
2% from warlord's mark (optional, cause not every monster curse with)
2% chaos damage from Atziri's Promise

I use Carcass Jack to increased the AOE
As Herald of Ash is reworked
Increase in AOE means faster clearing of map
And I love a hugh ice crashing of Herald of Ice

For Critical Strike Chance
Actually, we only have two more link link with VD
Critical strike chance is hard to stack
So i need to link VD with Increased Critical Strike Support
and use these gear

to stack up critical strike chance

this provide a little bit critical strike chance
So, i can get 80% up effective critical strike chance for this build
Moreover, Watcher's Eye of Anger with Critical Strike Multiplier is Cheap, only 65c with Grace
So, crit build of Poet's Pen is more playable!

For Defensive Mechanism
*Totally 4000 something evasion ration from gear
*Magic Granite Flask which provide 8000 armour (or you can use Jade Flask as well)
*Wise Oak grant all elemental resistance 10% reduced damage taken (my three elemental resist is 100%)
*Vaal Grace grants 35% dodge to spell and attack
*Ascendancy grants 8% reduced damage taken of that element which we have been hit recently
*3 endurance charges grant 12% physical damage reduction
*Immortal Call
*Apply Enfeeble when using Frenzy
*Abyssal jewel grants buff and debuff of phasing and blind
*Pantheon node

Passive Tree

Kill all

Ascendant Passive
Pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord -> Paragon of Calamity -> Liege of the Primordial

Soul of Solaris
Soul of Ryslatha

Current End Game Gear

These two placed into abyssal belt

Gem Linkage

Poet's Pen
Volatile Dead-Increased Critical Strike-Concentration effect
Unearth-Greater Multiple Projectile-Bodyswap(Firestorm)

Starkonja's Head
Cast When Damage Taken-Warlord's Mark-Immortal Call-Flame Dash

Frenzy-Greater Multiple Projectile-Power Charge On Critical-Curse On Hit-Enfeeble-Culling(If 6L)

Anger-Herald of Ash-Herald of ice-Summon Lightning Golem

Rare boots with leeching after kill
Portal-Increased Duration-Vaal Clarity-Vaal Grace

Unset Ring
Summon Flame Golem

Thanks for reading my post!
I may post some video of my build later
Please leave any comment
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Is watcher's eye important for this build? I'm not able to afford it. (std)
Also, I look forward to the video showcasing how it works.
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Xetremer wrote:
Is watcher's eye important for this build? I'm not able to afford it. (std)

I will say yes to this build
Critical multi watcher's eye is not expensive
Mine is 65c, and it provide 30-50% multiplier
Compare with "(40-60)% increased Fire Damage while affected by Anger" is much cheaper
Anyway I think inquisitor is better for this build
You can move here to discuss/for reference
Does this work in 3.3?
Verethragna_X wrote:
Does this work in 3.3?

Actually, you can play in 3.3 with this build.
I also played VD Pen in this league, but so boring.
So I change Arc Pen in this league, I using Inquisitor.
Using Warlord's mark - Blasphemy instead of two curse.
Frenzy (Barrage) - GMP - Life Gain On Hit - Power Charge On Critical Strike - Additional Accuracy - (Pierce)
for sustaining life.
Also I changed Carcass Jack to Belly for life. Now I have 7K life.

You can check my profile here

Sorry for reply late and thanks for support!

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