[3.2] Grauthrims Molten Strike Pure Str Jugg, Uberlab/Shaper/t-15+maps/HC-VIABLE!

MY FIRST GUIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome. I was interested in making a molten strike character, everyone seems to be running rightious fire or cyclone juggs SO taken it upon myself to make a realistic and affordable character that can be applied to Bestiary league as both a "league starter" and an "end-game" build, essentially making an all rounder character that is cheap, fast and easy to follow.

So far! Solo'd uberlab at lvl 74, dropped shaper at lvl 86 (with very budget gear) has dropped all 4 guardians, cleared every map on the Atlas and even facetanked minotaur with a duo party :D


The pastebin file!

https://pastebin.com/VJqg72s2 < Uses older gear. Will update soon.

You can also run this build with a shield, gives a pretty hefty HP boost, damage boost and tankiness.

There are many ways to alter this build to your needs, you can take more damage nodes, alter ascendency slightly for more damage and even go dual wielding if you like! :D I will say that the current build is designed around HC play with much a much more defensive setup.

Whole build cost roughly 5ex to build the framework, Xophs Blood and a +3 Molten Strike projectiles are the only things to set you back in currency/grinding.

Best of luck to you all :D

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Bump! Farming shaper and now working towards the Uber Elder parts : ) build it utterly insane. Check profile for updated gear/options.
Join the Communist Party of Wraeclast and experience the glory of the Communist Revolution first hand.
Hey, followed this build recently. Going amazing!

Here's my progress so far..

Still need to upgrade my abyss jewels, get chest piece with more strength, and a cyclopean coil with an endurance charge. I'm incredibly happy with the build so far. Well done!
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you need videos...

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