[3.2]Chiften DW Sunder ,All Content

just wanted to share the build i'm playing right now

what this build offer ?
38% of physical taken as cold and fire [Chiften ,formelss inferno ,taste of hate]
21k Armour
1200 life reg
endurance on kill [ burning only since we use ele focus we get it by using Hoa]

this build is all around physical mitigation thanks to chiften ,formless inferno , taste of hate

Ilvled as physical sunder with axe ,kaom'sroot,prismatic eclipse, until i got xoph's blood ,durning that time i did 100 uber lab run with no problem

Bandit: Oak or Kill all

Pantheon: Soul of Solaris ,Soul of Shakari

Shaper Dps


Guardian's ,Shaper,Red Elder

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added vid
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