[3.2][HC][SSF] Scion Shield Thrower (Raider - Slayer)


(I'm french, so sry for my english <3)
Hi ! Everyone. If you want to try the new Spectral Shield Throw but want something between the tankiness of the Guardian and the speed of the Deadeye, you're in the right place !

I tried to do something with the Scion on this league (which I had problem doing something worth (even if I had fun with a support char)) and I'm pretty happy with this one.

I'll add good advice from comments. If you have questions, feel free to ask :)


* Pretty good defense (Armor, Eva, Block, Blind)
* Fast character with a lot of Movement Speed, Attack speed and Shield Charge.
* Great life leech.
* The easiest Kitava I ever played.
* No reflect (which seems to be a problem with glad and deadeye builds)
* Very fun to play (IMO)


* A little bit hard to level before getting the raider ascendancy.
* Hard to capture pokemons with culling strike
* Mono target damage is not very high if you don't swap gems.


Charge in pack to get fortify and curse them, throw your shield in their faces. Repeat...

My progress

I made 3 chars with this build. Always going to maps without any problem. The first died on unlucky chaos explosion one shot. The second was a noob death in Uberlab trials (overconfidence...).
The third is dead at lvl 80 in a unique map boss (Caer Blaidd)


I leveled this char three different way. And unfortunately, the less fun is with Spectral Shield Throw as it does not have enough damage until Point Blank and the Raider Ascendancy.

So you can go for bows or for a projectile melee attack before (Frost Blade, Molten Strike, Lightning Strike...).
Switch to shield when you get Point Blank and a decent shield. If the damage is not enough for you, you can wait for the first ascendancy.

Tree / Ascendency

Lvl 80~ tree : https://tinyurl.com/y7ngqk2p

Take raider first. Your speed and DPS will skyrocket.
Slayer will be great in late game for life leech and to ignore phys reflect.

Leveling tree on demand...


* Oak
* You can also take Passive points if you prefer


Spectral Shield Throw -- Faster Attacks -- Brutality -- Pierce:
Didn't want to use fork or chain as I don't like switching gems and pierce has a pretty good clear speed already.
Other good gems : Phys attack damage ; faster projectile (clear speed) ; Slower Projectile (Mono target) ; Maim...

Shield Charge -- Fortify -- Curse on Hit -- Projectile Weakness / Vulnerability:
Charge your enemies before fighting, you'll get fortify and curse them. I don't really know if Vulnerability is better than Projectile Weakness

Ancestral Protector -- Melee splash -- Blind -- Maim:
Place it on bosses or beasts. Increase damage and defense.

Vaal Haste -- Blood Rage -- Increase Duration:
Frenzy Charge generation on packs and damage boost for boss / beasts ...

Cast When Damage Taken -- Immortal Call:
Because Why Not

Arctic Armor ; Haste ; Stone golem:
You could use whatever you want for auras, golem.


The important part is your shield. Get as much armor/eva as you can to increase your damage and defenses at once. Mods like % increase global physical damage are great to.
For my shield, I used an Essence of Dread and crafted %increase armor with Haku. It's an easy way to get a decent shield, even if I can have much better.

A lot of weapon will be useless as modifiers are applied locally on the weapon but you don't use the weapon to attack. You can look for res. Some uniques can be good too (a sword give chain +1 for example)

For defense, normal things (Res - Life - Armor - Evade) + Block


Stibnite is great for blinding packs. I may switch my first life flask to get another defensive flask as life leech is already giving a lot of life regen.


Kitava act 10 :

I can make a map video on demand.
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Hey mekor, are you still running this? How did it fare in the end-game? Any videos?
Hey !

Unfortunately no. I died in an epic map, way above my level (don't even know why I went there).
I may try it again in next league as it was really fun to play :)

I could try to make a video of a map in Standard Mode if you wish.
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