Indigon TrickFinder: Poet's Pen Volatile Dead with 4000-6500% increased spell damage buff

This is my first try at an Indigon build. Still work in progress!

Showcase video (mapping):

Indigon mechanics:
When you have a high enough base mana cost, constantly spending mana will keep increasing the mana cost endlessly, and all mana spent gives a lot of increased spell damage, up to several thousand percent, see details below. Because of this, the build scales as much mana recovery as possible, in the forms of: regen, leech, and flask.
Both maximum mana and the speed of mana recovery are capping factors to the mana you spend, if you recover mana too fast into a small mana pool, the mana cost will become greater than your mana pool and you can't use the skill any more and have to wait a bit for the mana cost to drop each time between skill uses.
Using regular spells self casted would have a big downside of losing casts at very high mana costs, waiting for the regen, which can be bypassed with Poet's Pen, because attack skills perform a default attack when not enough mana is available, which still triggers the spells socketed in the wands.
Base mana cost without the Indigon buffs and Fevered minds should be as high as possible, because it makes the buff stacking much faster. 1-2 Fevered minds are enough, because it scales with the same diminishing returns as the Indigon, so they only help a little bit at the start, so you should aim for getting the 6L for the high mana multiplier supports, which don't get diminished.


PoB: (Indigon buffs are normally not visible, so I added an estimated 5000% on the helmet)


4610 Life
6788 Mana (48% of damage taken from mana)
3.87 attacks per second
328 mana cost without Indigon buff
97% increased Mana recovery rate (50% from Trickster, 19% from belt, 28% from Watcher's Eye)
2% mana leech from Warlord's Mark
4000-6000 mana recovered per second while clearing
9219 ingame tooltip average VD damage with Frenzy charges, flasks, and EO up, without any Indigon buffs
150000-250000 ingame tooltip average VD damage fullbuff while clearing
31% Fire penetration

Why Kinetic Blast? Mana cost!
Kinetic Blast has the highest base mana cost of 16 among wander skills, and supports are picked with the highest mana multipliers, which actually synergise well, giving a lot of life gain on hit.

Why Volatile Dead?
Any spell can work, it is only preference what you choose. Volatile Dead is still op atm, and it synergises well with how the Indigon buff stacks, because it also has some delay, so the first few casts still get Indigon buff when they later hit targets.

Why not Zerphi?
Zerphi works on this build, so you can use it, but it is not too efficient. I already have life leech, life gain on hit, and I have fairly low Life pool, so other flasks with upfront damage mitigation would work better. Also you need to pay much more attention and activate it more often, because you will often reach full mana and it will turn off.

Increased spell damage/mana cost calculation
I have 9219 average damage with all combat buffs, but without any Indigon buffs. Applying one stack of Indigon damage with using 200 mana, I get to 11505 average damage, so 60% increased spell damage gives me 11505 - 9219 = 2286 average damage, so 1% spell damage gives me 2286 / 60 = 38.1 average damage. Based on the video, reaching 150k-250k tooltip means I get 150k-250k / 38.1 ~ 4000-6500% increase damage.

Currently the build is focused on mapping, bosses up to T15 still die easily, but T16+ can be rough, because there are no strong defense mechanics in the build, so you have to dodge and avoid mechanics in the fights. Zerphi doesn't help much there because oneshots/bursts are the most problematic.

Comparing it to my other it is somewhat faster, but not nearly as tanky, and not as easy to play.
IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
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what do you use to dot enemy to trigger trickster recovery?
I would really suggest u to switch kinetic blast for power syphon witch provide culling strike AND power charge for free and have good single target while mana cost is competitive to KB this way u have a simily 6 link into a 4 link

I use GMP + faster A + Mana leech (i want to use onslaught support but dont know why he never proc even when i cull with power syphon....)

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