[3.2] TheAbysswalker's Herald of Ashe Assassin

By no means is this a late game build, I am writing this build as I play the game with it. I will try me best to keep this forum up to date with my latest skill tree, armour and everything else that I am using at the point I am up to.

The Gems
Herald of Ashe - This is the main gem that will be used. At the start of the game it will require level 16 and 26 strength.

Early Game Gems
I currently have 3 gems equiped; Freezing Pulse, Viper Strike, Lesser Poison Support

Skill Tree
Currently my skill tree is up to level 6 because that's where I am when I started writing this, I will update it as I go.

In act 1 you are not a high enough level to be able to use the Herald of Ashe, instead I would recommend finding some other form of fire damage gem, or focus on gaining high physical damage and attack speed. Physical damage and attack speed will help the damage gained from Herald of Ashe when you hit level 16.

I know this one sounds like a bit of a given, but do EVERYTHING, this includes the side quests. Not only will they give you experience because you have to go and slay all the monsters, but they can give you some good rewards as well (like a book of regrets).
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