[3.2] Volatile Dead with Tremor Rod and Scold's Bridle | Fast Clear on every map layout | Budget


Both Volatile Dead and Mines have great damage and mechanics, but often feel clunky when mapping.
This build solves these issues with the following synergies:

Mine clunkyness removed with Volatile Dead
Clunkyness of Volatile Dead removed with Scold's Bridle CWDT-Unearth
Scold's Bridle's damage is outregen'd by detonating mines with Pyromaniac

Thanks to tremor rod we max out pyromaniac's regen twice as fast while mapping

If you're willing to give up 25% damage for convenience, there's an autominer conversion at the bottom

Pro's & Con's

advantages to wander:

- no need to switch skills for bosses, less time spend stationary, can kite very well
- great base damage because of mines, cheaper gear
- fast clear on all map layouts because of Volatiles and QotF (especially maps with cliffs and doors like cells, ghetto etc.)
- can put down volatiles before engaging enemies for burst of damage

+ fast clear with cheap gear to start
+ can both kite and burst down bosses
+ runs all map mods besides "no life and mana regen"
+ high amount of life for a miner/evasion build, also blinds enemies
+ outregen Scolds Bridle in "burst mode", overregen while "kiting" harder bosses
+ just 5-link tremor rod with no other gear has 6k damage per Orb vs guardian/shaper, 36 orbs per second burst damage = 200k dps "base damage" is quite good for a budget clearspeed focused build
+ skills autotarget so you can enjoy the "fireworks" from cold Shaper Volatiles and red Volatile Dead orbs that ignite and shock

- offscreen kills alot of enemies, will often run past enemies before they die due to Volatile Dead delay; use lootfilter and listen for sound of high value drops!
- Volatiles split between enemies, lower damage against double bosses and double null portals
- Volatiles sometimes suicide on dead enemies, only makes a difference vs very large and spread out groups
- you need to enchant scold's bridle yourself
- CWDT + scold's + detonate mines is bugged (spends double mana/life), so no convenient autobomber unless you buy zerphi's last breath (10ex)


Base gear for 1 chaos each (requires lvl 65, level with Fire Nova Mines):
Tremor Rod, Scold's Bridle, "Mana and life regen if hit recently" Boot enchant, 2 spirited response jewels

My current Gear

Gear explanation:

Explanation gloves/amulet/rings:

yoke of suffering enables elementalist guarateed 10% more damage from shock, 5% more damage taken per ailment (build applies up to 4)

mark of shaper gives spell damage, volatile anomaly could potentially chill enemies (5% more from yoke of suffering), but mostly it just looks nice with volatile dead

elder ring with poachers mark on hit enables mark of shaper spell damage, keeps up flasks while mapping

southbound gloves enable frenzy charge generation with poachers mark and other on kill effects


2 spirited response with rallying cry

1 "5% chance to poison on hit" jewel enables another ailment for yoke of the suffering while you have chaos/physical damgage from other jewels or atziris promise flask (also enables you to kill ignite immune enemies through southbound gloves, like the lava chambers boss)

alternatively "coated shrapnel" adds physical damage and 25% poison chance, enabling the 5% more multiplier against all enemies and allowing you to use the "Wise Oak" instead of "Atziris Promise"

1 "5% chance to gain onslaught on kill" for clearspeed

1 "5% chance to hinder on hit" makes kiting easier

30% increased evasion while moving helps with maxing out QotF speed
elemental resist to cap resistances

as scion you also can make good use of might of the meek and pure talent jewels

Endgame Gear:
corrupt amulet and rings for "damage taken gaines as mana" implicit
can switch out gloves, amulet and rings for MF
get additional regen with zerphi's last breath, elder regen rate belt
enough regen allows to respec life nodes for crit

Skill gems

Remote mine(Tremor rod)- Volatile Dead - Minefield - Chance to Ignite - Fire Penetration/Controlled Destruction/Trap and Mine Damage
Needs at least 132 mana used to trigger CWDT, more if you have physical damage mitigation

CWDT lvl 1 - Unearth lvl 1 - GMP - LMP - Volley

CWDT lvl 1 - Desecrate - Stone Golem lvl 3 (autocast) or lvl 20 (manual cast)- Minion Life Support

CWDT lvl 1 - Blood Rage lvl 1 - Immortal call lvl 1 reduced duration lvl 1

CWDT has 0.24s duration so it doesn't interfere with 0.25 Mine laying Speed and CWDT/Unearth
cooldown Activates bonus regen with soul of arakaali


Herald of Ash or Purity of Elements

Rallying Cry - Spell Totem - Detonate Mines - Increased Duration

upgrade (1ex) to Clarity and Watcher's Eye (15-20% of Damage taken gained as Mana over 4 seconds when Hit while affected by Clarity) instead of Ralling Cry and 2 Spirited response jewels

Passive Tree

get the mine nodes, 45k evasion with jade flask up, the rest goes into jewel slots, ele resist and life


path of building: https://pastebin.com/4K7UFhwf


kill all for 2 passive points

If you play this build on a very tight budget due to lack of time, kill alira to help with capping resistances and speed up leveling with the additional mana regeneration


Since you're using mines you have to hold down "attack in place" or use the numlock trick

Depending on the situation, 3 playstyles:

1st: clear speed, mapping, medium risk:
create volatiles away from enemies -> run towards enemies -> volatiles aggro on them an build up an "escort" around you -> put down mines over enemy corpses --> repeat

2nd: burst damage, safe as long as your stone golems distract strong enemies:
use Rallying Cry, put down totem in safe location, spam 36 volatiles/second, outregen 2000 life and 500 mana per second, (support withconsecrated ground flask and life flasks if health total and regen is too low)

3rd: kiting
get 14 volatiles and 6% unmodified life regen for 0.25 seconds downtime
use one "5% chance to hinder on hit" abyss jewel

Teamplay: build uses southbound gloves, switch out chance to ignite with elemental focus to run with MF culler

Conversion to autominer

Due to a bug cwdt+detonate mines will spend twice the mana and with scold's bridle life than expected.

If you switch the spell totem for CWDT to trigger mines, you have to link a reduced mana support with volatile dead to reach around 70 mana cost.
This way, as long as there are previous mines active, you will detonate whenever putting down a new set of mines.

For 10ex you can upgrade to zerphi's last breath and switch reduced mana support for more damage
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Have the fixed the cwdt-detonate bug?

It seems fixed to me...?

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