[3.2] Adrenaline | Claws - Lightning Strike/Wild Strike | Tanky 10-13k HP/ES (Updated 3/4)


Hi, it's been a slow and rough process but I'm finally at a point where I feel like the build is working rather smoothly.

The idea of the build was to make a high-speed build that could utilities Adrenaline while in combat, I've run the build with Frost Blades, Lightning Strike and Wild Strike, having the most success with Wild Strike at clearing maps extremely fast but in terms of boss fights I found Lightning Strike was far more effective and easier to control my damage at both range and melee.

The build is still far from being optimised and it feels like every day I find something new that helps me make the build stronger.

Update Log

3/4 - Updated with more information

Pros & Cons
+ Fast clear speed.
+ Cost Effective.
+ Has several gearing options.
+ 1-4mil DPS depending on gear.
+ Several Gem options.

- Can't-do elemental reflect maps.
- Not the best single target DPS, unless you gem swap before boss fights.
- Watch out for Chaos Damage.


Defensive unbuffed
This is with my current gear which isn't the greatest. The stats once buffed and in combat really go up. Champion ascendancy plays a massive role in the general survival of the build. I will keep updating once I have levelled my gems and got better gear.

Passive Tree, Ascendancy

Passive Tree

Poeplanner Link: https://www.poeurl.com/bREO

I've tried many different options, so far this has been the best setup. The KEY was having a split tank what I mean by that both health and energy shield. Chaos damage will be a problem if you don't invest in Health, once you do it becomes less of a problem and rather a smooth sailing.


First to Strike, Last to Fall > Conqueror > Worthy Foe > Unstoppable Hero.

Great amounts of damage reduction. Combined with your Split tank, you get access to so much with this build. Evasion, Armor, Energy Shield, Block and Life.



The build uses int/dex/str so getting it on gear was bit of a pain this amulet really improved the build as a whole.

Perfectly syncs up with the amulet, you will be hard pressed finding anything that works better. The main reason for these gloves was the buff to life and energy shield it gives. I haven't been able to find any other item that can give me such large boost.

Key items, without this you won't have on-demand access to Adrenaline.

My Current Gear
My current gear still needs a lot of work, what I'm using works well. I've run the build with duel claws but I prefer having extra defences from the shield and it helps with my gem setup.


Wild Strike - Body Armor 6L
I swap out Ancestral Call for Ruthless when I'm at boss fights.

Movment - Claw

Auras - Shield
Your going to need level Enlighten and make sure your using the setup in your Shield.If you have mana problems just use Herald of Ash until your better setup.

Herald and Curse - Helmet

Support - Gloves

Optionsal - Boots


So far these are my favoriate options, you don't need to run Lion's or Atziri's I just found they benifit the build more than other flasks.


You want Murderous Eye Jewels, with Life/Energy Shield and damage modifers to claws.

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