[3.2] Budget Elementalist BV Shocker Build (WIP)

Hi, just wanted to share my Elementalist Shocker build (its currently a work in progress).

Pros & Cons

+Budget friendly
+Very flexible
+Great single target
+Decent clear speed
+HC viable
+Hipster build (potentially a con)

-Not SSF friendly (required uniques)
-BV build (some may not like the playstyle)

Build Concept


This build fully converts BV into elemental damage (50% cold 50% lightning) by using a phys to lightning gem and hrimsorrow gloves.

Using the newly buffed Beacon of Ruin we will be able to shock bosses (including Shaper) for at least 40% increased damage taken with very little investment by using a orb of storms set up with unbound ailments.

In addition since we're shocking, the proliferate from Beacon of ruin will make most monsters explode via Inpulsa's.

For defenses, we have our chill from the cold damage on BV and MOM. Our mana is sustained by using a Mind of the Council (3% max mana when you shock). Inpulsa's allows us to circumvent the downside from using this helm (unaffected by shock). Between our orb of storms, CWDT ball lightning setups,
and BV, our mana pool is constantly being refreshed from shocking enemies.

Required uniques

Required Gem setup

Blade Vortex (Chest) Phys to Light - Conc Effect - Hypothermia - Controlled Destruction/Inc Crit - Inc Crit Dmg

Orb of Storms (boots/helm) - Unbound Ailments - Curse on hit - Ele Weakness

CWDT (boots/helm) - Ball Lightning - Innervate - Slower proj/GMP (Slower for single target, GMP for aoe clear)

Utility gems (gloves) - Flame Dash (1) - Vaal haste - Inc. Dura - Arcane Surge (1)


Normal: Shaper of Desolation
Cruel: Beacon of ruin
Merc: Paragon of Calamity
Uber: Pendulum of Destruction or Liege of the primordial (if you want to bother with golems)

POB pastebin


I've just started getting into yellow maps this league playing pretty casually and have been having a blast. I'll be updating this thread with progress and insights as I progress through the game.
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