[3.2][SC] Moltenstrike + support buildguide. (All bosses down)(Videos up)

[SC]Moltenstrike all content buildguide. For you and your support.

Heyo everyone,
In this guide you will find my current Moltenstriker and my Support.
I will explain everything around my molten strike raider
and the champion support that is walking around with me.
If you have certain parts about the build that you want explained specificaly or any other suggestions let me know down below.

Content Videos

Screenshot section

Molten Striker


Stats in Hideout without flasks

First of all. What is this Guide about and why do I write it.

In the past I often played builds that were capable of doing all content solo.
But every now and then I played with a personal support that ran with me for weeks.

The point that always concerned me, was that I never found a buildguide that talked about
a working support together with a carry and how these two synergize.

So in this guide I want to talk about two chars that are perfectly coordinated with each other.
This includes playstyle, skilltree, gear, upgrade process and much much more.

So what is the build based on?

As the title states, the build is about 2 characters.
While it is possible to play with many setups I will mainly talk about claws and molten strike.
I will add some stuff for bladeflurry/reave but that will not be the main focus.

So we have to speak about 2 charakters, as said often enough for now, and theyr synergy.


1: The carry

The carry most likely is a dual wielding molten striker utilizing claws.
Offensive tools we abuse are the following.
We play a raider to maximize our attacks per second and overall more & increase modifiers.
Crit will play a huge part in multiplying this dmg further.
Defensive tools are quite important too so we get the following:
One of our better defensives are evasion and dodge.
Our skilltree and the Raider ascendancy provides quite some of it and will help us take few hits only.
The maindefence to stay alive however is the quite broken life gain on hit paired with molten strike. Whenever we get hit we will bounce back up to full immediatly.

2: The support

So since the support has no direct offensive setup I will talk about the interactive part first.
Interactive refers to "Skills that we do actualy use".
This section includes Shield Charge, walking, Orb of Storms and clicking all kinds of chests ofc.
Walking and Shield Charging obviously are our main sources of movement while Orb of Storms provides utility.
We use the Orb to hit enemys and inflict the "taunt" effect which greatly increases the dmg of our carry. More of that later.
Defensive tools are quite important too so we get the following:
On this char we get a lot of evasion aswell, which helps in the combination with our other options.
We build up a large es pool which helps surviving big hits from the toughest enemys.
And in addition to that we use Temporal Chains & Enfeeble to further buff our defence and the defence of our carry.
Then we use the Coruscating Elixir to keep us alive against chaos damage.
And to round everything up we look at the Pantheon system which greatly increases our defence aswell.

3: The Synergy

Synergy is what makes a support desireable. A normal support gives you a damageboost of about 100-200%. With the right synergy we reach a damageboost of about 500%.
The combination of a support that is dedicated to the carry and a carry that is dedicated to this specific support allows for much freedom.
We can specialize our skilltree, our gear and everything else.
I will speak about the exact parts further below.

Obligatory Pro's & Con's


+Can do all content
+Starts out budged
+Has infinite upgrade potential
+Very fast clear and trivializes any boss except Uber Elder
+Both chars are very hard to get killed
+Embraces party play
+Running Zana mods is much cheaper
+Can be played solo/with other groups

~Needs heavy investment into the support early on. When the support has his main gear you can focus on the carry.

-Needs some hefty investment to start to shine
-Can be expensive if played in the first days of a league
-Burns out your fps on decent computers
-Extreme lagspikes occour, when you meet "allys can not die totems"
-The support has to be quite convinient with managing flasks
-Different map mods are annoying which can feel quite limiting
-The degenfields all over the place in the Uber Elder fight can fuck you up quite hard.
-you both have to be online to actualy play together :D
-You need friends =( Or money =(

Ancestral Call attackpattern

The attackpattern of Ancestral Call is very important.
As shown in the picture below ancestral call attacks in different ways depending on your attackpattern.
If you attack close to a single enemy and do not attack the enemy itself Ancestral Call will attack the target and you double the amount of balls and this way your damage.

Skilltree's and gearing

In this section we are talking about the skilltree's and the gearing obviously.
At first I will just throw in the pastebins of our two chars and then I will go through every single piece of gear and alternative routes you can go.

Pastebin Moltenstrike:
Pastebin Support:


Two further sections here:
Gear Moltenstriker

And more spoilers
Actual gear:


The weapons are quite important obviously
But what do we look at here.
The first claw is the perfect claw pretty much. Not that far upgradeable.
The second one is a claw that works very well for soloplay too.
But why is that so. Lets take a closer look.
What are the differences we see?
1. Claw----------2. claw
248 edps--------332 edps
2.00 aps---------2.02 aps
8.04 crit---------7.62 crit
38% crit multi--0% crit multi
19% WED-------0% WED

While the second claw offers a higher base dps we benefit alot from the first one.
The high crit multi and WED support all the added damage we get from jewels and our support.
A good critbase aswell is mandatory and more important than high edps.
Still edps is good ofc.
When you are looking for claws look for:
150 edps+
1.9 ats+
7.6 crit
16+ WED (Craftable with open prefix)
25+ crit multi (Very expensive together with crit and ats)


All of these offer lots of good stuff.
Devotus adds the most attackspeed and movespeed in addition.
The reduced physical damage does not effect us noticeably.
And the chaos resistance is a nice to have.

Starkonjas is the best helmet from a defensive perspective.
It gives alot of evasion and a huge amount of life.
From an offensive perspective it adds some attackspeed and some crit.
Both nice.

The Rat's Nest in the end is the most offensive and this way my favourite helmet.
The huge amount of crit it provides helps us alot since we do notget too much of it.
The attackspeed is only 1% off devotus which barely is noticeable.
Even defensive wise it gives some evasion while it lacks life at all.


The 3 options I see for this build are the shown above.
You might use some else but these are myfavourites.

Dominating all of them is the Shroud of the Lightless in my opinion.
Not only gives it %life a jewel socket and a pseudo 6l.
It aswell is alot cheaper than a 6l belly/Farrul's Fur
and is very easy to colour with jeweler orbs.

Belly is the least offensive but most defensive choice you can make.
Huge amounts of hp but no bonuses in offence.
In addition you need a 6l for full potential.

Farrul's fur is great for offence and defence.
In addition it can keep your power charges up through long bossfights.
The problem is that you will have to give up herald of ice which provides cool looking shatters.
And again you need a 6l which is expensive.
But I did not try Farrul's Fur myself so not too much from my point there.

Gloves & Boots

For gloves we only have one choice.
Tombfists are so far above all other gloves that its not even funny anymore.
%life, %ats and 2 jewel sockets make these absolutely mandatory.

The boots give us 3 solit choices to decide between.
At first we got the cheap way. Movespeed life resits and int is all we want here.

Darkrays on the other hand are the more expensive version but due to the +2 frenzy charges and the lightning res they are a solid option. The problem is that you will have to get some int on your jewelery which can be annoying.

Bubonic trails are absolutely busted again.
As soon as you manage to get your resists and int on other gearpieces these are the best in slot boots for any build anyways. The %life again provide good surviveability. In addition we get 20% increased global damage due to 2 sorts of jewels we use.
Not to mention 2 jewel sockets are entirely busted again.

Belt & Jewelery

Whith this and the most build we do not get around a stygian vise.
This belt base with some life and resists and WED is all we need.
The shown one has quite little since I was geting resists for wise oak which is unnessessary.

The amulet is a rare gear piece again which provides lots of damage.
Stats we are looking for are:
Crit multi
Crit chance
Flat damage

The rings fill out our resist and give some WED for more dmg.
You can get some flat damage too but its not nessessary.


Quite simple flask setup.
Get immunity to bleed, freeze & Curse on your life/Diamond/stibnite.
Then throw in Atziri's promise and Dying Sun and youre good to go.
For Uber Elder you might want a 2nd diamond flask with anti freeze.


These 2 are obvious choices to escalate with molten strike.

These jewels give lots of damage and life.
Ultimately you want 2 flat 1 flat claw and 1 life roll but those are too expensive to use from my perspective.

One searching eye helps us maiming the enemys with our gloves.

This Watcher's eye provides insane damage. Since our supports gives us all auras we need we get lots of crit chance and crit mult without investing in the auras ourself.

Gear Support:

And more spoilers
Actual gear:


As a support we do not have much of a choice here.
The Ephemeral Edge gives the best defensive and defensive bonuses.
The shield is mandatory for the auras.


Not much choice here aswell. Heretics might work aswell but we think that Alpha's Howl is best.


Here you can decide between Saqawals and Victarius Influence. However we think Saqawals outstands Victarius.

Gloves & Boots

On the Gloves we focus on high ES and int. Chaos res can help aswell.
For the boots we need the +1 curse boots. You can go with insane es boots if you get an presence of the Chayula with +1 Curse. But yea...

Belt & Jewelery

The belt pretty much is best in slot. The only better belt is an insane shaper Crystal belt.

For the rings we are looking for:
Chaos res


One of the rings needs the aspect of the avian.


The Stibnite and the Jade flask increase the evasion of the support to up to 60k. This is a quite solid number for a low life supp.

The 3 coruscating elexir flasks are what make the build work. You can start with 1 or 2 but should aim for 3 in the end.


The Watcher's eye can have a lot of mods.
Es reg/ recharge/ recovery are the best.
While evasion buffs are usefull aswell.

On the rare Jewels you look for ES/Life/Int/Resists

Conqueror's efficiency can be exchanged for another rare jewel if you use level 4 enlighten.
With a level 3 enlighten it is a must.


Molten Strike:


Weapon 2













I will write down the leveling section if the requests are there. Currently it will stay empty.

Clawbased supp + carry guide
Molten strike brightbeak nonsense guide
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Clawbased supp + carry guide
Molten strike brightbeak nonsense guide

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