[3.2] The Poor man's Poet's Pen Volatile Dead (Non Crit, Chieftan, 400K Shaper DPS) **Shaper Kill**

The Poor man's Poet's Pen Volatile Dead (Non Crit, Chieftan)

**Shaper Kill Video**

This guide aims to provide an affordable way of playing a very fun build, without relying on multi-exalt pieces of gear. Total Budget required for all items is around 200 Chaos, which should be achievable for almost any player in a single league.

Basic Stats:
DPS - 400K Shaper DPS ((10K x 3 Corpse Explosion) + ( 25k x 3 Fireball)) * 4 Cast a second = 420K
Hit Points - 8K+ enough to not die to all of the things.
Life Regen - 1200+
Max resist - at least 79%

**If you know how Poet's Pen - Unearth - Volatile Dead works, skip ahead.
How it works
When using Poet's Pen, every time you attack the spells slotted into your wands are fired. These have a cooldown of 250ms, or no more than four times a second.

Volatile Dead requires corpses to cast. We have Unearth slotted into one wand, with greater multiple projectiles so that as we attack we create five corpses on the ground. These corpses will land wherever your cursor is pointed when you attack.

Volatile Dead will then explode these corpses dealing AOE fire damage. It will also create three fireballs which after a short pause will seek out nearby enemies and deal further AOE Fire damage.

Use Frenzy as your attack because it grants free Frenzy charges for a nice little cheeky damage multiplier. It also has great attack speed.

DPS is a combination of the Hit from Unearth, the hit from the Corpse Explosion, and the Hit from the Fireball. At least three hits per cast, at around four casts per second granting around 12 hits a second.

200C-250C Doesn't Sound Cheap? How do you fund this build?
This build requires next to no fusings or jewellers orbs, next to no chromes, no alts or regrets, no vaal orbs etc. In order to fund the build I use poe.trade to turn any other currency into chaos. By leveraging all other currencies, shards etc. Even a player that only plays 1-2 hours a day, 3-5 times a week can afford all the gear in this build within the first month of a league. As that is about all the gaming time I have currently.


Frenzy - GMP - Faster Attacks - Mana Regen - Life gain on hit (optional)
Used for Fast Attack and generation of Frenzy Charges

Wand One
Unearth - GMP - Culling Strike
Unearth is used to generate the corpses that Volatile Dead explodes. Culling Strike is simple a nice global Damage Multiplier.

Wand Two
Volatile Dead - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction
DPS - 400K Shaper DPS ((10K x 3 Corpse) + (Explosion 25k x 3 Fireball)) * 4 Cast a second = 420K
The damage from this is consistent and large. It can be stacked prior to bosses/strongboxes spawning but generating fireballs prior to boss spawn or box opening. We are non crit so controlled destruction's loss of crit doesn't effect our DPS. As we are casting our corpses directly where our cursor is, and the fireballs chase their target, concentrated effect does not inhibit our hit rate.

Simply a nice bonus to damage, as our entire Damage focus is fire damage.

Purity of Elements (Incredibly Underrated Aura)
This is far more useful to us than a herald or clarity. By using Purity of Elements, we ignore the requirement for resists on gear. We can focus on maximising life rolls or getting damage mods which grant more survival and better overal DPS than a herald.

Body Swap or Flame Dash (Dealers Choice)


Basic Stats

High Life: 242% Increase before Jewels
All the Fire Damage: 194% Fire Damage, 34% Ele, 50% Area, 6% Fire per Endurance Charge, 55% Spell Damage X 13% Fire Pen = 363% Increase and 1.13 Multiplier
Elemental Overload: We hit so often that we crit enough to proc this constantly

Level 90 (Finished Build)

Poe Builder Link

Why not Mind over Matter?
In order to make mind over matter work, the investment into Mana skill points on the tree was too high. In addition to the requirment to get mana on gear, run a high level clarity etc. You can get the same amount of additional life 800-1k, by simply investing the skill points into increased life and spending Chaos to get more life on gear. Mind over matter can also create interrupts in attacks/casting which I was not happy about. Remember the goal of this build is to be cheap. You can get damage taken gained as mana gear but it comes with a cost usually.


Tawhoa, Forest's Strength and Ramaka, Sun's Light - 2.5% Life Regen, 100% Fire Resistance, Damage per endurance charge, Free Endurance Charge Generation.
These two give us extra Damage, Extra Survive through life regen, and the 100% Fire Resistance + resist from the tree means we do not have to get any fire resistance on gear.

Ngamahu, Flame's Advance and Hinekora, Death's Fury - 10% Fire Penetration, 1% Fire Damage Leeched as Life, 10% increased strength, 10% Chance to Cover Rare/Unique Enemies in Ash.
These come to form the same mods as 'Xoph's Blood' but without the Multi Exalt Price Tag. We get free Fire Life Leech, a nice buff to Health from the increased strength and the 20% multiplier from covering enemies in Ash. We are hitting so often than any boss will be covered in ash 100% of the time.


Basic Setup:
2x Poet's Pen - 23 Chaos Each (at time of purchase)

Cannot run this build without .

Helm, Boots, Gloves, Belt, Rings, Amulet (I paid less than 10C per Item)

Get as much life as you possibly can. You do not have to worry about resists barely at all.
Can run Kaom's Roots for Boss Fights
You can upgrade to a Xoph's blood for extra Fire Pen but this is unneccsary
I am considering using a Mark of the Shaper for Moar Damages.

I added A Mark of the Shaper and Elder Ring last night for a total cost of 30C.

Loreweave - The biggest ticket item in this build. I got mine for 100C and has 79% Resist.

Loreweave vs Koams? I chose Loreweave because its cheaper, and the increase max resist offsets the lack of life nicely.
If you can afford Koams, it is probably a better option.

Current Gear at Lvl 89

Bestiary League Progression
Bestiary league progression has been really slow for me. So far I have a deathless kill of the Yellow Elder and regular Atziri. I have only had a tier 12 map drop, so I have been unable to try the Red Tier Elder, or the Shaper.

Terrace Boss Kill Video

Colosseum Full Clear
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Several Updates posted.

- DPS Calculations as Volatile dead appears to be able to shotgun
- A quick note on how to fund this build
- Bestiary League Progression (Which sucks and is super slow)

Current Gear at Lvl 89
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Any chance we can get a video of the build in action?
m0onknight wrote:
Any chance we can get a video of the build in action?

This is the Terrace Boss fight.


I have some issue with recording I will get sorted and post more.
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Colosseum Full Clear
This has been a fun build! Homing fireball missiles galore!

My current gear is decent, but obviously could be better.
Shaper Down!

Video Incoming.

Pastebin of Build for Shaper Kill.


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