[3.2] The Ultimate Curse Master

Hi all.

It's my first post of this kind, so I'm not sure how to link items properly, but I hope you'll like it.

Some time ago I was wondering, if it is possible to curse a monster with all existing PoE curses simultaneously. (I was trying not to use curse on hit nor normal curse casting)

To solve this, I created build template.

It is probably not very practical (only use I can find is to be in very "mixed build" party), however it's quite interesting to see "all-cursed" monster.

There are 13 curses, and problems are:
- mana reservation,
- curse limits.

With 3.2 update, Doedre's Skin can be used effectively because of Ascendancy changes.

And now, to the point:

1. Required gear:

- Doedre's Skin - you don't need it to be linked, 6s is enough,
- Heretic's Veil,
- Windscream,
- 2x Doedre's Damning,
- amulet corrupted to +1 curse,
- Conqueror's Potency,
- 4x Coruscating Elixir - chaos damage prevention,
- The Sorrow of the Divine - to use in danger.

For the rest of gear I recommend:
- The Goddess Bound - for movement speed,
- gloves, belt and jewels: rare, look for ES and resists.

2. Gems:

- in body armour:
* Assasin's Mark,
* Conductivity,
* Warlord's Mark,
* Elemental Weekness,
* Enfeeble,
* Flammability.

- in helmet:
* Frostbite,
* Poacher's Mark,
* Projectile Weakness,
* Temporal Chains.

- in weapon (3l):
* Blasphemy,
* Punishment,
* Despair.

- in boots (2l + 2l):
* Blasphemy,
* Vulnerability,
* Reduced Mana,
* Lightning Warp - movement skill.

- in gloves (some useful auras for survivalibity):
* Discipline,
* Arctic Armour,
* Vitality.

3. Tree:


The bad thing in this build is that you don't have any attack and must use Coruscating Elixirs all the time.
The good thing is that you have quite good ES pool, and you can be The Ultimate Curse Master!

Maybe this small build idea will be useful for someone.
All the best (drops)!
Last bumped on Apr 26, 2018, 6:18:58 PM
I love it as a mental exercise, but in reality the slightest chaos damage will kill you.
Thanks for responding.

It is of course rather not very practical build, but if you'll be using suggested flasks (Coruscating Elixir), chaos damage won't bypass ES.

I've played auramancer some time ago, without Solaris Lorica nor Shavronne's Wrapping, only with this elixir and it was possible to survive :)

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