[3.2] [Melee] Elementalist - Oro's Burning Fields

It seems I have made mistakes with PoB and penetration as I didn't know. Also Arctic Armour doesn't work with Cyclone, I can't read. Ignore those parts and I'll update when I have time.

Oro's Burning Fields - Concept

What is this build?
This build utilizes Elementalist's ability to spread ailments along with high elemental damage, using Oro's Sacrifice to add tons of flat fire damage. Adding high fire penetration, Immolate, lots of flat fire damage and auras to further boost clear speed and damage. Cycloning into packs spreads ailments which annihilates it and adds clear speed.


- Melee
- All elemental damage, mostly fire, no conversion.
- %120 Fire Penetration no flasks.
- Immolate
- High Life pool.
- Elemental Overload.
- Shaper of Desolation, Beacon of Ruin, Pendulum of Destruction, & Mastermind of Discord.
- Herald of Ash & Lightning, & Blashpemy Flammability, Arctic Armour.
- Quick, smooth and enjoyable clear speed.

Content & Videos

This build can do everything up to tier 13 comfortably, 14 and onwards needs more defence but damage is fine.
Build Videos will come soon.

DPS and PoB photos
No Flasks

Pendulum of Destruction

With flasks

Path of Building

Base Dps

In Combat

With Flasks

Flasks and Ascendancy Buffs

Shaper DPS with Ascendancy Buffs and Flasks


How to Gear: Get as much flat fire damage as possible, get defences such as max res and dodge, any defence flasks can help. Elemental Damage, increased atk speed, penetration and crit chance can help with feel of build to make it smoother.

The flat fire damage is like flat phys for this build, scaling our damage off that.
Penetration helps great on bosses.
Crit chance so we proc Ele Overload as much as possible.
Attack & move speed will make Cyclone feel better.
Elemental Damage will scale our fire damage.
As always, build defences so you hardly get hit. If you get hit, the large life pool and max res plus any other mitigation such as fortify will help.

Import Build
PoB: https://pastebin.com/THDLGhJH

Skill Tree & Ascendancy

Bandit - 2 Points

1. Will give a nice damage boost every now and then along with clear speed to help leveling.

2. Mandatory to have 2 Heralds and have 1-2 Auras up. Gives nice damage boost and reduced mana reservation. If I had this be the 4th, this build would lack damage and overall feel. I recommend this be 2nd.

3. Nice damage boost along with starting to bring the build together.

4. Brings the feel of the build together, increases clear speed and damage. Keeping this at 4th since Uber lab is easily doable without this. Doesn't give the build utility as much as the others do.

Level with Magma orb until Library, then buy Cyclone and level as a standard phys to fire conversion. Use unique 2-handed axes during leveling like Cauterizer to give lots of damage. Use Oro's as soon as possible and drop any conversion or added fire.

22 Points

42 Points

63 Points

89 Points

113 Points



Attack : Cyclone - Elemental Damage to Attacks - Conc Effect - Fire Pen - Chance to Ignite - Immolate
We can have Conc Effect since Herald of Ash explosions, and Ele Prolif will give us our AoE. Immolate to give tons of flat fire since everything will almost always be burning. Chance to ignite to help along our fire damage.

Auras : Herald of Thunder, Herald of Ash - Enlighten - Arctic Armour
Using Herald of Thunder and Ash we can have nice AoE without needing to increase weapon range, along with some nice Ele Prolif effects and build feel.

Movement : Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic
Since we're using a two handed weapon we use Leap Slam, linking it with Fortify to give some defence and blood magic so we can reserve more mana and not have clunky movement.

Curse : Blasphemy - Flammability - Enlighten
Flammability reduces enemy fire res and increases our damage greatly. Using Anger would reserve too much mana so we use this.

Recommended Uniques

Xoph's Heart adds a nice amount of damage and if you're hit it increased damage even more by covering those enemies in Ash. Xoph's Blood also works but I prefer using this.

A Kaom's Heart increases damage nicely along with increasing our life pool a lot. We don't need any other 6-linked skills so it fits well. If you want you can use a Belly or anything else.

Rat's Nest will help proc Ele Overload more and gives atk speed and movement speed. Getting the 15% Cyclone Atk Speed enchant will improve feel of build, and increase damage.

Maligaro's also will help proc Ele Overload, giving us attack speed aswell.
Wise Oak will increase damage if you have uncapped fire res as highest, and helps defensively res.

Mandatory Uniques

This is a build based around Oro's Sacrifice so of course it's mandatory.

My Gear


This is my first build guide, feedback is appreciated!

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im pretty sure youre not meant to manually input ele penetration since its already calculated by POB
im pretty sure youre not meant to manually input ele penetration since its already calculated by POB

This is true. Real shaper dps is about 180k with this build. Not going to count shock since i doubt your damage is high enough to shock shaper even with conflux up (don't quote me on that though).

The ignite dps is also quite alot lower, due to that a mobb having -132% fire resistance will also buff the ignite. Just FYI, penetration does not boost ignite dps.

Perhaps you need to rework the build a bit?

Kind regards.

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