[3.2] The Hexbot (CI Curse Support Occultist)

This is based on an old build I threw together in standard during 2.5 that has had some interesting possibilities opened up to it with the new items and ascendancies added Bestiary. I have actually been using this build in Bestiary Hardcore for the part week or so

Rather than using a boatload of curses, this build focuses on maximizing the effect of a few curses and using other debuffs to minimize enemy fire resistance. While it is a support character, it can handle content solo, and can capably farm Hall of the Grandmasters

-Can clear solo despite being a support character
-Hardcore viable (I solo'd act 10 Kitava with a CI character in Bestiary)
-Max power enfeeble reduces all non-boss damage by 50% at endgame, and boss damage by 30%
-Maintains decent curse effect on bosses, despite their curse resistance
-Can reach 7000+ ES with mediocre gear and no discipline aura
-Reduces nearby enemy fire resistance by between 100% and 200%, depending on how many debuffs are applied (Flammability, Elemental Weakness, Elemental Equilibrium, and Scorching Ray

-Struggles early game
-Curses have very limited AoE for a while, making blasphemy useless unless at point blank
-Hexwarded Maps are difficult to clear, and impossible to boss
-clearspeed is only average


CI Tree

118 point tree pastebin:

27 point levelling tree:

40 point levelling tree:

57 point levelling tree:

67 point levelling tree:

Level 62 CI tree:

CI should only be grabbed when one has a decent body armour. Zealot's oath should be grabbed as soon as one has more ES than life.

If playing in softcore, your ascendancy choices should be to Profane Bloom and Malediction first. In hardcore, you should get Wicked Ward first, and Vile Bastion second if you don't plan on using an Eye of Chayula for stun immunity. Void Beacon is good for dealing with HoGM and the occasional regen rare, but isn't necessary, and grabbing Vile Bastion instead frees up an amulet slot from Eye of Chayula by granting functional stun immunity.

This tree can be easily adapted to a lowlife tree by simply dropping CI and grabbing Pain Attunement in its stead.

Life Tree

114 point pastebin:

Levelling should be about the same as the CI tree, though the life nodes are never respecced and some of the pathing is slightly different.

Disclaimer: I have not tried this version of the tree. I have no idea how well the build handles without Wicked Ward and a large ES pool.

Unique Items
No unique items are required, though several unique items give nice benefits.


Auxium makes it much harder for CI and LL characters to be freeze-locked, and provides a boatload of ES to Boot. I do not recommend playing this build without it.

Conqueror's Potency and Conqueror's Efficiency

These are meant for more extreme min-maxing at endgame, but can be socketed in the skill tree earlier if one so desires.

Eye of Chayula

Stun Immunity that doesn't require the Cruel lab is nice, and allows one to take Void Beacon instead of Vile Bastion if they're interested in HoGM farming.

Solaris Lorica

Provides a good transition between using life for the first few acts and CI at endgame

Dying Breath

If you're playing on softcore or are looking to eke out an additional bit of curse effect and AoE, Dying Breath is a good choice, and is usually dirt-cheap. 18& curse effect and 36% curse aura AoE is a nice bonus if one doesn't need a shield.


A fair amount of ES, resistances, and movespeed makes these boots a good choice at any level.


A level 25 Scorching Ray makes clearing solo much easier, using it frees up a shield slot, and its level 60 requirement means you can use it at Act 10 at the latest, and Act 7 at the earliest. I recommend this over Dying Breath at endgame.

Energy from Within

The endgame CI tree uses two of these: One at the melding wheel, and one at the quick recovery wheel. If you can't afford two, then just drop the quick recovery wheel.

Heretic's Veil
You lose the curse effect from quality on a Blasphemy support, but it boosts the level of the curses themselves, and reduces reservation enough that running a discipline aura or a fourth curse is feasible.

Atziri's Reflection
It's ungodly rare, ungodly expensive, and requires a lot more dexterity than the build can get without a few +30 nodes, but Atziri's Reflection is BiS for this build, providing resistances, 200+ ES, increased curse effect, and curse immunity.

Gem Setups

Running Discipline will require either a 6L with a level 4 enlighten and a Conqueror's Efficiency, a reduced reservation enchantment, or a heretic's veil.

Movement Skill

Shield Charge is an option if you so prefer, but a mimaxed Lightning Warp provides greater mobility and a manual activation for Elemental Equilibrium.


Ball Lightning is there for automatic EE proccing. Pick two from Blind, Immortal Call, and Culling Strike to suit your taste. Blind is good for solo bossing, since it usually provides enough breathing room for recharge to start, Immortal call is good for protection against physical hits like porcupines, and culling is nice to have as an automatic feature

The "Oh Fuck" Button

faster casting can stand in for efficacy if you're more concerned about cast speed on Vaal Dscipline.

Scorching Ray

The final touch to minimizing enemy fire resistance. Obviously, the Scorch gem is only necessary if not using a Balefire


I, uh, really hate resummoning my golem, but like the buffs it gives. You can do different setup here if you so desire.

Pantheon Choices
For major gods, Solaris or Lunaris are the best choices. I use Lunaris since I am more concerned about being swarmed than I am about big hits, but the choice is up to you.

For minor gods, Abberath is nice since it means that burning ground won't delay the start of ES recharge, and the upgrade's reduced ignite duration on you is a great way to get around using an ignite removal flask.
Ralakesh is also a good choice if you're more concerned about bleeds and maim, though it wouldn't my first pick.

To be added later
Last bumped on Jun 1, 2018, 2:39:56 PM
How did this work out for you? Looks like you hit level 81. I was thinking of supporting a fire spectre build with this.Let me know if you have any thoughts.
I hit level 81 with this build in Bestiary HC and level 91 in Standard SC. Working with it as a minion support is definitely possible, though it might be difficult to get enough minion damage to make that worthwhile. If you decide to run that, let me know how it goes.

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