3.2 Bugtet "terminus" flicker {dps is good for clear speed}

https://pastebin.com/aGGi4CeA link for build.
About game: only for clear speed , can slay bosses but not t16 guards.

How i begin flicking:at start dps low,but i have leap slam with that i gain charges.

Avg: in ho 22k with auras only , but raise up on 88k with charges and flasks

About bossing: u gain 131k avg with punishment curse - u have it from leap slam.

Shaper,Uber Atziri: can't try do that its impossible.

Defences Res all capted: with flasks u have +10 chaos it's good for survive pois , dots , 50/50 for bleed but i got immune with flask.

Lifes:6660 with budget gear, evas 18,8k with flask on low life up to 26k + 50% less dmg taken from starkonja helm , pretty cool.

armour up to 7k with flasks .

Reccomends : leveling with cyclone , start flick with 75lvl + .

Have fun play n fast clear .

Stay safe . By Ziurkesas

Last bumped on Mar 18, 2018, 1:59:49 PM

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