[3.2] Sunder Scion

Here is a very simple and efficient build.
I'm a beginner in this game.
You're a Sunder user doing physical damage only.

You will use :
- Sunder + Brutality and Melee physical damage and Multistrike
- Vengeance + Brutality and Melee physical damage,
- Ancestral warchief and Ancestral protector + Brutality, Melee physical damage and whatever
- Leap slam

The current stuff :

- The weapon is Kongor's Undying Rage
- I am currently wearing The bringer of rain.
Once i'll have a 6LS chest, i may get rid of it and i will look for an helmet to get more protection.
- I have kaom's boot

The ascendancy :
Go to the slayer mainly for the life leech effect, its starting zone and after go for the hierophant to be able to use 2 totems.

At lvl 87, your stats will be ...
Offense :
- Culling strike
- +72% As, +550% damage,
- 50% chance to cause bleeding, +456% damage with ailments,
- crimson dance.

Defense :
- 218% increased maximum Life,
- 4.4% of Life Regenerated per second,
- a lot of very fast life leech,
- +186% armor and 4% additional physical reduction,
- more than 30% elemental resistance.

Misc :
- Blood magic,
- 2 jewel sockets,
- 2 totems,
- no physical damage reflection,
- immune to life leech.
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The build can be setup in 3 steps :
1- First, rush Resolute Technique and Duelist's starting point
37 points allocated

2- Become hard to kill
85 points allocated

3- Once you're here, you just have to finish the build by allocating points depending on your preferences.
Life or damage node.
At lvl 88, you will look like that :
Hop lvl 88

You'll have to do the followings respe :
- Get rid of Resolute technique when you have Kongor's Undying Rage
- Get rid of Unwavering Stance when you'll have Kaom's Roots
- Get rid of the nodes linked to the scion once you can start at the duelist's starting zone.
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What's good, what's bad ?
1) You're not a fast runner.

2) You got a lot of regen :
- Labs are easy because of natural life regen (and jump skill),
- a lot of life leech allow you to be close to immune to any DOT effect.

3) You got a lot of life and more than 30% in elemental resistance.

4) Your damage is ok but far from some builds that are talking of zillion dps.

5) pleasant to play. Most of the maps can be easily done.

6) No mana but no aura.

7) You have to respe quite a bit.
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