[3.2] Pulsar-Elementalist(Flamesurge, Tripleherald, Iron will & RF)

Flamesurge is since release one my favourite spells, it deals a lot of damage (I think it is one of the highest dps skills) and got some interesting interactions. But it always was a bit clunky to use. You need to be close at your enemies, the cone of it is quit narrow, and you allways need support skills that only intent is to ignite. You can use three dragons that allows you to shock but you loose a helmet slot for something better, and then you need either cold skills for ignite or skills that leave behind burning ground or scorching ray 8(need to be channeled) or rf (possibly strong but not cheap).
With the changes to herald of ash that now also effects spells and gives more spell fire damage, and the rework of elementalist I tried something out and I am quit satisfied with the result. It is still work in progress and I am only lvl 81 at the moment but so far it is a stable build.
The name is a result of the way RF works when you have an mtx attached. The aoe will always change and because rf and orb of storm has the same radius you see how far it reaches. Flame surge has around 1.5 times the radius of RF


Quit simple start as witch go into aoe nodes of witch then templar and then go all the way down to duelist to get iron reflexes and unwavering stance and then go to the starting nodes of templar and scion because of pure talent. Damage nodes are nice to have but not really needed because flame surge is a strong skill so try to focus on life, regen and most strength, because strength is life and wth iron will damage.
For the ascendancy points I would recommend the following order:
Normal: Paragon of Calamity (gives you defense, leech, easy to excess and helps a lot while leveling)
Cruel:Pendulum of Destruction (you need it as step to the next one, feels like someone switching an increased aoe with conc effect gem every 5 sec. OK-ish but nothing overwhelming.)
merciless: Mastermind of Discord (because herald and penetration... everyone loves penetration... and reduced mana reserve is also nice)
Endgame: Shaper of Desolation (then you can throw away the three dragons helm and get with more defense, because it effectivly only gives you 30% to all elemental resistances)

Lvl 86 Tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAMCAAHnBLMFLQj0C2ERLRM1FCAWbxcvF6QYVhkuGj4aVRpsHNwhYCSqJ-0o-imlLJwy0TboNuk8BT1fQKBDyESrRUdG10lPTItPBFJTVa5VtVXWVw1XKVugXz9hIWTnZlRodGjyakNtGXGFcg907XTxdqx673wOfIN99YCkghCCm4LHhO-FMoV7jxqPppD6lG-UoJctl5WX9Jo7ns2fy5_fogCnMKdVrY2vbLFCuJO8qrzqwGbBBMT2xq7PftIh1abYTdlh2mLawd9t37DjauQi6-7sOO087w7vS-988B_yL_MR9kj56PrS?accountName=griffinzero&characterName=HeraldineOfTheDragons

For first mapping(possible without RF)

Just to sum up my momentary equipment not all is needed and I guess their is room for improvement:


No brainer, gives you strength and more damage for strength. There may be better rare sceptres and horned sceptres could possibly gives more penetration. In it i put my movement skills and rf if I want to use it


For RF... nothing great just basic...


For leveling three dragons after completing uberlab something better, if you get the dexterity alphas howl could be good if not I think I get a helm an craft it with some essences of loathing for the reduced mana reserved.


ATM for dual curse, nothing special nothing great, you dont need dual curse (my second is elemantal weakness) maybe i will get something better.

Body Armour

This is a bit tricky. I would advice a 6 linked armour without es but high armour (or evasion which is armour because of iron will) because of the high strength a strenght armour is the best imo. But then you have the problem with socket colours. I bought mine for 20c and it is a good one. For crafting I would suggest you take a 6l armour and use voricis crafting bench and use the "at least 3 blues sockets" and if you are lucky you get better colours. You need at least 3 blue and 1-2 red sockets. If you want to feel really lucky hit the armour with essence of horror, and hope for the best cause it could give you something that totally abuses paragon of calamity because the portion of modified damage taken will trigger paragon of calamity.

Nothing special, you could use Repentance, but I think rare gloves are stronger an a iron will support gem gives you more damage.


I still need to work on that, atziri's foible and praxis are good with MoM but it canbe clearly better.

Current gear (I only add those that are different from the first mapping items there is stillroom for improvment)
And really important jewels I have
two of those make the build quit expensive the watchers eye need to have phys damage taken as fire damage and I prefer some mana sustain buffs for clarity on it


Main skill: Flame surge +spell echo + controlled destruction + fire pen + iron will + added cold damage (or whatever the last socket color in your chest is, also fine is stun or added lightning damage or inc aoe/conc effect)

Support skill: orb of storm + curse on hit+ warlords mark (stun and leech) + Iron will ( or elemental weakness (flamability is not so much better and you can´t ignite with your main skills and also the last curse is not so important))

movement skill: Flame dash (because of burning ground and good in boss fights to deal extra damage also it is quit cluncky)

Herald setup: HoT+HoI+Enlighten (+Iron will from Doon Cuebiyari)

Auras: Clarity + Purity of Fire + Herald of Ash + Enlighten (HoA is not buffed by iron will so I put it in the aura setup.

I can run all three heralds and the two auras without problems but when they are supported by enlighten I may be able to run a vitality aura, and also Watchers Eye can give you a nice bonus for purity of fire: I think of obviously "(6-10)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage while affected by Purity of Fire" and clarity can also have some nice effects with watchers eye...
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Hello! I've trying to follow your build, but i got stucked on the passive skill three mapping, can vou give me a hand?
Yeah i just noted that somehow the added skilltree got lost. I will add my current tree.
I keep following your build, it works in an interesiting way and now i see how powerfull can be a build based on triple herald. But atm, i have some doubts, is it suppost to run with righteous fire? Is Flame surge the only skill avaible to work in this build's concept? And 1 more thing, in my tests, i noticed that this build isn't a good facetanking, how can we turn it into something more safe, based on its short range?
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Yeah it is not really tanky I admit. I think you can get to 5k life with really good and expensive gear. the only defense ascendancy point is paragon of calamaty and the life leech helps but also the fact that you take some phys damage as elemntal damage which then again buffs you.
I think you can take any fire or physicall spells with the aoe tag for it but you need to modify it for some skills, with gem setup and so on. I mainly use flame surge because of the nice interactions, the high damage modifier and the high cast speed.

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