[3.3] Special Scorchflake - 21 Uniques Build! 10k HP - 75 Block Aegis - All Content and Map Mods

!!! Important Update for 3.4 !!!

This build was heavily nerfed by the spell block changes, I'd advise looking at the following builds instead:

If you want to use CWC SR: Kelvynn's Whispering Ice build
If you want to scale strength: WaffleT's Brutus Lead Sprinkler build


This build is centered around synergy between 21 uniques that buff our stats and use them in wonderful ways.


1. Max block and now very little spellblock thanks to 3.4 changes Aegis Aurora
2. 10k hybrid HP
3. High DPS for a firestorm build
4. No rares required, easy and simple itemization process
5. Can run any map mod

Our main skill is Scorching Ray CWC Firestorm. The fact that it doesn't need cast speed or crit lets us focus on utilizing our uniques. We'll be using the Elementalist ascendancy for extra damage and reflect immunity, and Chieftain ascendancy for the extra strength and Ash.

What's new in 3.3?

In 3.3 I decided to pump the build up with DPS:

- I added Anger in place of Grace (which didn't really hurt that much, surprisingly). Our flask uptime through the Avenger mod lets us rely on them comfortably for armor.

- I went for the second skill effect duration cluster to increase Firestorm's DPS

- I added Vaal RF which is amazing for both clear speed and boss killing, since not only does it add more spell damage, it also scales off of our 10k health pool, increased duration nodes, and general damage increases to boost its own DPS.

- To make room, I dropped flammability and orb of storms. It didn't add that much Shaper DPS for its opportunity cost of grabbing the curse cluster and taking up gem slots.

- I added Concentrated Effect in place of Controlled Destruction for killing Guardians, Elder and Shaper.

The end result is faster clear speed and much more boss DPS, as you can see by this Shaper run.

Itemization and Synergy breakdown

We use these to buff our stats:

These to use our stats:

These to utilize the ES and Armor we get (crits get mitigated by pantheon):

These to utilize the crits we take:

This to help against chaos damage:

And this to take advantage of our even resists:

You probably noticed I linked Cyclopean Coil twice. That's because we utilize it to get damage, ignite immunity and freeze immunity. The freeze immunity part is where we play the dexterity over intelligence minigame, which becomes relevant once we get our reckless defence jewels (don't wanna get freeze-chained because of those). Be sure to look at your build in PoB to know which optional dex nodes to pick up depending on your gear and level.

Skill Tree and Leveling + PoB link

The skill tree for this build is centered around obtaining Block, Strength, Resists, Jewel slots, and Life/ES nodes.

Part 1 Skill Tree, Iron Will Spellcaster

Part 2 Skill Tree, Iron Will Spellcaster with Aegis Aurora

Prologue, Level 93 Skill Tree

Path of Building Pastebin for level 93:

Possible upgrades:

1. Fire Leech Astramentis, Fire Pen Anger Watcher's Eye, Enlighten level 4 to let you use Flammability Blasphemy and a more offensive Tempest Shield setup with Combustion+Shock Prolif.

Gain: Way more DPS when clearing (lets VRF take care of business), more DPS against Shaper, a bit more EHP.

Loss: Arctic Armour, Immortal Call, and about 7 exalts (includes cost to get 3B 1R on helm)

2. Reduced crit damage taken corruption on shield (lets you tank shaper slam without AA).

3. Increased % strength + % dex corruption on rings (hard to get a good heup with that corruption)

4. Trigger Word of Light when you take a Critical Strike (Lab Enchant) on Shaper's Touch Gloves.

Rich boii version:


If you have an Astramentis ready for leveling, you want to go straight into the Marauder and Duelist areas for strength and life. If you don't have Astramentis (league-starting for example), then start by going into the Witch area for int and get dex on your gear. Once we get Aegis Aurora, we can start picking up block nodes and get our tank going.

Bandits: kill all.

Ascendancy order: Chieftain before Elementalist, more damage in the early-game.

Useful leveling uniques:

Tabula Rasa
Le Heup of All
Meginord's Girdle
Meginord's Vise


Very important! You want these pantheons upgraded ASAP (buy the maps if you can):

Soul of Solaris - Capture the soul of "Jorus, Sky's Edge" (Temple T9) to take much less damage from crits.

Soul of Shakari - Capture the soul of "Terror of the Infinite Drifts" (Desert Spring T13) to get poison immunity.

Skill Gems and Links

Scorching Ray + Cast While Channeling + Firestorm + Iron Will + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction (Mapping) / Concentrated Effect (End game bosses)

Our bread and butter spell combo.

Anger + Herald of Ash + Arctic Armour + Enlighten

Use in helm for +1.

Vaal Righteous Fire + Increased Duration + Burning Damage + Elemental Focus

This thing can both clear mobs quickly and massively buff your DPS in boss fights.

Flame Dash + Arcane Surge (8) + Increased Duration

Shield Charge + Fortify + Faster Attacks

CWDT (4) + Warlord's Mark (7) + Tempest Shield (9) + Immortal Call (6)

Strengths and Weaknesses


+ Very high damage for a Scorching Ray CWC Firestorm build
+ Excellent when being surrounded by large groups of mobs which keep our flasks and ES up
+ Large health pool which lets us tackle endgame bosses comfortably


- Chaos damage is a pain, but if you know the fight mechanics it's avoidable. Shakari pantheon helps with this.
- If a boss doesn't like hitting and likes to cast degens, our aegis isn't doing its job. We still have a fair amount of ES regen, life leech and a life flask but in some fights it'll be a test of skill where you'll have to know the mechanics.


Red elder facetanked

Shaper deathless


3.3 Videos using the current DPS centric variation:

Deathless Shaper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYGPBc_E67w

T16 (Chimera) showcase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIym4Jh9Ojc

Uses the Combustion Shield setup of the build's rich boii version.

3.2 Videos using the outdated tanky variation:

T14 showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3KZ6ACXeXs

T16 (Chimera) showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiSpd2MiXtI

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Do you think you could leaguestart on this? The uniques aren't that expensive, aside from Le Heup and Astramentis, so could it get to maps with only most of them and then farm up?
Sure you can leaguestart with it! You'll have a difficult time getting 3-4% block reckless defense jewels at the start of the league, and no early Astramentis means you'll have to build your leveling tree around stats a bit more. But other than that it's a smooth ride.
ayyy thanks for the credit :) build looks like an interesting variant on my spider YEET
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Looks nice. Could you please upload progressive passive tree? Thank you
Sure! Added skill trees for Part 1 and Part 2 in the OP.
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I think the weapon got removed when you updated the thread OP
Fixed, thanks!

Also, notice I swapped the Ametyhst flask with a Silver Flask, it really helped out with clearspeed. Hopefully I can get a video showcasing a T16 soon.
If anyone is following the build, I created a more expensive version which has more resists.

PoB pastebin: https://pastebin.com/gQFNvunn

Skill tree only

It picks up might of the meek and pure talent, both of which are expensive jewels which is why I didn't make it an official part of the build.

If you're rich, and want to get more resists for red ele weakness maps (since our bismuth doesn't have a constant uptime against bosses), that version ends up with +16% all elemental resists at the cost of about 100c.
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Found a way to keep the build cheap without having to resort to the above-mentioned jewels. All skill trees have been updated in the OP, lots more damage and resists.

On a different note, I face-tanked yellow elder yesterday, was pretty fun. My plan is to get a T16 video out this weekend, haven't been able to play much this week.
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