[3.3] StupidSmile Ultra Instinct Storm Call ( Insane 38k tooltip DPS + 150% shock effect + leech )

Storm call is one of the amazing spell skill inside of the game. As long one as one mark trigger, the rest of the mark will trigger as well. The key is to get the shortest duration and the highest cast speed as u possiby can. I would highly recommended on using the No 1 dps wand for spell.

Mirror service can be obtain by visiting

What makes my build different compare to the rest is due to its mass critical damage. From this mass damage, we have 0.5% leech goes to life and another 1% leech goes to mana. With 150+% shock effectiveness combine with 20% increase damage taken, we now only need to deal like less than 3% of the boss life in order to achieve our main goal which is 50% increase damage taken.

I've just started the build on 21st June 2018. Therefore, there are still a few things that i may miss out. So do comment below if u have any idea on how to improve on the build. Overall the build can clear all sorts of map. What to do no reflect.

5k life
3k energy shield
Instant leech / Double leech rate
58% lightning penetration
150+% shock effectiveness + 20% increase damage from shock (elementalist)

Expensive a bit

Gear & Gem Link & Flask


Coming soon

Passive Tree

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Coming soon
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i probably will never understand why people make Builds with std Mirror gear 1983128936172 mil dps when only 0,0001% of the people can actually afford that

Icoblablubb wrote:
i probably will never understand why people make Builds with std Mirror gear 1983128936172 mil dps when only 0,0001% of the people can actually afford that

He does this every league. Creates a standard only build, bumps it regulary but is ignored because no one cares.
3.3 RF Trickster SSF HC guide :

This is optimal gear, kinda. But you can get similar gear in temp. Wands with 10% pen would be even better. And using Indigon would be huge. Everything else should be life gear. I am actually making a much better version of this in temp. The only difference will be “ no acuity”. My build should be much better. As I got lucky with a 30% less duration enchant on indigon. The build is duable and very strong.
"Expensive a bit". What a joke and for what purpose, I don't know..
I personally like the idea of playing something out of the meta. Not elementalist so Ither trickster for mana and cast speed like crazy. Or pathfinder for max block. And still play Stormcall.
The new building iam working on is called Stupidsmile Ultimate Arc Unleash "google". Storm call is nice but due to high data consumption, it was so difficult for me to record and the leech is not consistent compare to arc. I even got disconnect while fighting the Shaper/Elder even though am using high end pc.

What makes my latest build better is that it utilize a unique Indigon helmet for power power, 50% increase damage taken from shock and most of all it got 100% lightning penetration without having to rely on curses. U can kiss boss curse effectiveness reduction good bye as they are now need to bear 100% more lightning damage from our attack.

This new build not only powerful but can be used and apply to other lightning build as well such as storm call. By using the passive tree that been provided, u already save a lot of regret and time on your new build.

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