[3.2] MS Champion (tanky, all map mods, loreweave)

I've always been a fan of thiefs torment and with the buffs to champion plus the addition of loreweave I figured it's time for a build.

So have a look and I hope there will be some feedback.


Concept and Core Items
Molten Strike - Scalable damage and synergy with thiefs torment
Champion - 100% hit rate / damage multipliers / defensive (stun immune, adrenaline)

Loreweave - max resist / life+mana / elemental damage
Doryani's Catalyst - Scales most of our damage / attack speed / ele life leech for more sustain
Tombfirst - Attack speed / life / 2 abys sockets / maim
Xoph's Blood - AoF / Life / Fire Pen / Ash

Any map mod
10K+ eHP (HP+MOM+Fort)
80% Max Res
62% Evade (with blind) / 38% phys DR
100% hit ratio
Stun immmune
50% curse reduction (easier to res cap for ele weakness)
Life+mana gain on hit / Regen / Ele Leech for allot of sustain

Pros and Cons
+ Very tanky
+ Decent DPS considering our defenses
+ Build for all environments
+ Easy to start with (only thiefs torment is mandatory, xophs you can replace by taking AoF)

- Damage could be higher (see next section)
- Expensive to fully optimize
- Molten strike tends to cause lag

I find this hard to calculate but shaper DPS more then 700K which I think is really good considering out defenses.

DPS is 55k without Ancestral Call (Multistrike is bugged in PoB). With Ancestral Call it's about 100K per ball on a single target. Point Blank gives another 20-30% more putting us at 120k per ball. If five balls hit we would have 600K vs shaper but with covered in ash you'd get to above 700K.

Bandits and Pantheon
2 Passives
Solaris & Tukohama for more surivability

Unstoppable hero
Worth Foe
First to strike

Chest (R-R-R-R-R-B): Molten Strike - Multistrike - Acentral call - Ele dmg attacks - Ele focus - Fire pen (alternatively conc effect / damage on full life)
Helmet (R-R-G-G): Leap Slam - FA - Fort - Culling (AS from quality)
Boots (G-R-R-R): CWDT - Incr Dur - IC - Phase Run
Gloves (R-G): HoA - Blood Rage
Weap 1 (B-B-R): CWDT - Lightning Golem - Enf
Weap 2 (B-R-R): Blasphery - Warlords - Ancestral Prot (curse can be used to proc adrenaline)

Life with remove bleed
Dying sun

1x Blind on hit
2x Wildfire

Life with a combination of these:
Attack speed one handed
Attack speed on crit

Helmet: +3 molten strike projectiles (150% lightning golem as budget choice)
Boots: Life+Mana regen / Attack+Cast speed / Ele Pen
Gloves: Light
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Why would you not take Iron Grip?
zorker wrote:
Why would you not take Iron Grip?

Good idea! Thanks!

Working on a bit of a different version running Ngamahu's flame instead of dual dory's because I think it'll be more dps without losing survivability.

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