[3.2] The Nearly Dead Poet Champion

3.2 brought a lot of interesting changes to the ascendencies. Here's a quick rundown of a build I've been playing this week.


- ES based with life/mana reserved just above the 'low' threshold
- Ghost Reaver and leech to sustain the ES
- Use blood magic to continually jump in and out of low-life for constant adrenaline, with Thief's Torment and a Stone Golem to regenerate the lost life
- Use Esh's Visage to prevent chaos damage, as I cannot afford a shavs (yet)
- Use Poet's Pen with pain attunement as a primary source of damage

The gear required to achieve all of this is a bit specific, but shouldn't cost more than an exalt or two total.

Required Gear

The build plays fairly well. It's fast and responsive with adrenaline up 100%, and current ES sits at about 6200 at level 78. DPS is adequate enough to 1-shot blue packs and 2-shot rares through act 10. Overall a fun little experiment and I look forward to mapping with it.


- Blood magic and Esh's Visage don't play well together while standing in chaos degen, as every attack drops you into low-life, which allows the chaos damage to bypass your ES. It'll probably be the death of this character. Really need that shavs...
- Attacking in place without hitting a target is also bad.
- With no regen and 50% less ES recovery, lab traps are scary.
- ES leech is currently 'low' but that should scale with better gear.
- 4 off-colour sockets on The Covenant can be a pain to roll.

That pretty much sums it up. Thoughts/comments are welcome. Thanks.
Last bumped on Apr 14, 2018, 10:04:09 AM
Hey interesting to see how this turns out, any gem suggestions other gear slot suggestions?

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