[3.2]Theory - Cheap 200k DPS "Invincible" WarChamp

This is my theorycraft for a taunt on hit War Chief Champion, the idea is that the player never actually gets hit because the totems always taunt, each one has about 100k DPS on cheap gear.

PoB and screenshots


1. - Ascendancy
First we take Conqueror followed by Worthy Foe as soon as possible, this is the core of the build. Level using Resolute Technique until Worthy Foe can be used

Second comes Inspirational for its nice DPS boost. You may take Unstoppable Hero if you prefer

Finally get Unstoppable Hero for more DPS

2. - Skill Tree

This tree is what i call quite "gear neutral" it does not invest in nodes for specific weapons, however it does invest in 2H nodes so not 100% neutral. We take the Blood Magic keystone as it grants access to 3 powerful life nodes and less mana problems, we dont reserve any mana in the current iteration of the build so no loss here. Ancestral Bond doubles our DPS.

Rough leveling path: Follow the tree to Art of the Gladiator, then go immediately to Resolute Technique (Remember to refund it when you get the Worthy Foe ascendancy) for a solid DPS boost, picking up Destroyer whenever you feel your DPS lacking and now toward either Ancestral Bond if you want to level with totems or just pick up whatever you feel you need if you are leveling with Sunder but I would recommend leaving the Scion life wheel as late as possible because it doesnt seem very important at this stage.

3. - Gear
Use a 2H with high pDPS, a rare axe works well however late game a Starforge cant be beat. For a slightly cheaper option to the Starforge, an Atziri's Disfavour comes close. A Tide Breaker is an extremely good option, current price being 1 Exalted Orb. You may also use Face Breaker's, but you will only get a DPS increase out of this option if you use a Tukohama's Fortress shield which grants an additional totem, if you do go this route, make sure to pick up shield nodes instead of 2H nodes.

A Deidbell, upgrading to a Deidbellow when possible is probably BiS, however a good rare helmet is definately viable. A Bringer of Rain may also work.

Body Armour
A Belly of the Beast for good life while maintaining more sockets then a Kaom's Heart, which is viable because we dont need many links and will substantially increase life. Again a good rare chest piece will work fine

Veruso's Battering Rams offered more DPS than any non-Elder/Shpaer non-essence Spiked Gloves i could craft in PoB, however Spiked Gloves are viable.

Nothing to say here, just rare boots with good rolls, prioritise life and resists

A rare amber amulet is best here, the implicit gives more life and damage, prioritise Adds Physical Damage to Attacks and then life, and then resists

Rare steel rings are BiS, prioritise Adds Physical Damage to Attacks and then life, and then resists

A Head Hunter would be nice but realistically just get a Belt of the Deciever and call it a day, and again, rare belts work too

A Lions Roar is an amazing flask for this build, also pick up Staunching life flasks, a Karui Blood is a personal favourite too, A Sulfur Flask is a good option, Taste of Hate is always a good option, if you cant get that just get a Basalt Flask

Simple really, get damage and life.

4. - Skill Gem Links
Gem's Sorted by descending DPS, Link's arent sorted.

(Ancestral Warchief}-{Ruthless}-{Conentrated Effect}-{Melee Physical Damage}-{Brutality}-{Chance to Bleed)

You may want to swap out conc effect for dmg on full life or something if you don't like it.

(Fortify}-{Leap Slam}-{Faster Attacks)

Standard Leap Slam setup, consider having this in a Brightbeak on weapon swap

(Cast When Damage Taken}
-{Vulnerability}-{Immortal Call)

The ever important CWDT setup, consider removing Vuln and putting in another CWDT setup with a lower proc threshold, speaking of, I reccommend keeping the CWDT proc at 1/3rd of your HP. Also consider putting your golem in one of these CWDT's for a bit of Quality of Life. Apart from that use your favourite CWDT gem's, i have noticed different people have different preferences when it comes to this.

(Rallying Cry}
-{Enduring Cry}-{Increased Duration)

Warcry's, Enduring Cry is very important as it helps us keep our charges up which is important for our damage and survivability

(Summon Stone Golem) / (Summon Flame Golem)

Your Golem's, use Stone Golem if you want the regen and dont want to have to recast it as much (or just use CWDT), use Flame Golem if you want more damage.

As for other link's, just pick up what you like, it's a good idea to fill the rest of your links with different CWDT setups but get whatever floats your goat.

yep thats it for now ill update the thread with more later

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