[3.2] Mistress of the dead - All the summons

“ The girl moves around the plains, all is quiet, she finds a chest and decides to open it, it was a trap, she gets frozen in place and as she does a horde of monster appear in fact two hordes one hostile triggered by the trapped chest, one friendly her own army summoned to her as she gets hit, zombies, skeletons and specters, all appear next to her ready to defend her, she takes a potion and backs away, as she does she drops and animated weapon totem, her minions start to fight the horde each time one of the enemies die their own weapons gain life and turn against them, in them end a swarm of minions cover the area surrounding the chest, she collects whatever valuables she can find and moves on. “

I don’t care about clearing maps super-fast, I don’t care for trading, what I want from PoE is to see as much content as a can in a relaxed way, and so the “mistress of the dead” was born.

The goal of this build is to do content, all of it, whit the less possible hassle in a safe and relaxed manner, not have to expend currency rerolling maps, and use the least possible clicks and keypresses to play.

Basically I want to collect the loot wile my minions do the killing; I also want to use all of the minions that I can squeeze in the build.

My keys setup
• Q – Summon raging spirit
• W – Skeletons totem
• E – Animated weapons totem
• Left click – Move
This is all I use to play; I may have to resummon some minion in preparation or at the start of a new session, but never in combat

Build features

• Decent health regen to help whit traps and some incoming damage
• Decent health pool 5K to 6K to tank damage
• Decent armor to mitigate some of the said damage
• Capped resists to mitigate damage
• Uses life so you don’t lose access to the instant heal off flaks

Skills used


• Zombies, they will help whit AOE damage and tanking
• Specters, they will help whit AOE damage
• Chaos golem, he gives a damage mitigation buff
• Phantasm, they will add some damage
• Skeleton totem, will give you more damage, some tanking via distraction, help you whit some traps and serve as an opener aggressive cast to point the way for your other minions
• Summon raging spirit, will help whit single target damage
• Animate weapon totem, will provide a damage boost for harder maps/bosses

• Artic armor, gives physical and fire damage mitigation
• Hatred, buffs all the minions damage except the specters
• Clarity, helps whit mana regen

• Desecrate, helps you summon your zombies and its crucial to upgrade the specters

Cast on damage taken
• Immortal call, very short damage immunity
• Convocation, teleports all you minions to you when you take damage, to help you tank


Links are designed in a way were I don’t lose my buffs/summons if I have to switch weapons this can be usefully if you like more key presses then me so you can use a movement skill if you like, be wary you will lose your cast on damage taken if you use this setup and switch.


Zombies (helmet) (BBBR)
Raise zombie > Minion damage > Melee physical damage > Minion speed

Specters (chest) (BBBBB)
Raise specter > Minion damage > Faster caster > Summon Phantasm on kill > Efficacy

Chaos golem (chest) (B)
Summon chaos golem

Totem summon skeleton / Totem animate weapon (boots) (RGBB)
Spell totem > Animate weapon > Summon skeleton > Faster caster

Auras and utility (gloves) (BGGG)
Clarity (level 11) > Artic Armor > Hatred > Desecrate

Summon raging spirit (weapon) (BBR)
Summon raging spirit > Faster cast > Multistrike

Cast on damage taken (shield) (RRB)
Cast on damage taken (level 2) > Immortal call (level 4) > Convocation (level 6)


Gear give you stats and the slots for your gems, keep in mind you will need at least 98 dexterity you get 44 from the tree so you need an extra 54 from gear, don’t be afraid to take the two +30 dexterity nodes that you have available, you can always respect them as you fill the gap whit gear.


Stats priority
• Life
• Resists
• Armor
• Movement speed
• Faster cast

Whatever you can find really, since this build is for SSF, keep in mind you will need mostly blue slots for gems, so I prefer:

Armor energy shield base, you will be better of whit a plain armor base but will be hard to get 6 blue slots.

Anything that has +2 to minions a bone helmet will be best in slot for minion damage but good luck finding one whit the perfect stats

Prioritize stats boots can have movement speed; the unique Bones of Ullr is the best in slot

Prioritize stats

Prioritize stats, not required but helpful if you get some flask stats on the belt

Prioritize stats, those should cap you resists and it’s easy to get the 54 required dexterity here

I prefer tower shields bases for the extra armor and life

Wands can easily get faster cast, I was lucky and found a Reverberation rod that has spell echo and makes my SRS a four link, but anything whit +1 to fire gems will do even a blue wand

Example of my gear

Still a lot to upgrade but works

My flaks


Skill tree and leveling

I don’t rush areas or leveling and I try to do all the quests as I progress, this will give me all available skill points all the time

First Steps 14 points

Reward “Enemy at the Gate” grab raise zombie buy freezing pulse, don’t worry about using the zombies they suck at this level but slot them so gem starts to get experience, use freezing pulse till you finish “Breaking Some Eggs”

Reward “Breaking Some Eggs” grab Summon Raging Spirit and ditch freezing pulse, if you were luck and found a +1 to fire gems wand/scepter you have your main weapon for a long time if not make one.

To make a +1 to fire Wand/Scepter

To do so you going to need an iron ring and red skill gem, Nessa can sell you those

Sell her the Iron Ring + red skill gem back and she will give you an Ruby Ring

Now get a magic wand or scepter, try to get one whit 3 links all blue the stats doesn’t matter,
Trade to Nessa again the magic wand/scepter + Ruby Ring + Orb of Alteration and she will give you back a magic wand/scepter whit +1 to fire skills

this is where you going to slot Summon raging spirits, whit Summon Phantasm on kill and minion damage later on, this will be you main and only needed spell till you are abut level 30

The rest you want to grab, in act one
• Summon Skeleton
• Another minion damage
• Spell totem
• Flame dash or Lightning Warp

Don’t level up flame dash/ Lightning Warp, you not going to use it for long but helps in some areas of act 2 and in some of the trials

You skill tree by the time you are finishing act one should look like this 14 points

As you start act 2 you can now slot the zombies they don’t die as much and provide some DPS tankiness

28 points

Tree at 28 points

You took the agility node it will make gearing so much easier, gems to grab in act 2
• Desecrate
• 3 times Faster cast
• Melee Physical Damage
• Minion speed

When you get 4 slots you have all the gems for your zombies but this will only happen on act 3

You also have all the gems for your summon skeleton totem and you should get an item whit 3 sockets RBB easily, don’t worry about the stats for now you looking for sockets mostly, you are weak don’t have much mana regen, not much life and your minions die a lot, don’t worry you are on the right path for power.

Kill all the bandits +2 skill points is always better than whatever bonus they might give

42 points

Tree at 42 points

You now have a lot of zombies, 4 slots should be easy to find, and the play style is already defined you place a skeletons totem ahead of you, fill in whit SRS, and occasionally you summon a zombie that died.

Gems to take on act 3
• Raise specter
• Hatred

Get a flame sentinel when you can and don’t worry about it much, every 3-4 levels upgrade him, to do so.

Upgrading your specter
Use desecrate when you enter a new zone and look for one in the pile of bodies, them summon him again he will be at the same level of the zone you are in, if you do this every 3-4 new zones and he should never die.

By now your power is evident, the first glimpse of it was the first time you meet piety, and she died before she had time to teleport... only she cheated and teleported the same Oh well we will meet her again.

When you do the labyrinth take necromancer and commander of darkness, this will make you zombie and specter almost immortal will also give a nice boost on your resists

56 points

Tree at 56 points

You have all the + minions skill you can get from the tree, and they are rocking now, you spend your time collecting loot, casting SRS the occasional skeleton totem

Gems to get
• Summon chaos golem
• Cast on damage taken
• Convocation (its great if you can link now give you a way to call all your minions to you)
• Immortal call (you can buy it on act 6 from Lilly Roth so don’t worry about it yet you don’t need it yet)

70 Points

84 points


Tree at 84 points

If you can cap your resist you should drop Commander of darkness and get invoker and Flesh binder on your ascendancy, this will give you 2 more zombies and a nice AOE from the zombies
At some point you going to get the option for a Violent Dead Jewel as reward it will go on the jewel slot available on the tree now

98 Points


Tree at 98 Points


The third ascendancy will be soul weaver

112 Points


Tree at 112 Points

Time to retake commander of darkness you should also drop the two dexterity nodes when you can
By now you should have enough dexterety in gear

Again the play style is the same place a skeleton totem, summon SRS, start collecting loot, leave a animate weapon totem on the pack behind you, keep moving forward and repeat

Final tree 117 points this will be level 94 as I plan to get at least there



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ce build est pourrit

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