[3.2] Blade Flurry Assassin - Help wanted

I'm somewhat new to the game, started playing on the last week of abyss, so I’m still trying to grasp all of the game mechanics.

I’m playing with an assassin using Blade Flurry and even though my damage is alright I’m having problems with my life. I’ve failed to find an updated guide on this so I came to you guys so I can get some tips or insights from more experienced player.

I’m using a Bino’s with a Death’s Hand so I can get the Unholy Might, a Carcass Jack because I can’t afford a Belly of the Beast right now, Starkonja’s Head, Slitherpinch, Darkray Vectors, Dream Fragments. I also have Voidheart but I can’t use it without lowering even more my resistances.

Skill gems are:
Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify
Immortal Call - Cast When Damage Taken - Increased Duration - Vaal Grace
Blade Flurry - Faster Attacks - Increased Area of Effect - Melee Physical Damage - Life Gain on Hit
Also using Hatred with Arctic Armour or Herald of Ash
And Blood Rage

This is my skill tree right now:

I’m going for Constitution and all the life nodes around it but I’m lost with what to do next. Don’t know if I should take Vaal Pact, or Acrobatics, or both. Maybe Finesse and Heart of Oak and the evasion and life nodes around them. Even Heartseeker or Dirty Techniques in the future for more damage. I don’t know.

Any help is VERY welcomed and if you guys need to know anything more specific related to my current stats just ask and thank you very much :)
Last bumped on Mar 14, 2018, 11:45:08 PM

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