[3.2] Fenumus Poison Wasp Nest Assassin. WIP (Fairly cheap to gear)

Hey there guys. I decided to roll poison assassin for bestiary league. So far it's going good. I'm currency pushing for guardians/shaper so that is where most of my currency is going right now. t14+ maps are expensive so....yeah. I just defeated hydra and will try to record some of my other fights. I just procced red elder so i'll see how that fight goes.

I wil post more indepth info and vids later. Right now this is a bare bones summary. Build is fairly cheap. Most expensive thing is 6L chest.

Most poison builds have very low hp, but I wanted a character that felt comfortable and could kill at a good speed. I have 5893hp currently. Character is _Assh_Ketchum


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Rly wanna see a video
Bayern des samma mia
i play the same starter build but with starkonja s and dendrobate, i love how BF melt bosses!
Its my most cheaper and the best power build early in a league
Hey, I am pretty much gonna try the same build with some little tweaks, aka using the covenant as a body armour to get another link in, using reave for better clear and actually using the aspect skill, as sofar in PoE I dont see it used/ its not displayed there. Interested to see how it goes, also how do you clear maps with bladeflurry NotLikeThis
Im trying to improve bf clear speed i play this for the moment and i have a lot of fun : BF-COC-GLACIAL CASCADE-MPD-DEAD AILEMENT-ADD CHAOS
Hey, how is the build going? This post inspired me to make a poison assassin as well but since blade flurry clear is horrible I was thinking maybe I could go with cast while channeling - bladefall for better clear. Maybe have 2 setups - 1 pure single target 6L blade flurry and 1 4L with cwc-bladefall-added chaos. Any thoughts?

I also would like to see a gameplay vid to check map clear.
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I'm thinking something like Viper+Melee splash with Abyssal cry to clear map, do you think it can work?
I'll try ths build on may race, any tip?
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