[3.2] The Frenzied Zephyr Endgame TS/LA Critical Strike Raider

An Introduction

Hello, my name is Splashpuppy and this is my build, the Frenzied Zephyr. I have played PoE since the Anarchy and Onslaught leagues. My first character was a Ranger, though admittedly a very poorly constructed one (using Punishment, of all things.)

But I got better, and my second Ranger, Quiverdance, became a Pathfinder following Sarang's build. Please check it out: Sarang's build was the inspiration to create this one. I took their Pathfinder build in a different direction: the Raider.

Mechanics and Early-Game

While you don't have to follow this build to a T, I highly suggest taking a look at the basic overview.
We are life-based, and use leech nodes to support life and mana, which can be hard to support in early gameplay. I suggest Mana Leech Support starting out until you can grab the Essence Sap circle near the Ranger's Frenzy charge.

We use either Tornado Shot or Lightning Arrow, all depending on preference.

-Tornado Shot (g)
-Elemental Damage with Attacks (r)
-Greater Multiple Projectiles (g)
-Increased Critical Strikes (b)
-Physical to Lightning (b)
-Pierce (g)
*Pierce is the replacement for early-game Mana Leech. Both are green and therefore eliminates
the uses of chromatic orbs.

-Lightning Arrow (g)
-Elemental Damage with Attacks (r)
-Greater Multiple Projectiles (g)
-Increased Critical Strikes (b)
-Increased Critical Damage (b)
-Chain (g)
*Here, Crit Dmg replaces Mana leech, so some resocketing is necessary.

Current Weapons (Level 83)

We use Death's Opus for maximum arrows and the crit multiplier, while the slight attack speed increase doesn't hurt either. The Signal Fire is one of the best Unique quivers in the game due to having one-third of your damage being added again in fire.

Current Armour (Level 83)
Please note that I have not achieved optimal enchantments.

Rat's Nest adds a nice critical hit chance and of course movement speed, while Belly of the Beast gives us an absolutely obscene increase in life. The rare gloves give nice Lightning resist, as well as life and life regen. Blood Dance allows us to take full advantage of Frenzy charges.

Current Jewelry (Level 83)

The amulet has base life, the intelligence necessary to run the Critical Strike support gems, and the strength for Immortal Call. My unset ring contains Herald of Ash and great resist and life, while the sapphire ring provides not only resistance and life but also elemental damage. The Rustic Sash provides physical damage, life, resists, and flask modifiers.

Current Flasks (Level 83)

Pretty self-explanatory, but I have been hoping to get Sin's Rebirth to experiment with the Unholy Might buff. In combination with the smoke cloud to increase evasion, the extra damage could be helpful in a sticky situation.

Current Jewels (Level 83)

Only Lioneye's Fall so far.

Skill Gems and Supports

As previously noted, this build focuses on Tornado Shot or Lightning Arrow. This decides the supports for that skill.
Tornado Shot Supports:
-Elemental Damage with Attacks (r)
-Greater Multiple Projectiles (g)
-Increased Critical Strikes (b)
-Physical to Lightning (b)
-Pierce (g)

Lightning Arrow Supports:
-Elemental Damage with Attacks (r)
-Greater Multiple Projectiles (g)
-Increased Critical Strikes (b)
-Increased Critical Damage (b)
-Chain (g)

The next skills in this build are purely to increase damage output. We use the Hatred aura, and if possible, link it to an Enlighten gem, but those are very rare. We also use Herald of Ash, which helps us most because it adds damage as a percentage of the monstrous Physical damage arrow skills can provide.

Hatred Support:

Herald of Ash is unsupported.

The next two skills are minion gems, one a totem and one not. The first is Siege Ballista:

Siege Ballista Supports:
-Physical Projectile Attack Damage (g)
-Added Fire Damage (r)
-Faster Attacks (g)

Faster Attacks is used to speed up the Ballista; its base speed is very slow.
Next we use one of two Golems: Ice or Flame. Ice gives crits and accuracy; Flame gives extra damage.

Summon Ice Golem Supports:
-Poison (g)
-Cold Penetration (g)
-Minion Life (b)

Summon Fire Golem Supports:
-Fire Penetration (r)
-Minion Damage (b)
-Power Charge on Critical Strike (b)

The next gem setup is a Cast When Damage Taken one. All four of these are linked together:
-Blood Rage (g)
-Immortal Call (r)
-Cast when Damage Taken (r)
-Increased Duration (r)


Frenzy charges are crucial to this build, especially in conjunction with Blood Dance and Avatar of the Slaughter, both of which grant buffs when Frenzy charges are up. Meanwhile, Quartz Infusion gives us phasing when at max Frenzy, which is nearly always; just keep going. At Level 79 I have 87% increased movement speed and outpace all my friends, and my Frenzy charges are almost eternally active. With all of my Frenzy charges up, my damage increases from around 12.7k to approximately 19.5k. We also run both Hatred and Herald of Ash, as well as a Golem -- see above -- and a Siege Ballista.


This build is life-based and sports max resistances, as well as over 100 life regenerated per second (without Vaal Pact). At level 79 I have almost 3.3k life. I have seven Frenzy charges maximum and run no curses. My only current keystone passive is Acrobatics, but I will grab Vaal Pact eventually. I have 863 total Mana, and 75% of that is reserved for our Aura and Herald. Instead of using evasion body armour, we use Belly of the Beast or Kaom's Heart to increase our life pool.


We help Kraityn for the Speed and dodge chance, and use Lioneye's Fall to convert the lower half of the Shadow claw nodes to help our bow skills.

23 Points
33 Points
45 Points
60 Points
70 Points
80 Points
90 Points
100 Points
110 Points
123 Points

Note: the lower half of the Shadow's claw nodes may be taken earlier, depending on when you get a Lioneye's Fall jewel. The same may be done with Vaal Pact: allocate it when you feel comfortable doing so.

2 Ascendancy Points
4 Ascendancy Points
6 Ascendancy Points
8 Ascendancy Points

A budget version will be provided soon.
Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see!

At this time I have neither the resources nor the experience required to create a gameplay video of this build. I apologize for any inconvenience.
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Im looking to change my ice shot build, so this it looking good!

would love a skill tree and a sample game play video, and a full gem breakdown.

look forward to the update, nice guide so far tho
Thanks for the feedback! While at this time I don't have the stuff required to make a video, I would be more than happy to party with you so you can see how the build works:)
As for gems -- I can't believe I forgot that, thank you for the reminder!
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