[3.2]Physical Skeleton Summoner Fast Mapping. End Game Contents Viable

Sorry if I haven't made myself understood well in English. You know I'm poor at English.
and this is my first build guide so if there is anything wrong please let me know
1.Build Concept

Fast Mapping and Boss kill without changing Spectres

Over 6k EHP. Up to 7K EHP(MoM,without insane gear)
1M+ DPS against Shaper
55/55 Block Chance
Summon Skeletons for Single Target
Spectres for Map Clear

BSC Progress

✔Uber Izaro
✔Yellow Elder
✔Shaper Guardian
✔T15 Elder
✔Uber Atziri
Uber Elder



Passive Point Priority
Life > Mana > +1 to Skeleton > Minion damage > Jewel Socket > Attack Speed > HP&Mana Regen > Str+Dex
Skill tree progression

My Current Skilltree PoB:https://pastebin.com/9UAc7E4v


1. Mistress of Sacrifice: 50% of Offerings also affect you
2. Invoker: Needed
3. Bone Sculptor: Now you can use Skeletons
4. Soul Weaver for more damage to your Spectres

You can get Commander of Darkness for Resistances instead of Mistress of Sacrifice or Soul Weaver


Major Gods
Soul of The Brine King for Avoid Stun lock
Soul of Lunaris for Chain Map
Soul of Solaris for Bosses

Minor Gods
Soul of Shakari


if you are new to this game or League Start
You can use Summon Raging Spirit while Leveling

Lvl4: Summon Raging Spirit You can use until the you take Bone Sculptor.

link with Minion Damage Support(Lv8) + Melee Physical Damage Support(Lv18) + Melee Splash(Lv8)

Lvl12: Flesh Offering for More SRS Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Once you taking Mistress of Sacrifice. Flesh Offering also increasing your SRS Cast Speed.

link with Flesh Offering + Increased Duration Support(Lv31) + Vaal Haste(Lv24 but Not necessary)

Lvl16: Desecrate Create Corps for Flesh Offering.

link with Faster Casting Support

Lvl24: Hatred

link with Generosity Support(Lv31)

I recommend you to get Mistress of Sacrifice as soon as possible. this makes you faster at leveling.

Do not forget to put the Summon Skeleton and Raise Specter in the second weapon slot and level them.

The Covenant allows you to spend life instead of mana. and gives you to Extra chaos damage.

with Stone golem

You do not have to worry about mana.

the Baron also very cheap.
put in to your Skeleton or SRS for main links . or Zombies as a meat shield.

Let's completely shift to the Skeleton Summoner once we get Bone Suclptor.

Cheap and useful uniques!


Kill them all for 2 point

Defence with Bone Offering and Flasks

Current EHP:6.9Kwtih MoM

3.Gem Links

Main link

if you can afford 6link body armour. 6th gem should be



for Single Target

Other Links

We are using Solar Guards as a Spectre

pseudo 5L:Raise Spectre - Greater Multiple Projectile - Controlled Destruction - Spell Echo

4L:Faster Attacks - Fortify - Shield Charge - Clarity

4L:Lightning Spell - Cruse On Hit - Any Curse - Any Gems or Additional Curse(Required +1 Curse Amulet)

Punishment would be Best damage Curse

3L:Animate Guardian - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance - Summon Stone Golem

3L:Bone Offering - Desecrate - Increased Duration
Essence Worm:Hatred


My Current Gear

Body Armour

Looking for Open Preffix and Craft +1 to Maximum number of Skeletons(lv5 Catarina),it's a huge boost for both Single Target DPS and Map Clearing,
you can use cloak of defiance or Vis mortis if you want.
+1 Skin of the Loyal is Best DPS Body armor


Elder Based Helmet(at least socketed gems are supported by Lv 16 Minion damage)
Elder Bone Helmet or Useful Enchantment is BiS
Recommended Enchant:
.Skeletons deal 40% increased Damage
.Bone Offering grants an additional +9% Block Chance
.Flesh Offering grants an additional 21% increased Attack Speed
.Spectres have 40% increased Damage


as much as possible get 15%MS
Recommended Enchant:
Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently
10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently


whatever you want,
Insanity Craft Groves given you to more Shield Charge speed

Recommended Enchant:
Trigger Commandment of Reflection when Hit
Trigger Commandment of the Grave when your Skills or Minions Kill
Trigger Commandment of Winter when Hit


Brightbeak for Speed


Life, Resist, Block Chance Applied to Spells


Resist, Life, Mana, Dex, Str
Minion Movement Speed, Minion Attack Speed,

highly recommended use at least 1 Blind on Hit Abyss Jewel


Rumi's for More Block Chance

Feel free to ask if you have any questions
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any leveling tips for new player for this build sir ?
and kill all bandit for 2 points ?

thank you !
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any leveling tips for new player for this build sir ?
and kill all bandit for 2 points ?

thank you !

added Leveling tips and Bandits to Skilltree Section.
Thanks for letting me know!
thank you !

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