[3.2] FIREWORKS Deadeye Magma Orb

Hello to everyone who was nice enough to come here and check my Magma Orb character.

I have to admit it is fun to play this skill and its also very colorful so i basically love it <3

I was quite lucky as i dropped Watcher's Eye jewel recently that was worth some currency and I could get better gear for this character but if i wouldn't get some extra exalts I would try to get ring with assassin's mark on hit. Also without Void Battery and Skyforth this build is mega fun and work exactly same :) i just wanted to play with these.

How this build work?
Throw magma orb and watch all the fireworks happening.

Damage with no buff:

Damage with 8 power charges and 3 frenzy charges:


Skill tree:

My gear and links:

Weapon/Shield: You can use Rare wand or dagger with spell damage and crit for spell and shield with life and again crit for spell. If you have 2/3 exa I personally recommend 2x Void Battery

Helmet: As helmet you need enchant with 2 chains. I recommend Starkonja's Head (less then 1 exa) or rare helmet with resistance and high life:

Amulet: Gloomfang is must have. You can get one with extra curse relatively cheep (1.5/ 2 exa) but normal will do great job as well. Just dont forget to get 20% damage roll (1/ 3c).

Armour: Any Chest that helps with DPS/ Def will do. It can be Rare 5L/6L with life and some res or you can use some unique. I use Carcass Jack.

Rings: I chose for my rings something that help me with spamming magma orb on Boss and because I got it from Beast receipt.

Otherwise rare with assassin's mark on hit or something to cap your resistance and maybe get some damage and life. I use one with Poacher's Mark on hit.

Gloves: Classic. Resistance and life:

Belt: Stygian Vise with life and resistances is the best. But any other similar belt with res and life will be good as well.

Boots: If you don't want't to spend too much money on build I would say 30% movement speed Life and res. I use Skyforth (around 6exa) because is easiest way to sustain Power Charges on boss fights:


T13 https://youtu.be/Kb03bW7dkrc

Elder Guardians:
T13 The Enslaver: https://youtu.be/GeOMxOM3tSU

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