Are all new bosses going to phase?

Just did the dig map and more immune phases. Scorpions burrow underground.

Why are you guys designing bosses/mobs that cannot be hit?
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I honestly would'nt mind it if they just kept the super phase-tastic bosses as Act Bosses. As storyline encounters with legit rewards they feel cool. But when you take them from cool storyline encounter to meaningless map boss that has next to no reward and you are expected to fight dozens of times in the repeat-grind playstyle maps are supposed to offer, they are fucking enraging and stupid as hell. GGG really needs to stop map cut and paste clones of act bosses where they do not belong.
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'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the bosses gonna phase phase phase phase
*warm-up sequence*
*immunity minion spam phase*
*immunity bullet hell phase*
*death sequence*

Not enjoying it?
"Into the Labyrinth!
left step, right step, step step, left left.
Into the Labyrinth!"
So far map Kitava was the worst to me. In the end I just decided to kill him with my golemancer, since my golems, unlike me, knew when he was vulnerable and where was he damageable.

On a personal note, I HATE when designers start to cram bosses with multiple invulnerability phases.

It always felt extremely lazy to me, like the developers desperately want the players not to kill their precious bosses in 1 second, so they make them imprevious to damage for more than half of the encounter.
Ascendancy should not be locked behind lab. If there are people who enjoy running this abomination of a content, all the power to them, but this should not be required for completing a character. Would it be fun if all passives from quests would be gated behind similar "content"?
MECHanokl wrote:
So far map Kitava was the worst to me.

Brine King would get my vote ^^

Running in circles to avoid ground effects just isnt for me.
I did multi-phase bosses constantly and all I ended up with was this shiny steel net.

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