[3.2] ‘ Samantha of house Griffin ‘ \\ HARDCORE \\ ROLEPLAY \\ FLICKER STRIKE \\ CLEARSPEED

House Griffins fearless guardian Samantha, a Raider from East Umbria.

Pro’s :

Samantha fights with such speed and ferocity relying only on the shear weightlessness of the Terminus Est Tiger Sword.

Con’s :

Packs of magic (blue) monsters are Samantha's worst nightmare.
Samantha leaves a lot of currency on the ground behind her.
Samantha has yet to tame many a foe within Wraeclast.

Required :

In order to play as ‘Samantha of house Griffin’ you must exchange appearances with Ambu’s Charge Skin. The chest gifted to her after the battle of Tarr.

Samantha’s Skills :

Flicker Strike - Faster Attacks - Multistrike - Increased Crit. Chance - Brutality - Melee Splash - or - Increased Crit. Damage

Lightning Strike - Faster Attacks - Multistrike - Increased Crit. Chance - Increased Crit. Damage - Added Cold Damage

Assassin's Mark - Blasphemy - Enlighten

A recalled story involving Samantha of house Griffin :


Up to date PoB link (continually updated):


Time of Death : TBA

To follow the tale of Samantha :

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