[3.2] CRAB JUGG with Nebuloch - a cheap tank build, HC viable

Catch me live: https://www.twitch.tv/whissp_
Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTsvt5icKUo

I MADE BETTER UPDATED TANK BUILD, BE SURE TO CHECK OUT https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2311354

Please note that at the time of making this guide I was only using 5-link, garbage jewels without life and stat nodes on the passive tree to meet gem stat requirements.

Goal of the build: don't get oneshot.

Build really shines if you want to do casual Labyrinth running (especially with essence crafted gloves) because it is quite fast and takes no damage from traps or Izaro. There are faster builds for sure but with this one you don't have to pay attention at all.

Our defenses from endurance charges while at 9 charges:
- 9% life regen
- 72% chaos res
- 45% flat phys damage reduction
- 4500 armor
- 17% reduced elemental damage taken from hits

On top of that from Jugg ascendancy we get +5% damage reduction.

Crab set

Without any improvements Aspect of the Crab is quite weak but with full set it is easy to maintain high number of barriers - it is impossible to drop below 8 barriers. Gloves are the weakest part of the set and if you want more life and resist just rare gloves, perhaps with also essence craft.

The set also gives us bleed immunity, conditional stun immunity, damage and block.


Soul Taker gives makes our skills cost nothing and we can reserve all our mana. It is also very fast weapon, so you are leapslamming quite effectively and also flat damage from jewels and Nebuloch is more effective on fast weapons.

Nebuloch gives us additional endurance charge scaling as well as +40% added fire damage. The DoT can be dangerous only in less regen maps, where you can just weapon-swap which cancels the DoT and also activates Arakaali pantheon that gives us more regen if we stopped taking DoT recently. In case you really want to run no regen maps just switch to different weapon on those. A shaper stat stick could potentially give us more dps, but would cost us several exalts.


With double Kaom's we have +2 endurance charges and +1% life regen per endurance charge. In Temporal Chains maps I like to swap out one of those with Timetwist.

Current Gear

Note that you don't have to get Sin's Rebirth from the start, that flask is quite costly.


Oak has best synergy with the build but if you feel like you need more resists grab 2 points.


Arakaali is the best. It gives reduced DoT taken from our Nebuloch and when you weapon swap you gain huge regen. Minor gods are situational and pick whichever you want. With anti-reflect pantheon you should be able to do phys reflect maps (but not elemental reflect).

How much did the build cost on March 12 2018?

Craiceann's Carapace Golden Plate - 90 chaos
Craiceann's Chitin Magistrate Crown - 2 chaos
Craiceann's Pincers Titan Gauntlets - 2 chaos
Craiceann's Tracks Goliath Greaves - 2 chaos
Soul Taker Siege Axe - 15 chaos
Nebuloch Nightmare Mace - 2 Alchemy
The King's Path prophercy - 50 chaos (I bought it for 10 chaos at the start of the league)
Lion's Roar Granite Flask - 22 chaos
Atziri's Promise Amethyst Flask - 1 alch
Sin's Rebirth Stibnite Flask - 1 exalt - don't get this if you are just starting out, too expensive
Timetwist - 2 chaos



Path of Building

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Not a crab without this:

This build is not budget at all... b/c of dirtydan's world first uber elder on BHC, kaom's way rings are going for about 1 ex each
upwards close to 2ex per kaom's way on BHC, yeah for anyone considering this build it is *NOT* a cheap build, despite author's (misleading) title
Which points did you go on jugg? (I may be missing it but I can't tell)
SoupyNuggs wrote:
upwards close to 2ex per kaom's way on BHC, yeah for anyone considering this build it is *NOT* a cheap build, despite author's (misleading) title

I included the costs in video (13:12 timestamp) and in this thread as well. I couldn't have predicted the prices in the future. Kaom's way is rising up in price every single day.

Darbac wrote:
Which points did you go on jugg? (I may be missing it but I can't tell)

11:26 video timestamp
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Currently in the process of leveling, really smooth, at level 30 equip Thief's torment and forget about mana, then replace with Kaom's way once you equip your soul taker. Really enjoying this. Look forward to ubler lab.
Just did fully buffed uber lab at level 70 was a walk in the park. You could do this blind drunk and still finish lab without dying. Thanks OP for the guide.
I love the set thematically and was drawn to your build after selling all my shit and starting over. Tanky as fuck and pretty cool, ty.

Edit: had 2 hours to play it now and can say this is legit!

Traps do zero damage, Argus is a puppy, Itzaro doesn't even tickle...
Still have good jewels a 6th link and a Sins Rebirth to get and its allready decent. Gonna stick this shit out!
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How does this build handle Shaper and co?

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