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I started this guild as a way to easily talk to my friends and trade through the guild stash. Unfortunately, only two of us are still playing regularly so the need for these guild functions are gone. I would like to open Bestial Quills to other members of this community looking for a group of friendly players, experienced or not, looking to group up, trade, and just help each other out.

•About Me

As of writing this, I have spent more than 400 hours in this game, and have loved every moment of it. However, with Global chat often spammed and Trade chat being used by four people only, it feels like I'm missing out on some social aspects of this game. For this reason I thought it might be time to open up my guild and see if it can go anywhere.

•How to Join

To join, you only have to be friendly and tolerant of all players despite experience, skill and nationality. Being active is a bonus, as if you are offline for too long it may be necessary to open your slot to other members.
We are also looking to utilise a Discord server for easier communication outside of the game. This isn't necessary to join but is also a huge bonus.
Please respond by filling in these few points:
Current Character Name:
About Yourself: [Should only be a couple of sentences]

•Current Features

We currently have a single stash tab with room to expand this if the need arises.
We have not yet expanded guild slots, so we still have the standard 30 and will expand this if enough people show interest in our guild.
I would like to have members helping each other with endgame and completing challenges, as well as general game advice.
Discord server for easier communication, linked here:
You should post your IGN in the Welcome channel so you can gain permission to the rest of the server.
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Klinkguin wrote:

Hi. I've been looking for new group yo play with (most of my friends don't play that much). I'm a pretty casual player that enjoys the new challenge leagues rather than standard league.

I play most evenings after work and once my little lad is in bed.

What's the age range of you guys?

Hit me up in-game and we can have a chat?
Hiiii guys. I love how casual you guys sound. New-ish player. Played through the end of Bestiary and I think I have my sealegs under me now. Would love to talk to one of you and see if I'm a good fit. :)

Current Character Name: babydeer
Age: 20+ (ish)
Region: California
About Yourself: I'm bambi! I'm friendly. Still getting to know the game, but finished story play-through and trying to figure out the economy now.
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Current Character Name: SpectreHax
Age: 24
Region: UK (EU)
About Yourself: I started playing the game in the essence league. I have some experience with the game, playing a variety of builds and mapping up to T11. I skipped beastiary league as I got a little burned out with the economy and my build at the time was pretty rubbish! I have recently got back into the game, playing on standard and getting used to the game again. Looking for a guild that looks welcoming. Thanks!

Bestiary toon name: Trump_for_Nobel (!)
Age: 40s
Region: UK

About me:
I first played PoE during the original public release, and started playing regularly during Forsaken Masters (1.2). I played SSF for a long time just because I didn't know better. Since discovering trade and some of the big streamers with tips for meta builds I've got more out of progression, but I still normally only make it to about T10 maps.
Like you, I feel the one aspect I'm missing is the social, and I'd quite like to try some group mapping. I'm also pretty psyched for this league after the lacklustre Bestiary.
Going to close this. Don't have time to run a guild at this point, and didn't feel very good with people joining and leaving constantly. Sorry to disappoint!

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