[3.2] Liquid Cooled Engine Frostblades/Molten Strike Deadeye

Hello friends,

I've been meaning to make a guide for a long time now to get a shot with Build of The Week. However, it took me longer than a few leagues to get around the time for builds to be fresh and relevant and at least somewhat viable. Always been a fan of hipster builds, so here's mine that actually worked out :^)

With the introduction of the new Fated items and the Ascendancy rework for Deadeye, I was interested how I can combine the two.
We will use:

The key is to reverse chill on ourselves and ignite ourselves for beneficial effects from the above items.
Why Deadeye? Because of Tailwind, it stacks nicely with reverse chill so your action speed is *even* faster

+ Cool factor due to many uniques
+ ACTION SPEED. If you like acceleration shrines, you'll like this
+ Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect
+ Ascendancy *and* skill-flexible concept

- Low Life pool due to many uniques, partially mitigated by evasion & block
- Not recommended for people with motion sickness
- Being Frozen for 3 seconds is not... cool

Here's the Mechanics:


There are two ways to achieve self-chill & self-ignite, I will name one of them.

We wish to do cold damage *and* fire damage to ourselves. The most efficient way to deal fire damage to self is via Eye of Innocence.

You cannot ignite yourself without either applying Flammability or a Chance to Be Ignited item, so we are using Mokou's Embrace although feel free to use Sunspite instead.

There are two ways to deal cold damage to self that I know of, namely via Taste of Hate or Essence Crafted physical to cold damage taken Chest and a self-damaging item. We will use neither; we will convert the damage from Eye of Innocence with Kaltensoul and deal a grand total of 4 damage to self. We deal 80 fire damage and 20 cold damage to self each time we Ignite an enemy, which is reduced by 80% thanks to Kaltensoul.

Lastly, since being chilled requires 10% of your life to be taken for full 30% chill effect we wish to reverse for Frostweave, we will use Auxium, we will use with a corrupt implicit, the Acrobatics Node and only as much Intelligence as we need to keep our Energy shield gained only to this item alone.

You wish to obtain less than 61 Energy shield total. (We deal 4 damage to self, which needs to be 10% out of 65% of your Energy shield, ie 4/0.1/0.65 = 61.5). As such, we achieve self-ignite and self-chill.

Build Character Link:

Full Gear:

With the amount of self-damage I prefer claws for the Life gain on hit and try to get as much as life and resistances elsewhere as possible given that this is a unique heavy build.


We will use Frost Blades for fast clearing speed and Molten Strike to deliver concentrated death.

Frost Blades - Ancestral Call - Multistrike - Icebite

I use Icebite to Gain Frenzy charges while mapping.

Molten Strike - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Multistrike - Added Cold Damage - Cold Penetration

Feel free to swap either of the latter two for Slower Projectiles or Elemental Focus. Bear in mind however, that with Elemental Focus you will need to pop your self-chill and self-ignite via a Cast when Damage Taken - Blade Vortex - Added Fire Damage 3 link and refresh it via Frostblades as you will not be able to ignite with Elemental Focus via Molten Strike. Whether you find the damage worth the links is up to you.

Herald of Ice - Onslaught Support - Curse On Hit - Assassin's Mark

Onslaught & Assassins's Mark, useful for mapping.

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Useful to move around faster and keep your Tailwind buff up.

Cast When Damage Taken - Frost Bomb - Immortal Call - Phase Run

Dealing damage to yourself constantly makes for easy CWDT setup, I found these most useful for damage (Frost Bomb), survivability (Immortal Call) and defensive mobility (Phase Run).

Hatred - Ancestral Protector - Ice Golem/Blood Rage/Vaal Haste/Vaal Grace/Enlighten

Dump 3 link as they don't belong anywhere else, feel free to swap out Ice Golem for any other utility skill.

Flask Setup

Flasks wise I recommend a Freeze Flask as you are doubly endangered by being frozen; preferably a life flask as it makes you immune to chill as well which is not the point.

Your Damage flasks are Diamond Flask for Critical Strike, Silver Flask for Onslaught.

You top it off with Atziri's Promise and either Wise Oak, Taste of Hate(depending on resistances) or Dying Sun (luxury option).

Bandit Choice

We will choose Alira for mana, Crit multiplier and elemental resistances because Elemental Resistances are a bit hard to come by with that many uniques.


Soul of the Brine King
Being squishy as we are and vulnerable to freezing, this should help a lot both against stuns and freezing. Just don't get the reduced chill effect from Nassar, Lion of the Seas.

Soul of Shakari
My personal preference because it can grant you immunity to poison, something my current flasks don't cover.

Map Mods

Elemental Reflect
Affected by Icebite

Lunaris Fanatics & Sea Witches; doable but keep your freeze flasks at the ready as they like their frostbolts and ice spears

Chilled Ground
Affected by Flammability
Hits from enemies always Ignite
Solaris Fanatics

The rest should be safe to run.


T10 Belfry + Zana (First recording, forgive the quality)
T11 Pit + Vagan (Favorable mods)

Path of Building Link:

Level 95 Tree:

Alternative Approaches

You may do a caster variant of this build by using Scold's Bridle and an Essence of Horror crafted Chest or Taste of Hate instead of Eye of Innocence & Mokou's Embrace & Kaltensoul.


This way you don't have to loop around fire damage to deal cold damage to self, however this is a self-chill only approach.

This build can be employed on multiple ascendancies as long as they're elemental attacks/spells friendly.

To Do:
More Videos/Gifs
Guide Polish

Hope you found the build fun to play; let me know if there's anything in the guide you'd like to see or have any questions, I'll try and help you as much as I can!

Best regards,
Paul K.
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wow this looks really interesting.

looking forward to the vids
VERY cool concept. It's not limited to a specific skill either so many other builds can be based on this. Hope to see videos!

Added one T10 video for starters/proof of concept; I'll add one per tier as I go up in my Atlas. It's the first video upload of mine so be reasonable; I'll keep improving on the video quality as I go on as well. Tips welcome!
Added a T11 as well, should be much better quality :)
Seems interesting. Looking forward to see how well it fares in higher level maps or even Shaper.
Updating, build is squishy like I said, but perfectly capable of doing content until t15. I'll update as I get to face guardians or add more videos.
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Is Vaal Pact necessary with the life gain on hit? I am not really a fan of vaal pact, because of the no regen. But looks really nice, looking forward to guardian and shaper videos.
Is Vaal Pact necessary with the life gain on hit? I am not really a fan of vaal pact, because of the no regen. But looks really nice, looking forward to guardian and shaper videos.

Nah, it's not necessary, I find it fully a matter of preference, especially with Blood Rage. Feel free to take it out.
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Pretty clever build, I like it!

Currently I am trying something similar. The problem is that I really want to wear a different belt (Gluttony). Have you stumbled upon a different way to apply a 30% chill onto yourself?

This belt could honestly be amazing for your build as well considering your crazy attackspeed.

Looking forward to hearing your idea on how to self chill ;)


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