[3.2][CHEAP] Full Phys bleed shield throw - Athena

Disclaimer : i was going to make a full video guide but the league is just sad for me, i have no will to play in the league, so at least i gona make this writen guide for people that got interested in the tease that i made https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2099630

Tell me if i missed something ;)

Table of content:

-How it works (+ Setup and gem links)
-Pros / cons
-Future of the build



The build consists in using the skill introduced in the 3.2 patch "Spectral Shield Throw" , using it as a full physicas damage, getting some bleed for additional damage, and stacking as much chain as possible without losing damage

There is a little tease of the build in its earliest stages wich was with:

-low armour shield (1300)
-Lower level than current
-No lightpoacher (currently has)
-Lower skill gems levels
-On a 5L
-No point blank

the video is this one:


-Focusing in full physical i've gone to nodes that has "global physical damage" aswell as "attack physical damage" (or just attack damage), just by itself plus those nodes the damage can get decent to good

-To get our big necessity of clear speed, we scale chain, one chain through the unique sword "Ewar's Mirage", and the second from "ricochet" from our ascendency Dead eye. The dead eye ascendency also gives +10% MORE dmg from each chain left in the projectile, giving us a significant amout of single target damage

-Since the bleed scales off physical damage (only the base damage) and the bleed nodes are close by in the tree,we take then, getting increased HIT damage to bleeding enemies plus of couse the bleed damage itself, grabbing then gets the damage from average to really good

-Since now we got some bleed going mind aswell get the unique gloves "Haemophilia" so we can get that sweet explosion clearer pack, the explosion scales of phys, and we are scaling phys, so yaeah, clear speed gets to a amazing level with those not counting the increased HIT dmg to bleeding enemies that the gloves give us

-To get even more clear speed we get the unique helmet "Lightpoacher", the projectile from the helmet scales 100% with phys so again amazing for this build, the helmet got a seveare "nerf" in this patch where the projectile speed was severed lowered and the projectile does not always pierce anymore. That end up being a BUFF to this build, the proj speed is countered by the insane proj speed that we get from passives and ascendency, and the non pierce projectiles means that now we can chain them! And as you already notice this build has some chain scaling :3. Mind that the projectiles does not seems to have our scaling chance to bleed, maybe the curse on the enemies makes him deal a bleeding hit from time to time, but its not a realiable bleed source. This makes our clear speed from amazing to insane levels

-Then we grab the Point Blank passive node, to get the sweet 50% more dmg when liking the boss/enemy face

-Our manly way of movement is through shield charge, wich btw is retarted fast


The optimal setup for Gem links would be:

Shield Throw -- Faster Attacks -- Brutality -- Physical projectile attack damage -- Maim -- Chance to Bleed / Point Blank

Start thinking on changing from Chance to Bleed to Point blank when you see your chance to bleed being too high ( mine is at 105% without counting the curse lol) a 80-90% chance is enough

Having a curse setup:

Blasphemy -- Vulnerability

And at the time i was playing, i was using a purity to cap some of the resistences, wich is recomended using a purity + the blasphemy curse so you can focus in the equipament more


My only recomendation besides the normal anti bleed, anti freeze is "Rumi's Concoction"


-Has one of the fastest clear speed
-Not melee meaning can have the hit and run play style
-Resistent, good life pool + block
-Super Cheap (was my league starter)

-You have to aim the shot ( for some people like me that isnt a con, just a different playstyle :P )
-Single target could be better 7/10
-Sometimes the projectiles likes to chain at nothing o.O


I dont plan on playing in the beastiary league because this league is just sad, dont have will to paly on it anymore, if someone wants to take this build to shaper and so on, you can let me know and i will post it in here :)


Anything more you can go in my character page and look for the character with the name "fepoe_ALALALALAL", Mind you that the items and manly the jewels in the passives three are complete garbage



Ewar's Mirage


Rumi's Concoction

Vem também pra um dos maiores ( ou o único XD ) servidor discord br de path of exile [The Three Misters - Link discord = yfpu2jR]
1N73LL1G3NC3 15 7H3 4B1L17Y 70 4D4P7 70 CH4NG3
-Stephen Hawking
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