[3.2] Ignite Elementalist - Igniting without fire

Update 13/03/2018;
Gear still sucks, yellow elder spawned. Killed the four of his guardians, though with some struggle. Too squishy as of right now. Current gear tab added

Update 26/03/2018, aka Beacon of Ruin is stupid.

Woo all yellow maps done. Moving into red.
Gear problems solvedish, farming with the build works well.
Finally a 5 link.
Tested out some possible uniques in slot.
Beacon of Ruin is a lot more powerful than first glance. Shocks are set to 20% before shock effectiveness.
We need to get tankier, just currently trying to figure out best method for how.
Uber lab done. Mastermind of Discord is worth it. Added Herald of Ash just for that 25% pen.

Sometimes good things are done out of spite. In the lead up to the start of this league there was much discussion about the new updates to the ascendancies. And many of these were good. However one was at the butt of jokes. So I said screw those guys complaining I'm gonna go do a Elementalist build to spite people making fun of it. Double that. Lets do Ignite!

Now this build is still a work in progress. I still have to get to red maps and do shaper and elder and all that. Getting bad luck with the drops for maps. But I'll get to it eventually and report back. I don't even have the main skill in a 5 link yet let alone a 6 link. So some of this stuff is still work in concept but will be implemented soon. Also gotta fix my links for my other skills too. But oh well.

But before I start talking, lets start off with the most important unique of this build that makes ignite work.

Hrimburn. Mostly just for that last line. Cold damage can ignite. This opens up so many options it funny. Because the damage ignite does is based on the base damage of the hit. We can scale our ignites off both cold and fire scalings. On top of that it opens up the option of Elemental Equilibrium.


Since I was going ignite to begin from as soon as possible to maps there are a few options here. Initially I started off with fireball, however thats only a hold over since we are scaling fire damage till we get our first core unique; Hrimburn.

Frostbolt; Frostbolt was chosen both for its high base damage which leads to more hard hitting ignites, its natural pierce properties and finally its threshold jewel which adds 2 additional projectile that helps with mob clearing at no cost of damage.

Currently its in a 5 link being supported by Chance to Ignite Support, Burning Damage Support and Deadly Ailments Support, and now Swift Affliction Support. All of which increase the ignite damage. And Swift Affilciation increasing shocks which than increases damage.

Future options for potential 5 and 6 link supports are Unbound Ailments Support to buff all our ailments, Swift Affilcition Support for more damage, and finally Hypothermia Support for some added CC by upping our chance to freeze(and than also proliferate)

Other options;
Glacial Cascade; A very viable option, we don't actually even need its threshold jewel because of the fact that Hrimburn converts the last of the physical to cold damage for us. However it was not chosen due to it having shorter range and even after the threshold jewels accounted for less spread than the frostbolt.


Herald of Ice
Yup by itself. I just like that extra bit of damage and the freeze explosions(which can ignite) from it. Also helps with leveling a bit.

Herald of Thunder + Ice Bite + Innervate + Culling Strike
We have Herald of Thunder to give us some lightning damage for our shocks. However there is more than just that. We give it both Ice Bite and Innvervate so when one of those bolts hits a straggler we get a frenzy charge and the innervate buff which increases the damage of our main skill nicely. We also give it culling strike to ensure it finishes the job. We can also optionally replace any of those support gems with increased critical strike support. For it to help upkeep Elemental Overload

Not really needed against the mobs so its really just kept around to toss onto a boss or tough rare to help further drop their Fire Resistance. Also not really needed if in the lucky event you get the Curse Enemies with level (10 to 12) Elemental Weakness on Hit on a pair of corrupted hrimburn

Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify
Chosen movement skill. We don't have much cast speed in our build so other movement skills aren't as usefull, while the Dyadus's have a local attack speed mod meaning we can use this to get around faster. Fortify is there for safety's sake in case we hop into a pack of mobs.

Cast on Damage taken + Immortal Call + Increased Duration
More safety. Again. Its the CWDT + Immortal call combination. I don't think I need to go into much detail but ya just some extra safety in case of being exploded.


Now for this build there are some uniques needed


From level 24 on wards we can start using our main skill of Frostbolt for our ignites. This item si cheap and its last effect of cold damage can ignite is what we base our build around. Enabling us to do a lot of fire damage by picking up Elemental Equilibrium. We hit for only cold and lightning damage and apply large ignites which do fire.

Dyadus x 2

Aka Why we aren't using something like three dragons. Enemies chilled by by us take 100% increased burning damage. And we have two of these things. A massive boost of damage that should not be overlooked. Especially considering we can still chill and freeze with our main skill of Frostbolt.


Why the fuck is this thing on a Opal Ring?! Gods I love this item but its required item level is far too high to build around. I'm not arguing with the damage implicit but oh well. This thing enables our lightning damage to shock, meaning added damage from something like herald of thunder can start applying shocks and contributing for our ignite damage.

Next that increased burning damage for each enemy shocked is amazing. Especially considering we have decent shock chance in this build clearing mobs leads to our ignite damage ramping up. So a boss at the end of the map or a rare just melts.

Finally it just opens up the options of using a lightning skill as our main skill. However for this build I'm sticking with frostbolt due to it being more consistent than lightning damage skills. And I'd need to level up another skill.


Cause it was asked here is the current gear.

Trying out yoke of suffering so we can replace the herald of thunder we have to apply shocks with another aura.

Body Armour
Turns out that beacon of ruin is more powerful than first though. It sets out shocks to 20% before shock effectiveness is calculated. So we are using Inpulsa's Broken Heart for its shock effectiveness, burst to rares surrounded by packs and so on.



Other gear
All rares that just fill in our missing stats. Resistances and life are the top priorities.

Still testing out flasks, likely going to just get defensive oriented flasks. The Wise Oak is the one I would highly recommend for more damage.


Some passives that are worth noting and getting.

Chance to Ignite (Note. Getting over 100% ignite is pointless. Feel free to remove nodes to drop it down to just about 100)
Burning damage (Comes in higher numbers than fire damage. Plus we are ignite)
Fire damage (Duh)
Min 2 Jewel (Needed for the Frozen Trail
Life (We are over in the templar area a lot. Good life nodes there)
Energy Shield (Some extra defenses also near were we are putting points)
More Jewels (Cause we can get 20% increased burning damage off jewels as well as other nice stats)
Damage over time (Not great priority. But does apply to our ignites)
Cold Damage (Due to Hrimburn our ignites scale off cold damage too)
Freeze/Shock Chance (Get some of this. Some nodes give all ignite/freeze/shock chance so those rae great)


Elemtantal Overload
We are not a crit build. However we do occasionally crit. We take this for its 40% more multiplier to our elemental damage when we do crit.

Elemental Equilibrium
Ignite does fire damage. We only hit for cold and lightning damage. Meaning our enemies have a -50% resistance to fire damage. Which means they BURN!!!!

Some important notables to go out of our way for.

Holy Fire
60% burning damage which is just nice

We scale of both cold and fire damage so this one node gives out 50% really for our ignite from cold damage. And a bit of crit too.

Heart of Flames / Breath of Flames
Damage, Ignite, and a bit of Pen. Same wheel of nodes. Worth it.

Celestial Punishment
Burning damage, increased effect of ailments and chance to apply ailments. All good for us

Res and chance to apply all ailments.

Current state of the tree which is by no means perfect. Lvl 86


Elementalist Duh.

Shaper of Desolation
Honestly gotten first cause its in the way. However it is still a very nice node for this build. The confluxes guarantee we can apply an ailment, so throwing out a frostbolt during the combined Chilling, Shocking and Igniting can lead to a boost of damage

Beacon of Ruin
The reason why we are Elementalist. The core to this build. We can get rid of Elemental proliferation if we were using it leveling while getting this. Lets go over this one in detail.

Elemental Ailments caused by your skills spread to other nearby enemies.
Few things here. First this leads to enemies getting hit by an ailment before they even get hit by frostbolt while in packs. Next it helps deal with things like crabs that get back up. And it just helps clearing. Good
Chills from your hits always slow by at least 10%
This is good. Defensively helps a lot. Just helping the chill along if it wouldn't slow for much
20% increased of Effect of non-Damaging Ailments on Enemies
Is this before or after the last effect? Cause I would like to know. Still good just a buff to our ailments.
Shocks from your Hits always increase Damage taken by at least 20%
This is amazing. We only need a shock to apply. This is a level certainty that helps shocks out a lot. Read this as long as we have some lightning damage we apply a 20% more multiplier to our ignites at minimum.

Than we have two options, I'm going down option one but both are there. This build's uber lab is more like an alright buff and not required which does help it along for an early league build.
Option 1
Pendulum of Destruction
Some extra damage/aoe. Alright though give this thing a bloody buff icon please. I'd like to know which version is up more clearly.

Mastermind of Discord
Largely taken for the increased effect of Heralds on you for that extra bit of damage and reduced mana reservation of herald skills due to our Herald of Thunder being a 4 link.

Option 2
Reason I'm not doing this option is well it requires you to upkeep your golems to get the most out of it. However can lead to stronger buffs than the other path. May switch over to this path.

Liege of the Primordial
More damage and more buffs from golems. Which leads to increased damage, cast speed and crit chance. Which is all fine.

Our golems start doing more damage themselves and we if we can successfully upkeep them, will be immune to all elemental ailments.

Why not Paragon of Calamity
We don't get enough out of it.
Our base hits aren't massive so the elemental damage leech is alright not great.
We don't actually get enough to get those buffs up consistently and its damage increase isn't really worth it.
And reflect is either on a map or a mob. On a map I'd say just reroll it and on a mob dodge its far enough away. On top of that we just don't really suffer from reflect as much too. We don't do high hit damage so we don't take much reflected back since ignites aren't reflected.

If you want to take it you can take it with Paragon of Calamity for our Uber lab.

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Interesting, following for future update!
Interesting idea!

Following up as well.
I'm Razielim, son of Raziel.

"Raziel, you're worthy..." - Elder God
Looks really cool. Do update us :)
I'll try thisout in standard. Do update us on how youre progressing!

What is your gear like at this point?
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What about single target? any idea on how to do that?
Currently testing out options for single target. Thankfully none of our skill gems meant to help clear reduce our damage so our ignites work on Bosses quite well. Especially since our clear comes from our jewels giving us the extra projectiles and Beacon of Ruin for the proliferation. But trying out a few things now.

1. Turns out Beacon of Ruin sets shocks to 20% before shock effectiveness. Running around 100-150 increased shock effectiveness to get our shocks to increase our damage to targets by at least 40%. This includes Shaper and the such.

2. May try set up a Scorching Ray Totem to help reduce fire res even more. Also fire pen from the Mastermind of Discord helps quite a bit. Just tossing on flammability is nice too.

3. Our strategy in boss fights is to not stop and spam spells. Its to tag once with our ailments than focus on dodging/kiting till the ignite/shock/chill runs off.

4. I tried dicking around for laziness sake to get Curse Enemies with level (10 to 12) Vulnerability on Hit on the Hrimburn instead of having to throw down flammibility. So for no luck but if you end up with a pair like that ya could get Whispers of Doom to apply both curses.

5. For Shaper at least and red teir bosses. A 6 link really will help us. This build is only tested up to yellow teir Elder so far, and regular Atziri.
I don't think cold damage scales the ignite. It's base damage is only calculated from the base damage of the skill (frostbite + any flat added damage) and then increased/multiplied by the mods that effect ignite (fire/DoT/burning/ignite/ailment). Unless you actually convert the ignite damage to cold (which isn't possible as far as I know), cold damage won't increase it.

Edit: Ow the ignite does scale from cold damage according to PoE-Wiki. Didnt expect that.

As for single target you could use an emberwake ring. It gives you around 20% increased ignite damage and with beacon of ruins prolif shouldn't slow down clear speed as well (everything will pretty much have two ignites from 1 cast). You got a belt as well that increases burning speed giving another good amount of damage.

Some other option to think about is switching to blasphemy gloves with three dragons and stack elder base items, as that can really increase your ignite damage and shock effect by a lot. As long as you got some added fire damage to spells somewhere on your items, you will still apply the slow for the 2 dyadus
Last edited by Tortunga on Mar 27, 2018, 10:55:41 AM
I did consider the emberwake ring. However I decided not to use it over its Ignited Enemies Burn 65% slower. Which is actually a decrease in dps since that just spreads the same damage over the longer time. While applying a second ignite would do more damage its just not really worth it in my opinion

I think if I end up getting more currency this league(cause a max roll biscos did drop for me which helped funding this builds rare items and other builds gear), I may go out of my way and pick up The Taming.

I also considered the three dragons. However we lose a LOT of damage by using them over the Hrimburn gloves. Just using a three dragons I have on another char as an example
For starters we lose the ability to chill which takes away the 200% damage taken multiplier we are getting from our Dyaduses(Dyadusi?). Than to apply shock you need fire damage, which immediately makes our Elemental Equilibrium work against us so we end up sacrificing . (Or the Yoke of Suffering may let us apply shocks with cold still, might test that later. Though still the loss of chill may be too great)

Though if you did want a different pair of gloves for this build, you'd probably need to change out Frostbolt for a lightning spell like Arc or Spark and throw on herald of ice for some cold damage to chill. Though Frostbolt just feels good because of its natural pierce for me and Hrimburn are unfortunately the main option for having cold applying ignite.

Though as for that belt. Dyadian Dawn. The only reason that belt is not in this build is one really annoying reason. The enemies burn faster says 'Enemies Ignited by an Attack Burn 35% faster'.
By an Attack.

Honestly I would want more ignite based uniques, or some older ones to get reworked. Quite a few of them were based on double dipping being a thing. Most of the good uniques in my opinion that have ignite just have effects that benefit of the ignite with the damage still front loaded. Stormfire is the first ignite unique I've seen in a while where its benefits are towards the damage over time of ignite.
You mentioned how you tried Glacial Cascade and then later added Herald of Ash. Would you be able to get More dmg with both available as herald of ash add more fire dmg from base phys, which glacial cascade actually does?

Also, what other ring do you use, and what is your current skill tree?

Hope it works out, seems exciting ;)

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