[3.2]Video Guide: CI Whispering Ice Totems

I started Bestiary with this build going for fast shaper and atlas progression. Normally i would not make a guide at this point of builds progression, but i have achieved a lot with this low level of gear, so i decided it might actually be better to show it as is now and make another video/update later. Those who've been following my later builds - this one is not like previous ones. It lacks clear speed.


This is my first time making a video guide, it's tough :D Please let me know what i could do better next time.
Things i noted so far:
-Have gameplay running in background while i explain the build, not separately.
-Go more in detail about gear progression.
-Be less tired.

My other build guide(s):
Inpulsa's Fury
Forest Fire. Clear all content fast and easy. QotF PF Ngamahu.

Have fun!
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