Uber atziri, Shaper, Elders service

Uber atziri / Shaper service
Hi guys !

you can contact me ingame : DukeSvarog for any information


you can choise to pay 28 chaos for UBER ATZIRI run and all loot is for ya !
20 chaos for SHAPER run and all loot for ya


Uber atziri

i take only fee on - VAAL GLOVES And VAAL AXE. 20% of its current market value


Flask, STARFORGE. 20% of its current market value

all is for you,map,unique etcc

mirror drop = split 50%

OFC you provide the set !

see you


$ ❈ Uber ELDER, UBER atziri, SHAPER CARRY ❈ view-thread/2104808 ❈ Live on twitch:: PM For more info
IGN: DukeZagum
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Did my uber atziri.Fast and clean deathless run. I recommend him and probably will come back for his services!

He did shaper with me fast and smooth.
Realy nice service, helped me with T13 elder guardian, vouch
Joined my party with 4 uber Atziri portals left. Died to first boss 3 times and once to Atziri. Blamed ping, apologized, quit game without giving me 3 unique drops and a t12 map, and then shut down stream. Take it for what you will, but no vouch from me.
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Killed Atziri with 2 portals left, gave me Axe for 1ex.
Its guys save my shaper, tnx ^_^. Fast and confident.
He did Uber Atziri for me at the start of Bestiary league, was soooo clean and fast ! He has a stream, its nice to see what's happening during the waiting time !
Got me a ENORMOUS ... hum ... mask, but hey, it was really good ! :)

I recommand him !
Saved my Uber Atziri, realy friendly and nice service.
saved my uber atziri, fast and friendly :) sadly it dropped a garb but good service.

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