[3.2] Voldo's Detonate Dead Saboteur, MoM Acro Hybrid, Volatile Dead Traps

Explosive Traps With epic clear, and Satisfying single target DEEEPS!

IGN: GGxVoldoxGG


+ Not Glacial Cascade Mines
+ Unique powerful build, able to destroy the Atlas AND Bosses Including some guardians
+ Decent Clear Speed, that can RAMP up due to VD Balls clearing packs for you
+ Hard to Kill with MoM Hybrid Phaze Acro
+ Traps Aint Gay!
+ BUDGET LEAGUE STARTER 6Link Staff 5c! 5Link Gloves 1c!!

- Press More then 1 Button, this might be a pro if you like to achieve FULL IMMERSION
- Damage is Delayed
- Isnt Glacial Cascade Mines
- Isnt T H I C C J U G G (I hate this meme)

PoB Paste Bin + Skill Tree


440K Unbuffed Damage per DD Trap 800k BUFFED

Unbuffed DD

30k Aoe Explosion and 17k Dps per Orb (unbuffed) 50k and 30k BUFFED 12 Orbs a Trap!(204k/360k)
VD Buffed

VD Unbuffed

3.2 Buffs
Herald Of Fire!
Sabo Life Regen Nodes, and Trap CD buff
Righteous Fire Is possible Now
Mirebough fated unique
Laviangas in League!

Gem Links!
Main DEEPS: Detonate Dead=Elemental Focus=Controlled Destruction=/=Trap=Cluster Trap=Trap&Mines damage (Last 3 Supports are from MireBough unique)

Clear Speed: Volatile Dead=Elemental Focus=Trap&mine Damage=Cluster Traps=/=Trap(Given by Shaper gloves) Chance to Ignite/Conc if you 6 link in Chest [MORE ON CONC EFF IN BOTTOM GUIDE]

The Enabler: Desecreate=Trap=Cluster=/=Multiple Traps (Multiple Traps not required just optional)

Utility: Orb of Storms=Flammability=Curse on hit=Inc Crit Strikes
Vaal Lightning/Herald of Ash (inc duration+GMP if u want a better VLT)

Movement: Lightning Warp=Less Duration=Faster Casting=Swift Affliction


Defenses 6.3k EHP 7K Easily Achievable!

Video Guide! Gameplay Including HYDRA, ATziri, and T15 Map
Hydra and Atiziri down, 15s down, Need to Edit the Footage. COMING SOON


Welcome to the IN DEPTH GUIDE! Here i explain the mechanics of this build, and reason behind our item choices. also some DOs and DO NOTs for this Build!

How does it all work?
Detonate Dead and Volatile Dead normally Require a corpse generation skill (Desecrate/Unearth) in order to function, this is still the case, but we bypass Desecrates Cooldown with Traps and Cluster trap while also increasing the number of corpses generated! with as much trap CD(110%) we are able to create far more corpses Without casting.

OK, so now that ive thrown my Desecrate trap, What now???

Easy, now you throw your Detonate Dead/ Volatile Dead Traps, both of these skills interact with corpses Created by Desecrate!

Why not just Self Cast!?!?!?

Detonate Dead: Normally a player would select a single corspe, and Nuke it for Massive Damage. (3 in the case of Spell Cascade) But we 1UP cascade with Cluster Trap! Yes, 4 traps:4 Nukes.

Volatile Dead: Normally a Player Casts this, and Within a large AOE, 3 corpses are Turned into Fire balls (9 with spell Cascade) BUT we about to END Cascades Entire Career with a +3 to corspes converted to fireballs!

But VOLDO traps trigger radius is trash, and cluster traps makes this build dodgy at corpse targeting!!

Fear not AOE is here to Save the day:
170% trap trigger Radius (Hair Trigger jewel+Tree Nodes)
82% Increased AOE (Saboteur + All Tree AOE)
Trap throwing Speed of 3 a sec

What does this mean?
TRAPS ALWAYS OVERLAP! Cluster doesnt make traps miss corpses, Chain reaction always goes off, and with the 3.2 Traps changes, before you have all of these nodes; Traps Still Trigger at the end of their Duration.

Gear by Gear Explanation?

Mirebough: WHAT DOESNT THIS DO??? generic Damage, 20% life 20% Mana and 6 Link!
this thing is mad. Its funny because alot of people and brushing it off, saying its decent but only until bosses. WRONG! T1 Rare Damage Mods on Sceptre & Shield Yield at Best 7-10k Damage, For anyone playing this build; know this is THE Messiah, THE Savior And the Holy G.O.A.T

I never thought i would see the day... The best thing to happen to trappers in a long time. Cheap 1c 5Link for your Traps. i got these on DAY 1 first 8 Hours. There is no reason you dont run this,
Even if you get a 6link chest, Run desecrate in this with Cluster+Multiple+TrapCD. These can be better if you are cool and get Blind+Throws an Additional trap Mod.
Ill be honest, You only NEED 1 of these, but it feels cool to have both. Lavianga: This beastly flask makes you a GOD as long as its active, making your traps FREE. This is a big deal, as we get hit sometimes, and not being able to throw traps, THIS CAN HAPPEN ALOT, sometime you only get to throw a desecrate, but lose mana to a hit, and cant throw a DD or VD. this flask not only Regens your Mana (our Lifepool) but makes all of our skills Free, so feel free to Warp out or use your traps to blow up monster before they kill you.
Praxis:Basically hold you over before you get a laviangas, but this can be beaten out by a Rare ring with 70+ Life 70+ mana and mana regen. this thing isnt needed after you obtain laviangas.

Why Saboteur?
Pyromaniac:Immune to Ignite
Immune to Shock
1% of Life Regenerated per Second for each of your Mines Detonated Recently, up to 20%
1% of Life Regenerated per Second for each of your Traps Triggered Recently, up to 20%
25% reduced Mana Cost of Skills that place Mines or throw Traps

We throw 3 Traps a Second, so within 4 Secs we have achieved 12 Thrown Traps with 4 Triggers Each Trap... so 48 Trigger. You have Enough Regen to sustain RIGHTEOUS FIRE! WITH NO PURITY, NO PHEONIX SHIELD! More on this below.

Rest of the Tree is just AOE, and Trap CD/Throwing Speed.

Righteous Fire!?!? (Coming soon)

FAQ (coming Soon)

Last bumped on Jun 6, 2018, 2:17:46 PM

Also Yellow Elder Down
I played VD traps in Abyss. Extremely viable, and was buffed in 3.2.

Warning: You may never want to play other traps than VD if you try this build. VD mechanics perfectly makes up the inherent downsides of traps.
I see that you don't choose clever construction on passive tree? any difficulties encounter boss with AOE skills?
Good question, i meant to talk about that sorry ~

No, since GGG basically baked in a mini Clever construction:
Traps and Mines are now invulnerable while they are arming and invulnerable while they are casting their skill. This means a trap thrown directly onto a monster who will detonate it cannot be destroyed before it detonates.
3.0.0 FoO Patch notes

You can take it if you want, but i have never seen a trap get destroyed since, and thats in 2 level 90 characters with this build.

but to be exact, this means the traps should be destructible when they hit the ground (not under the monster) BUT because our trap trigger radius is so big, and chain reaction work with trap trigger radius, all of our traps gain this mini clever construction as they trigger when being deployed, giving them this "Immunity".
Do you think there's a viable non-MoM variant to this build? I'm not fond of MoM but this build looks super interesting.
I know you have a section for it right now, but I need to hear your thughts. Have you used RF effectively with this build yet? I'm trying to theorycraft a build and want to know how viable sab RF truly is.
Hey there,

Thanks for the build ;)

It sounds fun and promising ;) been looking for a viable trapper for sometime and finally found one. I've just started so early lvl's was a bit ankward but after lvl 32 it started to be fun and from lvl 38 faceroll began ;)
Random _Clown
Hey thanks for sharing your build, I really find it interessting! Cant wait to see how the RF-progression goes. Maybe the new armour "Loreweave" could help increasing the max fire resistance...

What do you think is the best lab-enchantment for this build? detonated dead chance to explode an additional corpse?

Very cool build,im currently starting mapping and it feels preaty tanky I did take all defensive nodes with extra trap nodesup to lvl 70 and the damage is still quite nice.

Is the Tinker the only viable option for this build?

Any suggestions for High-end-end gear?

The build is fun, effective, very very cheap for what it does.

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