[3.2] Tempest Deadeye TS/Barrage -- 2mil Shaper dps Day 4

Hey guys, this is my work-in-progress build guide for my Deadeye league starter. It is pretty cheap to start up and scales extremely well with currency investment. It's also incredibly well rounded with fast map clear and strong single target.

While the current setup is focused on high-tier maps and bosses, it can easily be adjusted to speed clear low maps with magic find gear.

Path of Building of my current character in BSC:


  • Cheap to start and scales well with currency
  • Very good clearspeed
  • More than enough DPS for bosses
  • Fairly tanky for a ranger build

[li]Takes a lot of investment to reach crazy damage numbers[/li]
[li]Can easily be one-shot to boss mechanics[/li]
[li]Another barrage build[/li]

Gear Overview:

Below I will list the uniques I use as well as any alternatives. I will explain my reasoning for choosing the unique I use although that doesn't mean that it's the best option. Feel free to do some experimenting.

For rare's I will simply list some mods to look out for. Until you can afford GG gear, rares are mostly used for filling out resists and life. A lot of gearing this build is solving the resist puzzle. Because we use so many uniques, resists can be tough to come by. Don't be afraid to get resists on a jewel if it means being able to use a much higher damage rare/unique.


The Tempest -- This bow is the core item of this build. It allows us to just stack as much flat lightning damage as possible on jewels and items for big damage. It also has a pretty high attack speed which makes the build feel faster as well as boost any on-hit effects, such as the LGOH on bleeding enemies from the Deadeye node Rupture.


Rare Quiver -- The absolute best endgame quiver would be a Shaper quiver with +1 arrows and corrupted for another +1. Other good stats are Life, Resists, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Crit Multi, Crit Chance, Flat Lightning.


Belly of the Beast -- In my opinion this is the best option for the chest slot. As a ranger, we struggle to get comfortable life levels and the resists are great for increasing flexibility for other slots. It offers no direct damage increase, but the defensive bonuses are worth the tradeoff.

Shroud of the Lightless -- Another solid option for chest. It offers more damage than Belly of the Beast, but no resists, and less life. We also don't take advantage of the elemental penetration that much since we focus on lightning damage. Also of note is that it only needs to be 5linked so when accounting for the cost of links, it is currently cheaper than a Belly.

Farrul's Fur -- This chest probably offers the highest damage of the three, though I haven't actually tested it. It gives free frenzy and power charge sustain and let's us use Aspect of the Cat for free. This is by far the most expensive of the 3 options and also requires crafting the aspect on another piece of gear.


The Red Trail -- When used in combination with The Golden Rule these boots offer free frenzy charge sustain. They also give a good amount of life, movement speed, and some phys damage reduction which is always nice. The downside of these boots is that they make us sacrifice a jewel socket as well as prevents us from using other options in the boot slot. I use these boots mostly because I'm lazy. When mapping, Blood Rage is enough to sustain charges and on bosses it's fairly trivial to have Frenzy socketed somewhere in your gear (though that does cause some barrage downtime).

Bubonic Trail -- These boots offer the most damage in the boot slot for this build. It also allows us to get some resists on the boot slot since we can use the non-searching abyssal jewels for life and resists. These are the best end-game option for the build especially if you can get your hands on a lot of very good jewels.

High Resist Rare -- Boots is a great slot to get a lot of resists for the build. Aim for high life, 25%+ movement speed, and as much elemental resists as you can afford. This will open up a lot of flexibility for other pieces of gear.


Thunderfist -- A solid budget option for the glove slot. These offer a lot of flat damage and decent attack speed. They are also a cheap 5 link for Tornado Shot that can carry you until endgame. I personally used these all the way up through red maps and only replaced them shortly before taking down Shaper.

Tombfist -- This is the best endgame gloves for the build. The Intimidate works out to be around a 10% more multiplier depending on what other "increased damage taken" mods you have. The life and attack speed is only a little worse than a good rare. I'd recommend using a Murderous Eye Jewel with life and resists to make up for the lack of resists on these gloves.

Good Rare gloves -- There's a lot of potential for rares in the glove slot. High attack speed, flat lightning, life, and resists on a Gripped Gloves base will be very good. Even with all this though, they probably won't be better than Tombfist and will cost a lot more.


Rat's Nest -- This is probably the best offensive helmet for the build. Attack speed, crit chance, and movement speed are all very good for us. Unfortunately, it offers no defensive bonuses so it's difficult to recommend for that reason.

Starkonja's -- Only a little worse than Rat's Nest offensively, with an added 80-100 life, Starkonja's is the best all around choice in my opinion.

Good Rare -- Currently, I'm using a rare helmet to fill out some missing resists. My other gear cannot support having a helmet with no resistances. Depending on your unique choices, you may be able to fit in one of the uniques mentioned above.

Note on lab enchants: If your focus is on map clearing, get TS projectiles. For bossing, get Barrage projectile.


Stygian Vise -- Easily the best base for this build. Since we rely on flat elemntal damage, the more jewel sockets, the better. Look for high life, elemental damage with attack skills, resists if you need them, and flask mods. If you're really trying to break the bank, then some Elder/Shaper mods could be really good.

Other Rares -- If you can't afford/find a good Abyss belt, just pick up a belt with the highest WED and Life you can find, anything else is a bonus.


Best base would be Opal Rings. We're looking for life, resists, elemental damage with attack skills, flat lightning, etc. You will probably need a high int roll on at least one ring.


The amulet slot can offer a lot of damage with elemental damage with attack skills, crit multi, crit crit chance, and flat lightning. You can also use this slot to fill in resists and int.


Lioneye's Fall -- This jewel allows us to use the claw nodes in Shadow. these nodes are incredibly powerful and give mana leech as well. Until you can afford this, just pick up a mana leech node by Ranger or Duelist.

The Golden Rule -- As mentioned in the Boots section, this jewel is used for Frenzy Charge generation. This is only necessary if using the Red Trail boots. Otherwise, just replace it with another rare jewel.

Rare Jewels -- Ideally we want Searching Eye Abyss jewels with double flat lightning and life. These will be very expensive, getting at least one T2 flat lightning plus another good mod is not too difficult to craft. We also want a single regular jewel with +2 mana gained on hit. Good stats to go along with this is max life and crit multi (or another damage stat). The reason we need this jewel is because we attack so fast that normal mana leech isn't enough. Adding this jewel should make sustained attacking feel much better.


  • actually make the guide
  • budget version
  • boss kill videos

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waiting for the guide and videos.
Curious about this build.
A few questions.

1) Can I go Lioneye's Glare instead of The Tempest?

2) Do i still take the jewel slot node near the claw nodes if i dont use a Lioneye's Fall?
Added you in game, curious about build and looking forward to guide!
https://youtu.be/O9ysTvszr3M pretty fun build, if a bit typical ranger glasscannon. Cheap to get started, but scales well with investment
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Nice build!

How about pantheon??

3 auras?
what can i use 6th link to TS setup ?

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