[3.2] Juggerphant, Ancestral Warcheif - Very Tanky HC Viable Uberlab Farmer



Welcome to the Juggerphant! The Juggerphant is a very cheap super tanky HC viable Uberlab farmer, that requires little to no gear investment. The build utilizes several defense mechanics to be able to safely traverse traps
and kill uber Izaro. This includes 6 endurance charges, 13k armor (45k with flasks up), from 1000 life regen up to 1500 and 6.8k Life up to 8.5k (with good gear and preferably Kaoms Heart)


The Hierophant:

We pick Hirophant for several reasons:


- 100% Increased Totem Duration

- 50% Totem Placement Speed

- 1 Additional Totem with Pursuit of Faith (This means that we are quickly able to get 3 totems if we pick the keystone "Ancestral Bond")

- 1 Additional Totem from Ritual of Awakening (This is huge for mapping as we don't have to wait for our other totems to kill trash before replacing them. by the time we place the fourth totems the previous packs should already be taken care of)


- 1% Life regen per second per totem for both your totems and yourself (Because we have 4 totems this means a constant 4% life regen, it also synergizes well with our big life pool. This is especially useful in both traps and Izaro fights)

Endurance Charges:

- 25% chance to gain an endurance charge when you gain a power charge (Combined with the additional 50% chance to gain a power charge when you place a totem and the 50% increased placement speed you can simply spam your totems to get to maxium endurance charges. This is very helpful before going into traps and izaro fights)

- 5% reduced elemental damage taken while we have an endurance charge


Pros and cons:


- Awesome for beginners!

- Very budget friendly (Can be made with less than 20 chaos)

- Easy leveling (You will simply stomp any boss as long as you have a cheap leveling axe, I have a few recommendations in the leveling part below)

- Extremely tanky with flasks up you can easily facetank Uber-Izaro (I don't recommend this in HC unless your flask management is on point)

- Very safe (You can easily avoid most damage sources as your totems will be tanking most of it while you run around regenerating all your life in few seconds + the 100% life recovery from flasks by your "Bloodgrip" and an instant recovery flask. This will help you a ton in dire situations)

- Great for lab farming in HC

- We don't need our Uber-ascendancy


- We don't gain anything from our Uber-ascendancy

- Decent damage, the DPS probably won't cut it to more than early red maps (With a six-link you can get upwards of 100k dps (25k dps per totem) which is decent as your totems will be attacking most of the time anyway without much delay, however I think you will struggle against stronger bosses. (the damage is MORE than enough for Uber-Izaro even on a five-link which I am personally running)

- Not the fastest (You won't find any clearspeed meta here, but with that said it doesnt feel bad mapping with. I just wouldn't pick it for farming maps I think there are alot of builds more suitable.

- Not stun or root immune (If your totems is badly placed or dead you have to watch out especially in breaches, use your insta flask for this)

- Not great against elemental damage (the only mitigation we have is fortify and the 5% reduced elemental damage taken with endurance charges active)


Gem setup:


- Ancestral Warcheif, Melee Physical damage, Ruthless, Maim, Brutality (Five-link) Faster attacks, Chance to bleed or Inc AoE/Conc Effect (Six-link) - (PoB says Faster attacks gives more damage than chance to bleed)

Utility 1:

- Vigilant strike, Faster attacks, Chance to blind (Vigilant strike gives fortify for 12 seconds, I usually pop my flasks run and hit Izaro. The blind support is just for the occational Izaro blind.)


- Leapslam, faster attacks, fortify (I only really use this for jumping over certain traps as my movement speed is much better for getting from a to b)

Utility 2:

- Bloodmagic, Enduring cry, inc duration, stone golem (the Enduring cry is very good when running through traps that have "totems" as it keeps your endurance charges up and gives you a 1.2 second 400 life per second buff)

Defense 1:

- Determination and Grace (these are VERY important, and is your main source of armor)

Defense 2:

- Cast when damage taken, Molten shell


Skilltree and PoB:




My gear:



Required and build enabling uniques:


- Hezmana's Bloodlust, this is the most important item you have, it makes you able to run both Determination and Grace at the same time (both are 50% mana reservations) Hezmana's gives your attacks bloodmagic which means you can place your Warcheifs with no mana and uses life instead which is easily replenished by our high life regen.


- Fluid motion, this will help you alot if you can't get the required dexterity for Grace on your gear (I am personally running it until i hit level 90)


- Bloodgrip, this item is not required per se but it is very good. Not only does it give flat phys and lots of life (up to 70) but it also makes bleed not do additional damage while moving, this is great for mapping and spike traps. The amulet also gives you 100% life recovery from flasks!


- Belt of the deciever, this too is not required but its probably best in slot if your resistances allow it. The intimidation makes enemies take 10% increased damage which translates to 10 more damage done by your totems. It also reduces extra damage from crits by 30%.


Leveling tips:

Weapons and gems:

[1-12] I recommend picking up molten strike and ancestral call until you get sunder.

[12-33] at level 18 I recommend picking up limbsplitter (also get the keystone Resolute Technique) this will carry you all the way to level 33 (reapers pursuit) or 45 (Bloodreaper) When you hit 28 get Ancestral bond and start using Ancestral Warcheif When you are able do normal lab get pursuit of faith.

[33-55] At this point I would want to have cleaving and slaughter (the axe notes) and the scion life wheel. When you are able to do Cruel lab get Ritual Awakening.

[55-61] When you get to blood aqueduct I would recommend farming the card Humility for a tabula rasa which you can either use or sell to get some gear with life and resistance for kitava and the -60 all res debuff he gives you upon killing him.

[61-72] While getting ready for kitava get your endurance charges and use enduring cry to keep them up, get a Hezmana's and start using Determination and Grace (If you need dex use Fluid Motion, also pick up the keystone Iron Reflexes)

[72-90] You have killed Kitava get your merciless ascendancy and pick Conviction of Power, you are now ready for Uber-lab farming!


I hope this build has helped anyone out, I enjoy it quite alot myself and is one of the better builds i've come up with. This is the first guide I've made so if anyone has any feedback on my guide feel free to tell me :D

PS: sorry for any spelling errors English is not my native language :)
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Build looks awesome :D
Build looks good, will definitely give this a try, when I play HC the next time,

thanks for the idea!
very fun build.
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Thanks for that build. Having fun with AW totems :)
Stupid question, why Blood Magic skill gem + Blood Magic passif on Hezmana's Bloodlust ?
would a belly of the beast be the best in slot for chest for the life or is higher armor more important?
Just want to say thanks for the build! Really great beginner build with very cheap gear requirements yet strong enough to farm lab! Thanks OP!
Hikara wrote:
Thanks for that build. Having fun with AW totems :)
Stupid question, why Blood Magic skill gem + Blood Magic passif on Hezmana's Bloodlust ?

Sorry for the late answer, the bloodmagic is for my enduringcry as it is not an attack with my weapon but a spell and i have no mana so i need bloodmagic to cast it
greyson194 wrote:
would a belly of the beast be the best in slot for chest for the life or is higher armor more important?

Sorry for the late answer i think either belly or brass dome would be BiS
I am very much enjoying this. I wasn't sure i would.

I do not however see the pantheon choices.


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