[3.2] Fire and Blood. Molten Strike and Infernal Blow.


So, this was my build for 3.1, when I finally settled in. I was focused on building around Oni-Goroshi, because I've always been a fan of single sword styles. So after I got it, I wanted to make sure I could ignite and activate her embrace, regardless of my equipment at the time, and ancestral call was shiny and new, so I went right to Molten Strike. After trying out practically every other sword usable skill looking for a clear skill, I finally settled on Infernal Blow. From there I looked at how to achieve 100% fire conversion, and Xoph's blood was the only realistic answer for ranger start.

I had originally leveled it as Raider, but I changed to Pathfinder after I got Dying Sun. Pathfinder does less DPS than it did as a variant, but I also got back the 6 passive points I had spent on Frenzy charges, allowing me enough points to nab Iron Grip and the Bloodless life cluster, making it significantly more defensive.

As yet, I have not done Shaper, Uber Atziri, or the New Shaper/Elder fight with this character. But it's handled everything else fairly easily.


Primary Clear Skill is of course Molten Strike. The skill's single target DPS is honestly immense, competing with very easily with Blade Flurry, while also being less clunky for me. Also, I hate multi strike, and multi strike is actually just outside of the top 5 supports for molten strike for Shaper DPS. Make sure to target near, but not on top of a single target to make sure you're utilizing Ancestral Call. Physical Projectile Damage isn't actually in the top 5 supports for MS for me, but I haven't wanted to re-color my sockets yet.

Infernal Blow became very effective clear and immensely satisfying clear as soon as I linked it to both Ancestral Call and Melee Splash. Most packs erupt in wonderful blood sprays in about two swings. This also has the benefit of leaving you immune to surprise detonate dead. And of course, with Xoph's Blood, also does 100% fire. Increased Critical Strikes is just to smooth out burst potential vs packs, ensuring smoother clear, and Onslaught is simply for clear speed.

I use a 4 link of Whirling Blades, Leap Slam, Faster Attacks, and Fortify for moment while my quicksilver flask is down, or if I need to reposition quickly in combat. You could easily drop Leap Slam, but I like being able to change heights on a whim.

As for my other link set ups, this is for smoothing damage spikes. Vaal Grace is a leftover from when I had acrobatics in the build, I haven't decided yet what or if I want to replace it.

This final link is simply allowing me to be lazy with Golem maintenance, and to provide an small additional layer of protection and damage against trash. Grace had to go somewhere, since I run Queen of the Forest. If you aren't using Queen, you should probably run Anger or Haste instead.

Passive Tree
My passive tree at level 91: https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/3.2.0/AAAABAIDAQBeAdwFLQW1BiAGogguDY0RLxGBFE0UdRa_F9wYkRmOGbQiryPTI_Yk_SaVKgsrCi5TMHwxsDIBMn42PTboN0w4UzpSQzFEDUd-Sn1M_02STipRR1VLWK9br13yYeJh62KsY6dlTWqTbIxvJ287cFJ0oHTtdud343j5elN67311ft1_K3-AhNmGYId2idOMNo19jZKNuY2_j2CQCppqmyabjZ2qnrejiqTCqW6yGbTFtUi8n702vqfAGsLsx53I8Mv1z3rTb9N-1FLawdy93UbnD-dU6NbrFOtj7YPuDu968W33PfxL_MX9bv66_xD_3g==?accountName=nooneyouknow&characterName=Filia_Ignis

Required Uniques:
Xoph's Blood is only a requirement for full fire conversion, so there's no rush to pick it up. Use Hrimburn or the Phys to Cold conversion nodes on the tree until you can get it for full elemental conversion.

Current Gear

I actaully need to drop some resists for damage since I'm way overcapped with flasks up. Easiest candidates to replace are my rings and belt.

I run Queen of the Forest, just because running fast feels nice. You could easily use a Bell of the Best if Desired, or a Kaom's Heart if you want to use a second OG for weapon swapping. A Belly would actually probably be easier to run, as I have a 5 off color Queen.


The mandatory flasks here are The Wise Oak, and a Diamond Flask. Since this is a Pathfinder build, the optimal prefix on diamond is Chemist's, to maximize potential uptime. The diamond flask is also where I prefer to have my warding affix. While the selected passive nodes in Pathfinder will remove bleed with any flask use, Molten Strike stacks corrupted blood from nemesis rares at an insane speed, so I've opted to include Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching to deal with that. I used to run a Seething, but I found against certain corrupted blood abyss rares that I could run out of flask charges trying to keep the bleed off. The lower initial burst heal, and the three second duration shored up that weakness, and I haven't actually died to anything since then. Dying Sun is a nice luxury flask that lowers the degen from Her Embrace nicely, ensures fire is your highest resist for Wise Oak, and adds more balls to molten strike. Not at all required, but incredibly nice to have, pick up when you can. Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline just because I'd rather hit a flask than mashing whirling blades all the time.

Path of Building


Here's a T15 Bassilica run. Forgive my terrible play and excessive backtracking.


Updated the formatting. Leveling coming Soon™.
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That damage though.. wtf awesome! Nice video and build! Might do this build, lvl 26 ranger atm
"Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map." - Haborym
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monkuar wrote:
That damage though.. wtf awesome! Nice video and build! Might do this build, lvl 26 ranger atm

Thanks for responding. I've cleaned up the formatting a lot since I first submitted, let me know if you have any questions if you try it out.

Gonna try to add in a leveling section by this weekend.
Heya I'd like to ask if its possible for this character to be played as a raider
Corsier wrote:
Heya I'd like to ask if its possible for this character to be played as a raider

Yep, that's what I originally leveled it as, didn't switch to PF under after I got Dying Sun.

Here's a PoB for how I'd built it as a raider: https://pastebin.com/B1VwE6Ue. Get Heat on your Diamond Flask instead of Warding as a raider, keep a warding on hand to swap in for maps with a curse.

If you end up feeling too squishy as a raider, get a Kaom's Heart and a second OG, and run Infernal Blow in one OG, and Molten Strike in the other.
Thank you so much for the reply! Will be playing this as my next character ty for the build

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