[3.2] Tectonic fisting - Lvl 92 with non budget gear now here!

Yo yo yo waddup!

Here is the build I made on the go with tectonic slam and facebreakers for start of this league.
If you don't want to spend more than 20-80c on a build and do maps up to t9-10 with ease, this build might be for you!

Lets clear one thing first, this is a BUDGET LEAGUE STARTER BUILD, it will get you far, but it has a limit.
This build has 300k shaper dips on lvl 90 with semi decent items on a budget of up to 80c.
This build has 650k regular dips with average clear speed with Multistrike.

Pastebin for Path of building:

Concept is rather simple, equip facebreakers as soon as you can get one, equip tectonic slam and ... profit!


Rest of the gear should have:
Flat phys
Flat life
Elemental resist
Attack speed
Chaos resist

I've reached maps with invested 2c into gear:

Once I reached maps I've bought for 15c together:

Everything else is a drop, and you could get it for 1-2c each.

I've been playing t8-11 maps for few days now, reached lvl 90, leveled my gems to 20 and build is now completed.
It served it's purpose of reaching mid lvl maps on a low budget.
So far I've invested around 50-80c, and farmed at least 200c worth of items and currencies, so build is self sufficient and on a pretty low budget!
Build could be also played as solo self found since it only requires facebreakers and Bringer of Rain.
Bringer of Rain can be obtained via prophecy or The gladiator divination cards.

Play style is rather active, use shield charge to proc fortify, use blood rage to generate frenzy charges, blasphemy + warlord's mark for leech and endurance charges.
Pop Vaal lightning trap and vaal haste on bosses for extra melting power.
BoR gives you really nice block (44%) + blind, armour (11k) and evasion (6.5k) is decent as well as HP(5.5 - 5.8k) on lvl 90 with semi decent gear.

1. Unstoppable hero
2. Inspiration
3. Conqueror
4. Worthy Foe ( you can remove resolute technique to save a point, but I've tested it myself and it feels awful, not worth it.)

Life flask of staunching
Granite flask of grounding (Lion's roar if you can get it, adds +160k dpis on max roll)
Quicksilver flask of heat (The Wise Oak if you can get it, adds +81k if res are balanced and max roll)
Silver flask of warding
Atziri's promise

The pantheon:
Whatever you feel like it, I hate degen so i picked:
Soul of arakaali
Sould of shakari

I'm still minmaxing the build all together, and I will post a non budget version when I get to lvl 90+.
I will most likely remove Bringer of Rain, go with 6l belly and a decent helm, maybe abyssus, but then the budget stops!
Once you break the budget you might consider getting Lion's roar and Wise oak since they give you most dips for your cash. Taste of hate and sin's rebirth are ok, but too expensive and not as effective.

******************** NON BUDGET (EXPENSIVE) VERSION INCLUDES: **********************
6l belly
Lioneye's remorse
Lion's roar
Wise oak
Steel rings
4stat jewels

Here is non budget skill tree for Path of Building:

Build on higher budget can reach 1.6mill dps (900k on boss), I've cleared some t15 maps without problem, red tier guardians were slightly annoying, Red elder is impossible atm. Issue is that you can't use vaal haste nor vaal lightning trap, so your dips drops off hard.

For map clearing you can use multistrike + inc AOE for sick clear and aoe, but for bosses I use conc and Melee phys instead which can kill some bosses in 3-5 hits.

I call this build complete as I don't know how to make this build any more powerful. If you got any questions or suggestions feel free to ask here or look me up on twitch.

If you would like to check my current progress check my account

or tune in on my stream on twitch and ask me everything you want to know live!

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Last bumped on Mar 22, 2018, 5:57:26 AM
Added final lvl 90 skill tree with Path of Building list of items and skills.
Added possible upgrades.
Improved build description.
This is now 1.0 build on a budget of up to 80c.

Edit 2:
Added expensive build tree with abyssus, 6l belly, unique flasks and so on.
Added updated skill tree.
Added description for maps, gameplay and conclusion of the build.
This is now 2.0 build that might cost up to 10ex.
It can't do red tier elde, but red tier guardians and t15 maps are not a problem.

Thanks, I call this build finished, and I doubt I'll revisit this build, unless I get a suggestion how to improve on dips side of the build.
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Tectonic fisting

Damn it! XD
Was just wondering, instead of Bringer of Rain, Could i use Abyssus and a Belly of the beast? Never was a fan of Bringer (not sure why to be honest haha)
Yeah, that is the upgrade path, I myself switched to belly and starkonja. I might go abyssus later down the line.

Build is not final, it's just budget way to get to tier 10 maps. Thanks for interest.
This is now a final build, hope some of you will enjoy it, but I reached a dead end at t15 maps and red elder. Good luck all and have fun.

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