[BOTW Submission] [3.2]Crit Quad Frostbolt Totem Hierophant 700% Crit Multi

Hello there.
I wanted to create a league starter that is cheap in the beginning and could be geared into an endgame bosskiller. With the changes to Hierophant and my love to totem builds made this perfect.
In my opinion crit was the way to go, but i wanted to go extreme on the crit multi and the item for that is:

Sure there is a hefty drawback to the crit chance. But before i equipped it i was on 99.48% crit chance with diamond flask (according to path of building). Last thing i need to upgrade in this build is curse on hit. Since im using Shimmeron i need it when my totems hit.

So lets start.

The tree:

Basic totem tree with crit. Sure it aint the tankiest build out there but according to my theory craft i should land on 5k life and 1k Es. And since 90% of the the mobs are frozen or oneshotted its fine.

Kill all, Sure alira might provide some more multi but i didnt think it was required at this point.


There is no required unique for this build. I started out with only rare gear and killes yellow map elder.
The first thing i aquired was a lucky drop from Iceberg (first one i did) and that was mutewind boots. Since we are getting minus to crit chance we need theese boots badly.
After that i went for Shimmeron and void battery. Theese 2 togheter provides more damage than 2 Void batteries or 2 Shimmeron. Sure they are not the cheapest one but since you can farm elder early, just hope for a shimmeron drop.
Shroud of the lightless is expensive but i manage to pick it up pretty cheap. And when your crit reaches cap just go for the amulet. Rest of the gear is rare gear to fill up your resistance and life.
Last thing i need is a Shaped diamond ring with assassins mark on hit. Hope to get it soon!
THis build is somewhat Dex starved so you need to fill dex out were you can.
And u just reliased that im missing 4% of lightning resist to be capped so that i need to fix asap


Chest: Frostbolt, Spell totem,Cold to Fire, Controlled Destruction, Increased Critical Strikes.

Before i got shroud of the lightless i used a tabula rasa and used: Frostbolt, Spelltotem, Cold pen, Increased crit, Controlled destruction and faster casting.
But when u get shroud of the lightless go for cold to fire it gives more damage.

Herald of ice and Anger.Still testing Anger out. Might be better in the long run with Wrath but i will try it and see.

I dont use any movement skill, if i crit with my movement skill on something im dead. Cause of Shimmeron and 7 powercharges.
Next step is to use a cast on damage taken immortal call. We have 3 endurance charges up allmost all the time

Coming soon


Tooltip dps PoB:

Normal mobs with power charges:
115576,6 dps
67720,7 Average hit

Against shaper:
83472 Dps
48909,4 average hit

Great league starter with decent map clearing. Melts all bosses (Colonnade boss down under 2 sec)
Not the tankiest since you need to actually avoid damage and not stand in everything.
I havent done shaper yet but i shouldnt be a problem at all. And we will see how it works against Uber Elder. Later this week i will go for Uber Atziri i think it will be no problem there at all.

hop on over on my stream twitch.tv/umpabumpa
im trying to stream every evening.

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Very interesting... i'm having some issues with lack of dex in my current build and having totems stay alive, how is this working out for you so far?
What would you recommend for end game gear? Also, the amulet wouldn't it just be better to get an amulet that just has crit multi/ crit chance/ spell damage? I also pulled up your character and it seems you are not using frostbolt but instead freezing pulse which does give you more damage...
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Can you post leveling tree and some leveling tips( what equipment can we use etc.)
I have been busy latley.
I using Freezing pulse at this point since it has 1% higher base crit and in the end its around 6% more crit chance for me.
I managed to get 120% crit mod on my boots and that resulted in approx 8% more crit chance.

At this point T15 elder is down. But i had to respec the "mom" in ascendency. Since that didnt work anymore. I dont go for heavy mana regen so it i couldnt cast totems in the end of elder fight.

Yes you could go for a rare amulet

Managed to find this beuty but in the end i wanted to use

Since its more fun to see chunks of shapers hp fo down!

I sorted my dex problem when i went for Lightless chest and freezing pulse.
I went with cold to fire instead of cold pen, gave more dps!

Just when you imagined you know all there is to know about a build, this happens;)
I have gear worth around 50ex, I have an 150(missing 4-5 maps like torture chamber) atlas doing great, killed all guardians, vaal temple red elder no problem.

Most of my min/max was about to permafrezze, never thought about this "crap" amy, the reduced crit-chance doesent mean anything, you crit you frezze.

I think using Fallacy its possible to permafrezze all t15 bosses on a 2ex budget...

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