Blink arrow clones cannot trigger Void Shot from Voidfletcher Unique Quiver

The voidfletcher unique quiver was introduced with uber elder this patch, this quiver does not appear to be functioning properly with player clones summoned via blink/mirror arrow.

Expected result:

Blink/mirror arrow summons will generate void charges and consume these charges to fire void shot projectiles alongside their basic attacks.

Observed result:

Blink/mirrow arrow summons will generate void charges but will not consume void charges or fire void shot projectiles.

Bug Report picture with quiver

Player firing void arrows with basic attack

Blink arrow clone failing to activate void shot (mirror arrow has identical results)
Last bumped on Apr 5, 2018, 6:12:08 PM
I've been getting a few PMs in game about void shot. Void shot is a 100% weapon damage attack, that hits in an aoe centered on the cursor, with 50% cold conversion. Void charges generate 1 per second.
I had the ssame problem... Wanted to do a build with this quiver and Mirror/Blinnk arrow on a deadeye but it seems they wont Fire the Void Shot even thoguh they are supposed to Inherit your Quiver

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